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#OurVoteIsPower: 1 Million+ People in Less Than 3 Days Sign Petition Demanding RBG Seat Not Be Filled Until 2021

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/21/ourvoteispower-1-million-people-less-3-days-sign-petition-demanding-rbg-seat-not-be


The Democrats sure get an energy boost from this issue. The only way to screw this up would be to do something monumentally stupid like proposing Hillary Clinton as a replacement.

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“300 Million People Sign Petition Demanding RBG Seat Not Be Filled Until 2021” but McConnell and Trump don’t care so fill the appoint anyway.

The courts serve the powers that be.
I learned a lot about RBG today.
They’re all playing against me, so…
I’m not losing sleep on this.

…believe the next president should decide Ginsburg’s replacement."

Yeah. Well good luck with that. Mind you, I whole-heartedly agree, but Mitch (who is realllythe controller in this) has other plans.**This is one hell of a time for true democracy in our country. Everything seems to be against us but for the elected progressive Democrats in The House and in the Senate.

There are many newly elected progressives on their way up the governmental ladder, but it will be some time before they have enough influence for true change. I don’t expect to be around to see it, but I see it happening around this country. The old “conservatives” ( who conserve nothing ), are on their way out and the younger generation is coming in. Good fortune to them!

It took the “conservatives” many decades of persistence to get where they are now ( See Nancy MacLean’s “Democracy in Chains” ), and it will take some time, not just one election, to get the progressive values back into the majority, but it will happen.**


Quick math quiz:

petition signed by 1million + 5¢ = 5¢

Lesson over.

Well, I know Susan Collins will vote against the GOP on this one. She’s losing in Maine and needs desperately to try to win back some of the support she lost on Kavanaugh, but it is all a ruse on her part. We can hope that the seat is not filled until after the inauguration so that we can get a pro-choice corporatist toady from Biden instead of a pro-life corporatist toady from Trump. We’re screwed either way. The SC is a joke.

There should be armed citizens surrounding every republican congress persons home. Trump tries to intimidate us every day. Fair is fair.

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