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Ouster of 'Sloppy Steve' Leaves Breitbart Bannon-Less

Ouster of 'Sloppy Steve' Leaves Breitbart Bannon-Less

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"God, I can't believe the whole movement just collapsed on this guy. He's done," a source close to the White House told Axios

This “fall from grace” collapse will become quite commonplace this year.

Past Time to Clean House

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Shows that the Mercer’s are calling the shots. Breitbart is Mercer media. The latest news from the fascist press.


That dickhead won’t disappear. I wish he would, but he won’t. Mark my clucks.


Ain’t that the Truth

Pretty sure this officially marks the end of Trump’s populist phase.

That positioning seemed to be Bannon’s idea, I’d even submit that Bannon actually believes in it. Trump certainly used it to get elected, although he sure as hell abandoned any pretenses in that direction once in office.

To the surprise of pretty much no one.


Draining the other swamp.

Steve Bannon, emboldened by the dependence upon his experience by an Oval Office occupant who is completely lost in the political world, got way above himself. Ousted by Donald Trump, he returned to his natural environment, Breitbart News’ mission of spreading hate throughout America. But he made the mistake of challenging his former protege, who in spite of fumbling around in an alien environment, still held ultimate power. Now, like Lucifer, he has been “thrown out of heaven”. Is there any decent person in this country who will mourn his loss?