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Our Shithole President


Our Shithole President

Okay, are we as low as we can go yet? Keeping it ever classy, the evil pretender to the presidency Thursday griped to lawmakers discussing immigration options for those fleeing Haiti and African nations, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?" Decent Americans are speechless, except to ask, Are we now ready to say he's an in-your-face racist? Enough, please, of this shithole president.


This won’t get the Republicans to denounce Trump.

Because their base loves it.

35% of the country–straight up racists.


Good remarks in this with great graphics. **# 2 shitholepussgutpresidentof the usatoday"

Are we ready to march yet?


Now we can see the ultimate manifestation of " ignorance allied with power " that James Baldwin quite wisely feared.


A couple claps for the headline of the night.


The Shit-in-Chief will…and SHOULD only sink further into the sewer. Sick bastard…


Can’t someone please just flush this shithole president??? You know … it’s really nothing more than sanitation – taking out the garbage.


And retards!


Retarded people can’t control the low intelligence they are born with. These Trump supporters are deliberately and actively striving to be stupid and ignorant.


How much longer is it going to take the majority to realize that it doesn’t matter what they think of Trump or his administration, that we have no control over the fed - and even if dems pick up seats in midterm nothing substantial is going to change. Status quo now - status quo forever. Trump is the oligarch US government without the politeness and pretend decency.


If He Who Must Not Be Named knew how often I’ve referred to the US as a “capitalist shithole” over the years, his tiny hands would start to flutter, faster and faster, until that orange Superfund site at the end of his neck exploded in a cloud of noxious vapor.

The good news is that an Article 25 proceding seems imminent; the bad news concerns those in the line of succession.


They take great pride in it, too!


I know, my youngest son is severely retarded … I started using that descriptor so that he wouldn’t associate it as being negative when someone called him that – I had read an article in Reader’s Digest about a woman who had adopted a Vietnamese child and everytime she went out with him someone would say something about the ‘gook’ so she started saying “Mama loves her little gook boy” so that he would associate it with love instead of racism. So I started telling Jon “Your Mama loves her little retarded boy” and when someone called him retarded he’d say “Love you” – THAT shut them up right fast b/c they had no comeback for that!

And you are right about his #shithole supporters …


My guess is that your estimate is understated. In any case, a critical mass of population is racist and collectively the U.S. has yet to account for the fact that white supremacy is part of its founding ideology and remains a dominant fact in the current political-economy and culture.


Yep. This is it in a nutshell. The USA has NEVER faced its history of genocide and slavery. And NOTHING will ever change until such a thing happens. And it is not likely to ever happen if it hasn’t by now.


Dump = a shithole of a little man running a shithole administration making the USA look like a shithole country every time he opens that shithole on the front of his head.


It bothers Trump that we don’t bring in more Norwegians - only 354 of them in 1996. But Norway is a beautiful and prosperous country with a healthy democracy and good public services. Why would any sensible Norwegian want to move to a country like the U.S. with a faltering economy, minimal public services and a failing democracy?


You asked: We wonder how he feels looking in the mirror after spouting that crap?

Well, those people that work for the current WH d-o-n-'t s-h-o-w in a mirror.