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Our Skewed Politics on Gun Ownership Are a Deadly Joke


Our Skewed Politics on Gun Ownership Are a Deadly Joke

Sonali Kolhatkar

It is a measure of how subservient our political system is to the gun lobby that when the Supreme Court affirmed a federal gun ownership ban for domestic abuse convicts this week, it was hailed as a huge victory. In a 6-2 decision, the court deemed that the two plaintiffs from Maine, Stephen Voisine and William Armstrong, would have to abide by a 1996 law banning those convicted of domestic violence from buying guns, even though their convictions were apparently based on actions considered “reckless” rather than intentional.


Thanks for this article and the important opinions which we should never grow tired of supporting and VOTING to create. The NRA and its purchased, corrupt follyticians are the scourge of civilization.
Time to clean house of this infestation.


Suppose that an amendment to the United States Constitution were to read as follows:

“A well nourished militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to grow and store food, shall not be infringed.”

Would the “right to grow and store food” belong to:

Only people who were in the militia?
Only people who weren’t in the militia?
Everyone, whether they were in the militia or not?
No one?


But there is no such amendment, because the right to grow and store food is pretty well covered by “life,” and maybe “the pursuit of happiness.” Your hypothetical is absurd.

The militia is in the actual 2nd amendment as an alternative to a standing army, and to allow slaveowners to be prepared to put down rebellions. It was not a worry about the government going bad. That absurdity also needs to be recognized.


Thanks especially for the alert about the Hawaii law. I didn’t know, and it seems to me like one piece of the common sense we need.


At 68 I am a lifelong resident of Texas. On both sides of my family there are numerous individuals who enjoy hunting and fishing. I grew up eating wild game and many of our holiday dinner turkeys were “wild”. My maternal grandfather had sausage made each year using venison and wild javelina hogs brought home by him and other family members. As I was growing up during the 1950s and 60s seafood from the Gulf Of Mexico and/or its bays was easily had just by spending time to “harvest” it through fishing. I was growing up just as the highly profitable and lethal Big Food Industry started shoving processed foods down our gullets. Now Big Food, using the same principles of buying elected officials as the Gun Industry, kills far more people each year than Americans using firearms. When a mass killing occurs using weapons we get all riled up - which we should. Mass killings are socially acceptable because they serve the purposes of Corporate America by distracting We, The Rabble from the fact that Corporate America kills many many times the number of people each year than the legalized murder the Gun Industry is responsible for.

My parents taught me to be a Leftist. They were Leftist who reached out and worked for the civil and political rights of all and it was not antithetical to our strong leftist tendencies to embrace the culture of hunting and the firearms that go with it. That is the key point that we often miss. Gun control has been sold to a significant portion of our population as infringement upon the rights of hunters, families like mine, and not the return of guns to a place in our culture and society that they once occupied. When I was a boy scout it was the local chapter of the NRA that taught us gun safety and the proper and acceptable way to use them - as in hunting. The one stranger on stranger murder that I remember taking place was the killing of a gas station attendant that we knew very well. A man passing through town killed our friend. I had just obtained by driver’s license at the old age of 14 so a couple of days later when I took the car in for gas I felt compelled to be a “rubbernecker” and see where our almost always smiling friend was shot down in cold blood. It was a hot summer day but I clearly felt a chill up and down my spine as I stepped into the small office where it all took place. However, not once did I think that guns were to blame. I was growing up in a culture where responsible gun ownership was the prevailing mindset of society. I knew that the stranger from one of the largest cities in Texas was responsible for our friend’s death.

Unfortunately we are suffering from the direct and proximate result of the Corporatization of America where the GAWD Almighty Dollar and the profits it brings is worshiped as our god of choice. Until we get money out of politics and put Corporations back in their place We, The Rabble will continue to be slaughtered for profit!!! Be it the gun industry, Big Food, Big Oil, Big Pharma and the numerous other Corporations killing perhaps thousands of us each and every day seven days a week.

What most of us on the Left miss is that we are grasping at solutions that are not actually addressing the current problem. It is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. Take corporate money out of politics and the NRA, Wall Street and the rest of Corporate America will no longer be able to dictate to us what our collective politics will be. There are solutions available but it is going to require those of us on all sides of the issue to “rethink our positions”. On gun control we must ask: Is this just about the horrendous taking of lives by these seekers of infamy and their place as a footnote in history as part of a much too long line of cowardly murderers or is it that we just do not like guns?

Contrary to the assertions of this article because I own guns I am not prone to violence and use or will use my guns to kill, maim or injure another person or persons. I was in Vietnam so I have seen up close and personal the carnage inflicted upon human bodies by military-style assault weapons such as the M-16. The first thing we should do is ban all sales of military-style assault weapons and buy back such weapons in private hands at an above market rate so as to prevent and “unconstitutional taking” of private property that was once legal through a new law. Australia did this in the recent past and it has worked out well.

Their logic was brilliant. It has eliminated mass killings using assault weapons and at the same time there was not a lot of resentment toward the government and violations of its citizens’ rights. Since Corporate America has spent hundreds of millions to polarize and distract us with this issue and the effect of such actions manifesting as our ubiquitous mass killings a buy back program will have considerably more resistance and blowback than in a country where gun ownership in a society still had a very strong position similar to the attitudes I grew up with.

As a Leftist gun owner it scares the crap out of me when I hear people talk about taking away my guns. Not because guns for many have been sold to and reinforced as a “sacred part of our culture” - they have never been that for members of my family and other responsible gun owners I know. It is because, despite the fact that we are becoming more densely urbanized, hunting is a part of our history and culture. We must coalesce around a common cultural purpose. Mass murder occurred very rarely in our nation until the late 1970s brought the Corporatization of America.

I believe when the Left begins to recognize the traditional hunting culture as part of our past, present and future we can start to come together. As for gun owners for most of them all that has to be done for them to have a conversation about guns is to assure them that it is not about taking their guns away - there is that small extremely vocal minority led by the NRA’s hand puppet Wayne La Pinocchio that will scream, kick and sputter. With money out of politics even Geppetto would not be able to carve out a new Wayne La Prick!

So it is back to the drawing board to formulate a rubbed the stars out of my eyes plan that DOES NOT include DEMONIZING peaceful gun owners as MURDERS in WAITING! We must get the assault rifles out of the hands of any and all civilians. Assault weapons are not weapons of self-defense. The are OFFENSIVE WEAPONS and have NO OTHER PURPOSE than to kill our fellow human beings!!! Let us start there.


You are referring to the “Declaration of Independence”, not to the “Constitution of the United States”.


And that was a year ago. Where have you been?