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Our Resistance Must Not Descend into Chaos: Practical Suggestions for a Growing Movement


Our Resistance Must Not Descend into Chaos: Practical Suggestions for a Growing Movement

Dustin Axe

"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will." –Fredrick Douglas.

"By the way, I think anger is a good thing. This country is in a crisis. And if you’re fighting to save this country, if you’re fighting to take this country back, it’s not going to be sunshine and patriots." –Steve Bannon


This is an excellent article, well worth reading and re-reading.


The violent behavior of a group of anti-fascists at Berkley recently is exactly what people should not be doing. If neonazis are invited to speek on a campus they should be allowed to speak. If free speech is suppressed on university campuses where can it take place. There are a number of groups on the right spewing vile stuff and advocating intolerance but that is not a reason to use violent tactics to silence them. I think what we need to focus on is protecting free speech and that means protecting the right of people with even the most repugnant views to speak. But a line has to be drawn between free speech and intimidation and various types of threats. Not everything spoken or written qualifies as free speech. The distinction needs to be made.


Not only must our Popular Resistance and our Progressive Revolution be totally non-violent to be successful, but it must also be carried-out with a winning strategy that can accomplish our goals on all issues, and focus on the seminal weak-point of the entrenched power.

How can we the people not only 'Resist' the Empire but non-violently overthrow it with a Revolutionary movement for the times --- as our forefathers did 241 years ago?

It's not about a confrontation between the Democrats and the Republicans.

It's a battle of "the people" against this EMPIRE.

Although the media/propaganda-sector of this EMPIRE continually says it's only the former, and never even whispers the word "EMPIRE", let alone accurately reports that the Second American "Political Revolution against EMPIRE" has already begun with a loud, public, sustained, but non-violent "Shout heard round the world".

BTW, any media that focuses on the phony and distractive issues of Dems vs. Repubs and never addresses the meta-issue and 'causal' cancer of this EMPIRE should be viewed as heavy on propaganda, and lite (or gutless) on democracy vs. Empire.

Also, Americans have to "man-up" --- or rather "woman-up", as the Women of America (and the world) did by the millions in the Global Women's March --- non-violently, loudly, publicly, and can do again "against EMPIRE" to address All the 'ISSUES'.


I'll say this again even though I've said it many times before. Identity politics is killing the Left in this nation -- it divides people by race, gender, sexuality, etc..., and prevents the little people from achieving the solidarity necessary to protect themselves from the predations of elites. Time is running out as the dawn of the age of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is upon us, which will mean the great majority of people will be replaced in the economy and will be unemployed and unemployable. And just as most of the population begins to need it, the safety net will be pulled out from under us as "unaffordable." This will be done by either Republicans or Neoliberal Democrats, or, most likely, both together.

If it weren't for poisonous Identity politics, Bernie Sanders would be POTUS today, and he would probably have a Democratic Senate to work with. Yes, Hillary beat Bernie because of Identity politics and Trump beat Hillary because of Identity politics. It is time to wake up and realize that the Left can only win if the argument is framed as "Labor vs. Capital." Once Labor achieves equality, all other forms of equality will be able to flow easily from there. It's not too late, but it's getting there. It's a life and death matter.


Though I support the Green Party (I'm a former Democrat), I know that laws in nearly every state make it purposely difficult, if nearly impossible, for Third Parties to get candidates on the ballots. So we must work inside the currently corrupt, corporate Democrat Party to remake it into a People's Party for the 99%.

Opposing Trumpism and neoloberalism will take more than saying "No!". It requires that we DEMAND policies which will materially benefit the 99%:

  1. Medicare for All, including prescriptions, dental, and eye care
  2. Paid family leave
  3. A living wage adjusted for regional costs of living
  4. Free college
  5. Forgiveness of college debt
  6. Paid child care
  7. Guaranteed basic income
  8. Permanent jobs for all with full benefits

Yes, these are BOLD demands. But we MUST be bold, and nothing less, to build a movement of the 99% and offer SOMETHING instead of street protests and email petitions against the bold authoritarian oligarchs now running the U.S.


All the popular rhetoric is here. What remains missing is an agenda, a shared vision, a unifying message. I think a good chunk of the country understood that the Obama years represented our last chance to bring people together, for the common good. We're more deeply divided by class and race than we were eight years ago. Now what?

