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Our Schools Need Healing, Not More Guns

Our Schools Need Healing, Not More Guns

Christina Delgado

When a shooter killed 10 people and wounded 13 others at Santa Fe High School on May 18, 2018, everything changed for our community. Since then, we have all been desperately trying to make sense of it, pick up the pieces and avoid a recurrence. I’m incredibly concerned that many lawmakers think the solution is putting more guns in our children’s schools. For children in communities like mine that have experienced gun violence, every gun in their school is another reminder of what happened that day, and what could happen if that gun gets into the wrong hands.

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I was born ten miles away from Santa Fe High School and three of my second cousins attended Columbine High School–one on that fateful day. I own two guns that I inherited, fired them on one occasion, keep them unloaded, and certainly don’t fetishize them. My mother was a ninth grade science teacher and I taught engineering at the university level. THERE IS NO FUCKING GOOD THAT CAN COME FROM ARMED TEACHERS! Aside from the obvious hazard of having a gun grabbed and used in a moment of passion/frustration, of which there are some that arise in the course of education and the natural maturation process in which the students experience, a gunslinging instructor is a mind boggling prospect. The best prevention against violence in schools is a better society. Period. The best prevention against violence in the world is a better society. Period. Yes, there is a theme.


That IS what it is all about. Healing sick and troubled minds, egos, and out of control attitudes.
The guns I inherited, like yours, have only been fired a couple of times many years ago. They are an insurance policy put away in a drawer so to speak, there for some emergency.
We don’t need to increase the impression that we are defending a wild west condition by arming the wrong people.


This subject is beyond ludicrous IMO. I’ve been around and shot guns aprox. 35 yrs. I had extensive instruction with long and hand guns as well as special operations tactics to employ them, and I can tell you, I don’t think I would feel comfortable teaching children while I was open carrying a firearm. What a surreal situation that would be.
Don’t we ask enough of teachers as it is?
Maybe we could require teachers to wear camouflage BDU’s as well as open carry, this would get the kids used to prospects of their future.


And after wanding them in, we could demand their papers before they are seated.
Down the rabbit hole we go.
I guess I’d rather be chasing rainbows.