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Our Revolution: What's Next on Bernie Sanders' Horizon


Our Revolution: What's Next on Bernie Sanders' Horizon

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The next phase of Bernie Sanders' political revolution starts now.


Vive la Revolution!


A book, an institute -- when is he getting his own library? Fact is, it is all about Bernie -- because if not, he would not have snubbed the Greens throughout his campaign. Now we see him sabotaging his own beliefs and supporting a person that most decent Americans wouldn't shake hands with. Too late Bernie -- we felt the Bern, but now we feel the burn. The Greens will still be there long after Bernie's name is dust.


Support progressive candidates blah, blah, blah, all very nice.

In the meantime, whatever else you do, make sure to oppose Hillary Clinton. Whether you do it by voting for Jill Stein (or even helping support her campaign as I'm doing), or voting for Trump if you live in a state where the election is close (my likely situation here in Pennsylvania), keep your eyes on the price: the defeat of Hillary Clinton, the worst monster to come into the US political scene in many generations.


Does anyone know if Sanders has yet replied to Stein?

If not (which I heard was the case), that speaks volumes.

I have tremendous admiration and respect for Jill Stein:



Maybe Sanders will get somewhere with this idea, at least if the Jill Stein voters don't hand the election to a racist, xenophobic, authoritarian, foreign policy dunce, climate change denier, and his new ultraconservative companion. Sanders seems to have good intentions. He may have blown his long shot chances of winning the presidency by bringing Cornel West into his campaign which probably alienated most African American votes who tend to think very highly of Barack Obama,but Sanders hasn't given up the fight. He is also trying to take care of priority number one, stopping Trump. Ironically, West, who Sanders actually appointed to the Democratic platform committee even though West is not a Democratic, has turned his back on Sanders and is facilitating the election of Trump by endorsing Jill Stein. Wow have things changed in a very short time.


Well, they're going to have an even bigger email list, and, folks will keep sending more money in $27 increments.
Click the Our Revolution link, its another form to gather email addresses. The only obvious thing missing, at this point, is the 'Donate' button---sure it'll get there soon enough.


It won't be the Green's fault if Madam Slick loses. Seems the options for most that are inclined to vote Green are 1) stick with Dr Stein; 2) say fuck it and not vote; 3) go with the lesser of the two evils, and vote for Trump. One thing's near certain, casting a vote for Hillary is absolutely, definitely out of the question and the Democrats are bigger fools than imagined if they even thought for a second Madam Slick could get their approval on the ballot.


But it remains to be seen how much the so-called revolution’s energy
and enthusiasm can be sustained once the campaign has reached an end."

Oh the energy and enthusiasm will definitely be sustained. It will just be directed at stopping Clinton and Trump instead of getting blue dog Dems elected.


Who is that guy? I have no idea.


Look you insufferable _____. The only people that would give us a Trump are the corporate servicing schmucks that took over the Democratic Party.

Take your swipe at Stein voters, voting their conscience for a better world and shove it.


Vote Stein 2016



Just how effective has the Green Party been? the independent party? any 3rd party uprising. Sanders has the momentum and the social media and data of supporters to hopefully follow thru with holding the dems elitists feet to the fire.

Dems have been playing good cop bad copy for way to long and Obama showed this in your face to us. Yes, republicans obstructed many pieces of crumbs they were trying to throw us, but he stacked his administration with industry and Wall Street from day one. That is in your face flip flop.

Don't degrade Bernie for what he tried to do and what he is trying to continue.


Organizations and politicians that depend on small contributions are easily outspent and outlasted by those taking Big Money bribes, making things worse for all but the super-rich. But oligarchy politicians can be circumvented by voter initiatives and referendums.

All barriers to referendums need to be removed and secure encrypted online voting needs to be adopted in America also.


WTF does that matter? We've heard it before many times and Clinton still has supporters. Many of the average Americans just like me. I don't know who you are?

Bernie will keep her feet to the fire but he better be watching his back and hire protective services but then John Kennedy had protectors.


Delusional! Green Party does not have clout. Let them kick Bernie out as a pain in the sides or??
Bernie is being smart, history tells us 3rd parties the way our system is right now does not work.
Ask Ralph Nader!


Your description of Trump fits Hillary very well. Racist? Check. She supports policies that devastate minorities. Xenophobic? Check. You'd have to be to wage wars of choice in so many different countries. Authoritarian? Big time. Foreign policy dunce? Yes but worse. A dunce simply would not know how to conduct foreign policy. Hillary conducts it grotesquely. Climate change denier? Again, worse. Probably doesn't deny in words, but in action supports policy that is destroying Earth.

Trump just lacks Hillary's skill in deception, which is for show, as they both serve the 1%.


Thank you for this article.
We all knew from the beginning Bernie was probably not going to win. We also knew he has been in government all his life and he said he would not run Independent and would endorse who ever won.
I'm sorry but being a sore loser is not very attractive and accomplishes nothing.
He did what he said he would do so he didn't betray anything. We don't have to abandon the fantastic things he has done in this race and for this country to vote for Jill Stein. If the organizations he sets up are productive and help getting old dogs out and new blood in,,,I'm all in.
These changes won't happen over night and we need help from the Greens and every other place we can get it. Backing what Bernie wants to do and backing the Greens are not mutually exclusive. I don't believe for one second he did this for self gratification or any other dubious reason. He took it as far as he felt he could and will still be pushing in other ways. It's our turn now.
We need him, we need the greens, we need all the groups out there pushing, demanding change. That is the only way to get it done. I so admire Jill Stein but even if we all support her (I hope we do) they won't win and can't do it alone.
Please stop trashing Bernie. You loved him before or was that just a fad for you?
Why throw away the progress he has made because he didn't do what we wanted, it only makes his supporters look like idiots for backing him and feeds into the Clinton narrative that we were all pie in the sky crazy.


Bernie endorsed a war criminal.


The greatest war crime-war of aggression.


So what's next on Bernie Sanders horizon?
A chance to make a fool of himself with a meaningless address to the assembled delegates (who don't want to hear it anyway) at the Philadelphia convention.
A book and probably the chance to be interviewed by either Brian Lamb or Stephen Scully on CSPAN's book TV.
A nice book tour where he can fill air time on local radio stations talking about "The Revolution".
A chance at election coverage punditry on cable news channels as the "liberal" in residence.
Political retirement back to the lovely Green Mountain State of Vermont where he can join such other political luminaries as Howie Dean (aka"Da Snarl") and Cool Cal Coolidge.
The 2016 Kucinich award for spineless political compromise.

To Bliss, Dede, Donna, Cookies, and all the rest of the Bernie faithful, your passion is noted, your sincerity unquestioned, and the object of both was unworthy of your earnest and sincere support.