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'Our System Kills People': 27-Year-Old Diabetic Man Latest to Die in US Amid Skyrocketing Cost of Insulin

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/07/our-system-kills-people-27-year-old-diabetic-man-latest-die-us-amid-skyrocketing

The CEOs of these companies should be tried for murder.


And all pharmaceutical companies should be nationalized immediately.


Good thing Joe Biden is there to tell us ACA is wonderful and a $15/hr minimum wage law is totally unnecessary (Wilkerson couldn’t survive on more than $16.)

Now consider this: cerain corporate execs made huge bonuses based on their decision to jack up the price of insulin.

Capitalism= Extortion + Blame the poor.


He’s such an evil corporate whore


Been saying that for a long time Recon. I guess this will be a strike against Bernie for trying to help some of these desperate folks.

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Make America Murderous Again! ( MAMA…). what the dying victims might be crying with their dying breaths ) when they realize that profit is more important than People.
When the banks got weird, people started showing up on bank CEOs doorsteps to protest-----------I think that BIG Pharma CEOs are going to experience something similar—and no one will pity them. : (


I lean the other way, as far as Bernie helping, there’s very few families now days that haven’t been touched by the screwed-up healthcare system in some way. Actions like his trip across the boarder, and explaining to common people how EIM4A will help them, has gotta help him in the polls, I feel, or maybe that’s hope coming out.


Not sure why you lean differently, I agree with what you say.
Shouldn’t there be a national coalition to form group crossings for drug therapy?
And perhaps a contract between the people and drug companies. Like doctors and insurance companies. Sorry we only pay the pre-set prices, not your overcharge.

It IS the will of your zionist driven business procedures actually … :confused:

… while in Israel they All have free medical support thanks to your daily gift of $11 millions …
quite generous …