Trump has the position, and the right wing have control of the US government. That's reality. The bottom line: How many here can risk losing their jobs by "Resisting!" knowing there's nothing to fall back on? Jobs are still in short supply, and this country has no mercy on the jobless poor.


Until progressives build institutions, there can be no progress. And if there is no path into the institutions that exist, another has to be grown. We don't know if organized labor will survive. It may take a mass exodus of smart progressives to settle in places like Kansas and get elected to local office - even if mingling with the hordes of car dealer/oil man/preacher/bug exterminator Republicans causes massive heartburn. Interesting that we are upon the centennial of the Russian Revolution. If the Mensheviks fail, there may be Bolsheviks waiting to finish the job. But Lenin understood the importance of institutions - and that is one reason why conservatives like Bannon are big fans of his. Remember, the early neocons often started out as Leninists. Time to read State and Revolution.


How do we know they are not government infiltrators designed to make any protester look evil? Also Trump fired Sally Yates for disagreeing with him. The justice department is a separate entity from the executive.


Yes, absolutely and with organized meetings and coops linked to building a more sustainable and planet friendly population.


And who is building these robots the high techie elites ! Maybe you are one of them?


Marches are great- but it's what happens afterward that counts. I went to a meeting sponsored by climateactionnow , and over 6 hundred people attended and we have an agenda.


From what I read about this there are several of these antifascist groups now operating. They could have been infiltrated by the government but from the interviews these guys sound like real groups. They believe the only language that neonazis understand is violence and using violence is our only chance. I strongly disagree with them about that strategy.


The group infiltrators could be the actual fascists themselves kind of like a cointelpro situation.


It doesn't really matter who does this crap - it is a dangerous side show. Remember the Greensboro Massacre, anyone?


We need to start now in order to get progressives into office at all levels of government in 2018.
The third party approach is not the answer because the system is rigged, especially the primary process as we saw with the DNC and Bernie’s campaign. The best route may be to take over the DNC and confront the corporate/sold out establishment democrats head on in the primary process.
The new group “justicedemocrats.com” have a way to nullify the DNC which is not progressive and is able to derail third party efforts that threaten them. They, in fact, are the reason we are now stuck with Trump as the DNC undermined Bernie’s primary campaign in their quest to ram HRC down our throats.
The answer is to get the corporate and billionaire money totally out of the process and replace it with small donations from the people, Bernie proved it can be done.
Anyone running can take the ‘no corporate money’ pledge; incumbents or those who want to run as a Progressive. But they HAVE to be a real progressive. No money goes to the DNC, the party or the establishment democrats that remain bought by Wall Street and corporations, money goes to Progressives who run AGAINST the likes of Booker, Heitkamp, Warner, Murray, etc. There is one essential question to ask all politicians or aspiring politicians: Who owns you? The Justicedemocrats strategy allows them to answer that question.
Check the site "justicedemocrats.com", look at their platform and donate if you can. There are 435 house, 33 senate and 14 governorships up for grabs in 2018. JD has only been active for a little over a week now and they already have 100,000 who signed on and over 2,000 who want to run as a Progressive at some level.


I think at this point based on what we know it should be assumed that the antifascists are really who they say they are and not people pretending to be antifascists. This episode again raises questions about free speech and the role of the university. And Trump's response to the episode should be roundly condemned. Instead of acting like a leader he is acting like a childish bully which unfortunately is what we are stuck with as president. Here is a link for more mature thoughts on the issue than Trump is capable of providing.


I find the problem with many self-identified social justice warriors is that they see any speech that they find offensive as a form of aggression. Also known as a "microagression". Therefore it is justifiable to be aggressive back. That is why you have so many on the far left defending such acts of violence because to them speeches by McInnis and Milo are seen as violent themselves.


Thank You Dustin Axe! Finally actual steps folks new to activism and community organizing can take. Well done.


Thank you to Dustin Axe! I agree completely with Lrx that we cannot fight hatred with hatred, violence with violence, or discrimination with discrimination! YES - the neo-nazis at Berkeley should have been allowed to speak! Protesters should have demonstrated DURING the speech! Much more powerful and demonstrative of the rights of all.
Now, all this movement needs is a leader - or group of leaders. The organization "Indivisible" is providing some help - we should all try to get behind them or identify our demonstrations with them or something similar. SOON!