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Ours Is A Cold and Righteous Anger

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/10/26/ours-cold-and-righteous-anger


Another great one Abby Zimet! The photo of barret holding the repulsive sign pretty much sums it all up!


RBG made herself as much a target of righteous anger as the GOP is when she ignored Obama’s recommendation that she retire at age 80 when she was diagnosed with cancer and it was unlikely that the Democrats would retain control of the US Senate for much longer.

Those of us who have been fortunate enough to be elected to or appointed to high level positions need to always remember that in such roles it only takes one bad decision and/or a little too much hubris to destroy our legacy and hurt a lot of people.


our anger is being directed at the wrong target–the Republicans are doing what they have been doing for decades–it is the failure of the Democrats to protect us–failure to protect the vote-to fight the right wing agenda–their continuous pandering to the horror shows that are the Republicans–they could not have failed this country and our people more if they tried


This cold and righteous anger sure isn’t doing anything much for the people. It’s nothing but theatrics.

North Carolina election is no big deal. We might get someone with a ‘D’ after his name, but he will still be a republican. The real democrat was defeated in the primary by those people with “cold and righteous anger”.


RBG chose to put her own interest ahead of the country’s interest. And without denying her contributions, they were never such that would endanger her own interests or professional career. She is somehow portrayed implicitly as a dissident of some sort, while she was part of the system. A good one, but part of the system no doubt. Her last vote supported the Trump admin.

But the issue is not a single supreme, whether a lunatic or a perfect one, the true issue is an obsolete model of a supreme court that is not elected and that it does not have time limits. This incident should be used to re-design the ‘supreme’ court.


We are dying of symbolism–rather than the silly pink hats and the red robes, organize for effective action. Plan to shut the system down through General Strikes followed by total, rolling, non cooperation starting in every city.


I met Clarence Thomas back in 1978 when he was a lawyer with Monsanto. A most unimpressive man was he. Like talking to a sponge. And I was only a teenager. ACB from what I have seen of her confirmation hearing process has earned from me the moniker of vacuum brain, not much comes out, so I assume the flow is in the opposite direction, but never put to use? Probably being too generous, n’est-ce pas?


Hi lulemali:

RGB was great at her job, and as was writtenlong ago :" Age cannot wither her infinite variety…" Besides, her brain in her 80s was better than so many Trump supporters in their 40s. I hope you have a great career and that no one ever says you’re too old to do your job. : (

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Love your comment; so true.


As @raydelcamino , @lulemali and many others here and elsewhere noted, the rushed nomination and confirmation of ACB is itself part of the legacy of RGB. I won’t spend much time beating that dead horse. (Come to think of it, that’s a pretty awful picture… as if one should ever beat any live animal!)

However, that we have such a horrible Supreme Court is also part of the legacy of Obama, Hillary Clinton and the DNC - for each in their arrogance chose to ignore all the warning signs that said that sand-bagging Sanders and rigging HIllary’s nomination would turn a slam-dunk win against the most unqualified Presidential candidate ever into a crap-shoot.

The signs were so clear that I predicted that debacle in March, 2016, in a letter of warning to the DNC, and a second one at the beginning of May of that year.

Had that collective hubris and stupidity not made Trump’s election possible, even RGB’s failure to step aside wouldn’t have mattered.

Of course, we have yet to see how 2020 will play out, with a remarkably similar script. Some signs point to a Biden popular vote landslide, some suggest that especially given the Electoral College and GOP vote-suppression shenanigans, Trump could overcome the seemingly big Biden lead in the polls. But again… given Trump’s penchant for self-destruction, this shouldn’t even be close enough to worry about such things… if the same clique’s arrogance hadn’t once again resulted in the choosing of another of their insipid, baggage-laden neocon-neolib status quo protectors.

So when the next time there’s the urge to complain about the Supreme Court, consider that the GOP only did what they would always do. Gorsucks, Kavanaugh and Barrett are each also the fruit of the Democratic Party establishment’s godawful hubris and anti-democratic tendencies as much as they are emblematic of a GOP that makes no pretense about its disdain for democracy.


So much so wrong in your comments----the democrat party moved to the right because Reagun won in a landslide ----people on the left would be destroyed and moderate democrats have a hard time getting elected. And as Republicans supported trade and won in the midwest the Democrats soon followed. The real issue is the people in this country and why they vote against their own interests.

Trump has carried out extra-judicial killings of people on the left , brags about these killings and you say our anger is directed at the wrong party???


The Repub party is something out of the 50’s----look who they put on the Supreme Court ----the witch stands for exteme right wing views----THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS A FUCKING JOKE!

the republi-can party is A DESTRUCTIVE FORCE allowed to run amuck by the lack of opposition party and lack of public willing to engage in massive shut down strikes and support for alternative political power


This is an example of the hatred the democrat party has encouraged. I used to be a Democrat. Don’t let the hatred consume you.

just to point out Reagan committed treason and the Democrats went right along with it–then they allowed SCOTUS to steal the election for Bush in the first of what looks like a pattern of judicial coups----without a fight----this along with the filling of our jails with the “War on Drugs” that incidentally disenfranchised millions of young black men–as for extrajudicial killings I suggest you read the history of the assassination campaigns against the Black Panthers and the first Nation people-the arming of the cops as military force that happened under many Democratic state and local jurisdictions and that have been deployed against the only enemy available to them–both as occupying forces and the shock troops we see used this year against citizens demanding justice----in a long history of such use–the American people–the failure to address the voter suppression that has been plaguing our democracy for --literally–5 decades-not even counting the voter suppression of the black communities since the end of slavery–I could go on but somehow I get the impression that you are as fanatic about your party as the Trumpies are about theirs

are the Republicans worse–of course–some of us have been warning about their incipient fascism since 1965–the problem is that the Dems went right along with this --their hands out for the paltry dollars the purveyors of this tragedy bribe them into acquiescent with

as for the people not voting–my take is that almost 1/2 of our population has the sense to realize that no matter which party they vote for they will get the same shit sandwich–evil is as evil does – voting for the lessor of two evils guarantees evil will rule–the real difference is that the Democrats are the iron fist in a glove and the Republicans are the naked iron fist–with both working for their owners-the corporate oligarchy that has captured our democracy

