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Our Wounded Planet


Our Wounded Planet

Robert C. Koehler

Should we save the planet or kill the enemy?



Wounded planet? Nah. Moribund is more apt.



Thank you, Mr. Koehler, for reminding us of the spirituality inherent in our urge to stop warring, and attempt to undo some of the damage we have imposed on our home. It’s a movement, growing by the day. We must remember that we are spiritual warriors in our quest. Seeking oneness as a way of consciousness is a higher calling. One that will be needed to save ourselves from ourselves.



"our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."–Albert Einstein.

just recently found this einstein quote that goes so well with tutu’s observation,

“The solitary individual is in our understanding a contradiction in terms. You are a person through other persons.”

the very word individual means that which cannot be divided one from another… i once read that the living biosphere is like a woven tapestry . . . and when we pull at one thread the whole work begins to unravel… the hummingbird, the honey bee pollinate the very plants which feed them… humans, on the other hand, destroy Nature in hopes of creating a better, safer world just for our species… how often do we hear someone say, “every human life is important”? that’s hubris. we need to out grow our tunnel vision.



well spoken, lady k!



Weirdly and sadly—it seems like a wounded planet comes from wounded people.Happily though, a sunset, a mountain view, stars seen away from the city lights, these all make humans more —human.To have the trust of a jay who will take peanuts from your hand, or a wild cat trusting your back door for food, with no fear of being captured----- or doves who come every morning knowing there will be seed--------that’s all wonderful stuff-----------I wonder if world peace and love could come about if more people would just------ go outside and BE?



Robert, this is one of your very best columns yet, and that is high praise indeed!
Please keep them coming. Your writings go far in neutralizing the toxicity of fear,
hatred and greed which assault our hearts and souls every day.



Beautifully put LadyK!

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What a brilliant article .Words of wisdom that we neglect at our own peril.As you say the solutions are Spiritual in nature .Nothing more cruel to nature than mankind .
This is the missing message,missing from most organised religious teachings.
The message of Oneness and Unity is the main solution of ending humanity’s self induced nightmare .
All things are One ,nothing is seperate,it’s all intrinsically connected ,interwoven ,interdependent into the fabric of all life

All government,all politics ,must be based on this truth .
This is the future hope of the human race; the only hope for our planet .
It’s a shift of conciousness that must happen. An understanding that Life is Prime Value .

When this is honoured we can put in principles that guide our evolutionary path.