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'Our Worst Fears Were Right': Amid Privacy Fight, DOJ Targets WhatsApp


'Our Worst Fears Were Right': Amid Privacy Fight, DOJ Targets WhatsApp

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. government has a new target in its war against privacy: WhatsApp.


Although now owned by the despicable Facebook, the folks at WhatsApp have taken a principled position. It is very popular here and I have resisted. I may have to rethink downloading it. I hope they keep up their defense of privacy, or as Jeff Applebaum said, ‘we used to call it liberty.’


Uncle Sam seems quite the pervert.


“Unlike many encrypted messaging apps, WhatsApp hasn’t pushed the security functions of the service as a selling point to users. [Jan] Koum, its founder, has said users should be able to expect that security is a given, not a bonus feature”.
“Facebook, Google, and Snapchat have also made plans to increase privacy technology in their respective messaging systems, according to the reporting”.
"The upgrades were underway long before the iPhone battle began. However, Koum expressed support for Apple after CEO Tim Cook announced the company would fight the decryption order in court, writing on his Facebook page, “Our freedom and liberty are at stake.”
My hat goes off to Whatsapp’s Jan Koum and Apple CEO Tim Cook- Two fine Americans fighting for our Rights to Privacy-


Guess we go to a new language and transmit like the Navajo code talkers


You expected different


or quite the paranoiac


Or just do bad Film Noir codes from bad movies about “the Resistance”.

“I say, does the blue squirrel keep time eloquently?”

“No, I believe that is a function of the cheesemaker’s shop”


The ultimate aim of wealthy individuals and corporations is to build a gigantos database like the one in Utah to collect information on who they perceive might be potential trouble makers. A software model that can predict events before they actually happen. They are not really concerned about the ISIS or Al Qaeda they are.concerned about organized action against MONSANTO, EXXON, CHEVRON, Phyzer, Lockheed Martin and company. All that at public’s expense of course.


I confess that I did not know that the app existed and had no idea that it could make private phone calls.

Back in the 90s. Australia adopted the GSM mobile phone service. Australia’s main phone company, Telstra announced that it was about to go live. But then it didn’t. ASIO (Australian branch of the CIA) put a stop on the service, and kept it there for 6 months. Why? Because it took 6 months for ASIO to put it phone tapping regime in place. To those Australians who thought thoughts that they were not told to think, it sent a chilling message. If they could not tap it, then we could not have it.

Skype, a relatively small company, developed one of the first VOIP products allowing us to talk over the internet. It was designed to have secure encryption. Skype grew to have a millions of users, and then Microsoft bought it. Microsoft wasted no time giving skype its “legal intercept” technology, which permits governments to subscribe to the phone calls of its citizens. See this:-

"Starting in November 2010, Skype has been participating in a U.S. Government spy program titled PRISM, allowing the National Security Agency (NSA) unfettered access to people’s chats and video and audio communications. However, it was not until February 2011 that the company was formally served with a directive to comply, signed by the attorney general" - Wikipedia

and also this:-

"Lawful interception is considered to be a powerful instrument for fighting crime and helping in maintaining law & order. Audio & video calls, emails, text messages, MMS, digital images, social media chats, facsimile and others are some of the various types of communication technologies, which are intercepted by authorities for tracking illegal activities and collecting evidences." - http://www.alliedmarketresearch.com/lawful-interception-market

Fast forwarding to the USA in present time, It seems that the world is now at a similar crossroads. This is like a red rag to a bull. USA government departments will not back down on this, any more than they would allow Saddam Hussain to create an oil bourse in Euros or Roubles, or allow Indonesia to experiment with socialism. And yet we have this from WhatApp:-

“However, reporting by the Guardian on Monday indicates that WhatsApp has no plans of backing down. The company will reportedly expand its security measures within the coming weeks so that voice calls will also be protected by encryption.”

Keep an eye on this issue. I suspect I that WhatsApp will put on quite a brave face before they are bulldozed. Seriousy, the CIA will assassinate before they allow untapped phone calls come to pass.


Never forget: the elimination of privacy worldwide -–the stated mission of the NSA– includes access to the thoughts and memories locked inside your head. They want at that information, just as they want at the information in or on your phone, your car, your house, your apps, your dog, your significant other, your sock drawer, your junk drawer, your under-drawers, and on and on. There can be no private space for any human, anywhere, at any time, for any reason.

So think good thoughts, citizen. Thoughtcrime is punishable by torture.