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Our Tax System, Not Trump, Is the Scandal. It's Designed to Help Rich People Avoid Taxes.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/29/our-tax-system-not-trump-scandal-its-designed-help-rich-people-avoid-taxes

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Once again - Trump is a symptom.
The problem is systemic and the Dinocrats are never going to fix it.

Movement For A People’s Party

The People’s Convention was a huge success. Now we’re coming for the debates!

Join Nick Brana as he hosts The People’s Party Debate Response with climate scientist Dr. Peter Kalmus, Amazon worker rights organizer Chris Smalls, and the Vice Chair of Our Revolution Los Angeles Eynelys García. The panel starts at 10:45 p.m. Eastern Time tomorrow, right after the Biden-Trump presidential debate which runs from 9-10:30 p.m. EST.

Dr. Peter Kalmus, the recipient of NASA’s early career public achievement award, will discuss the climate fires engulfing the West Coast and the climate crisis threatening our species. Kalmus, who spoke at The People’s Convention, will talk about how the corporate parties, the media and the Commission on Presidential Debates have colluded to exclude the climate as a topic at the debate. Even as monster hurricanes roil the South and East coasts and we’re seeing dramatic ice loss in
the Arctic and Antarctic.

Chris Smalls, the founder of The Congress of Essential Workers, who was fired by the world’s richest man for demanding safe working conditions at Amazon during the pandemic, will discuss how the Democrats and Republicans are failing working people and enforcing systemic racism and policing. Chris is teaming up with Our Revolution Los Angeles, Sunrise LA, and Extinction Rebellion LA for an action at Jeff Bezos’ $165 million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills on Sunday.

Eynelys García, the Vice Chair of Our Revolution Los Angeles and former Special Projects Director for Cenk Uygur’s Congressional Campaign, will join us to discuss Medicare for all, basic income, money in politics, and why neither party is speaking for Latinos. She will also comment on the horrific forced sterilization of immigrant women at an ICE detention camp. All panelists will respond and react to what Biden and Trump said and what they didn’t say throughout the debate.

Sign up for The People’s Party Debate Response here and tune in to our livestream on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube starting at 10:45 pm ET tomorrow. Share this page far and wide on social media with our hashtags #PeoplesPartyDebateResponse and #PeoplesParty to bring thousands more into our movement and show them what we stand for.

This is the first in our three-part presidential debate response series. This is what it will look like when The People’s Party is on the debate stage in 2024, poised to win the presidency, sweep congressional and down-ballot races, and revolutionize this country.

On October 15 and October 22 we will be responding to the second and third presidential debates, with special guests to be announced.

A reminder that our National Calls have gone to every other week during the debates. So our next call will be Thursday, Oct. 8 at 8:30 p.m. EST.

See you at the debates!

Carol Ehrle
Media and Messaging Coordinator
Movement for a People’s Party

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The rich and powerful created the system and stand in the way of any change to something that would work for the common good .

That which is in common is good .The fit are not fit until the all is fit . Until that which is common is experienced by all you cannot know that which is divine.

Please allow me to fix the headline:
“Our Tax System And Trump Are The Scandal.”
The system allows the rich to keep from paying their fair share, and Trump, on top of that, cheats the system by lying and committing fraud even more than the average rich person.


"In the future, economies will have to be based upon stability. You will not be able to profit off of growth, as is the emphasis now. There will not be an emphasis on unearned wealth, as there is now. You cannot speculate endlessly, as it is occurring now.

Financial systems will have to be simple and transparent. If they are clever and deceptive, it will only breed further instability and breakdown. Attempts will be made, of course, to speculate endlessly with clever devices—people seeking unearned wealth, fabulous wealth, all trying to protect what they have. They will attempt to do this through clever and deceptive means, but it will only create further financial storms.

Meanwhile, the public is exhausted. It cannot afford anymore. It cannot go into debt anymore. It is falling apart.

The wealthy had best contribute most of their wealth to social welfare here because otherwise you will have revolution. The wealthy will be preyed upon, and there will be little to protect them." - From the article, “The Coming Financial Storms”.

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The system was bad enough sixty years ago, has been getting steadily worse since then, and then – almost unbelievably – much worse in the past three years.   But Tweetle-Dumb is not the cause of the problem — he
is merely an oozing pustule on the surface of the rot.   The following is nowhere near a solution to the problem,
just one small step in the right direction:

Return to Eisenhower-Era PRO$PERITY   —   Return to Eisenhower-Era TAX RATE$!!


good article. david cay johnston has written a couple good books on this, including PERFECTLY LEGAL.


there already is a people’s party. the greens.

Ah-yup . . .

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Another reason for Ranked Choice Voting.

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DCJ is always worth reading.