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Very perceptive comment. Agree the problem is not a single member/nominee.standing alone. Worst til
now IMHO is certainly Thomas. Noting that he swore the bizarre Ms. Barret in surely reeked of someone’s idea of very dark humor indeed. We can of course ‘thank’ Mr.Biden for Thomas’s being the guy with the most longstanding tenure at present. As of yesterday, oddly enough, Mrs. Thomas, a conservative spokesperson, hit the airwaves pushing an immediate investigation of Biden’s (the candidate) direct involvement in personal financial dealings with foreign folk.

On your second point, I think the practice of ‘judges for life’ was designed to shield such judges from
the likelihood of being influenced in their decision-making, fairness, etc. or arguably blackmailed or
otherwise threatened into a result favored by the purveyor of such. McConnell and Trump of course
are making a mockery of that laudable intent in selecting a jurist precisely on the premise that that he/she
will in fact operate from bias and do the biddings of those who have fish to fry in a particular matter but are
not litigants.

But election of judges has its own set of shoals. Most are important only to the formal bar and perhaps
some of the business unscrupulous. Bar associations as a genre, particularly at the state-wide level
would like to have more control than just pronouncing (whether or not they are asked to) whether a particular candidate is appropriate, dubious or inadequate for the position he or she is running for in
the court system. In our area judges are elected, not appointed. The arguments against it are basically
specious - the most frequent being the bar’s insistence that the rabble (voters) don’t know enough about
the legal profession to choose "wisely’. And that sort of argument is, some might say, analogous to the
sort of mutual back-scratching which occurs the minute our legislators are ‘in office’. (And we see how that has turned out.)

Its kind of like an observation made by a local officer here that were he ever to commit a crime
he would certainly insist on a jury and not a bench trial. .Someone an advocate of appointment of
judges would say - ‘see, he knows you can rook a jury but not a trial judge fact-finder who’s seen
everything’. Someone an advocate of electon of judges would say - ‘see he is doing little but acknowledging that twelve people might, and often do view things very different from both counsel
and from the court itself’. If you are before a court as a defendant, what system would you want?

So if election rather than appointment is not the answer, how about minimum skills and experience.
In one of these articles on Barrett there is a notation that at the time she was pushed as a candidate
for a lower federal court, and I believe it was by Trump and if so was within the past 4 years ----
she had not any judicial experience whatsoever, had never tried a case to verdict, and HAD NEVER
ARGUED AN APPEAL. And so, perhaps her refusal to answer questions at her hearing covers multiple
‘knowledge vacancy’ problems.

And if you’re thinking, OK then, if there are minimal qualifications which need to be met, then doesn’t that
bring us back to just using the recommendations of the bar? No, it doesn’t in my view. Because ‘favors’
involving competency recommendations have the same potential for corruption as any other favors to a
candidate. And at least in this area, such associations are very much ‘politically active’ in terms of what
legislation is or is not to their liking. And again, that brings us back to the disintegration of integrity in the judicial selection process.

My thought is that it is the legislature’s absolute duty to go through all the necessary steps to ascertaining
experience, background BEFORE the appointment process is announced. If one side doesn’t do it
(Kavanaugh and Barrett) then the other such had better do so. (And while they’re at it, tell their politically
entrenched wives - conservative or ‘liberal’ - that they need to exercise some self control when their spouse is a sitting Supreme Court Justice and the subject matter is the behavior of a presidential
candidate in an election a week off.) No sympathy here for Biden - as surely this is ‘karma’ given his role in this particular member’s appointment - but its just not appropriate behavior.

The Senator from Alaska (Murkowski) obviously struggled with a lot of this although she ultimately caved
on Barrett. But she is right as rain that this process (and several before it for that matter) represent a
distortion of the core of what any court is ‘about’. If Trump or Biden think they know better and its reasonable to select Justices based on what they can do for them or their administrations, that’s their
error. If the House and Senate have not one sincere voice insisting that the game-playing stop, that’s
definitely the culmination of some very long-standing problems and a very major error that all of us are in some measure responsible for.

Let’s not forget the role of corporate media-----I do not think I have heard any of these candidates questioned on sanctions against Venezuela as a pandemic rages. A few days from the election and I have heard little about foreign policy , trade, what either candidate will do to create good jobs. What is Trumps healthcare plan??? just die unless your rich.

Hi isaMontez;
Don’t worry, I am too much of a wise ass to let that effect me. But—sigh—RBG had a wonderful mind for both humanity and the law. It is very sad when people who have done so much for America in the positive–are dissed due to their age. NO one should have to deal with that—besides—did you ever see an RBG workout? IMPRESSIVE there too! : )

YES of course you are correct ! Our government is a corporate run duo.
yup !!! just die, people are disposable unless they own a corporation or are a corporation or at least own a lot of stock in many corporations.
I just listened/ZOOMED on Movement for a Peoples Party with Mike Gravel as a guest speaker. Mr Senator Gravel is advocating changes in the law is the only solution so I ordered his book FAILURE OF REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT AND THE SOLUTION
NO I did not vote LOTE even though I have been asked to do so by some family.

because I will not do the same thing again and expect a different outcome.