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Out of 13 Hours of Trump Covid-19 Briefings, Just 4.5 Minutes of Empathy for Victims: Analysis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/26/out-13-hours-trump-covid-19-briefings-just-45-minutes-empathy-victims-analysis

He is a Sociopath. Empathy for others is not one of their “values”.

In fact from Devos, to Pelosi , from Trump to Mnuchin , the condition called Sociopathy is a pandemic with the 1 percent. It a condition for entering that club.


It’s not just Trump. It’s McConnell, Lindsey Graham and the whole Republican Party. These are moral degenerates. They just know how to avoid saying it out loud like Trump.


Satire has a moral base. Sarcasm is just flesh-ripping. What exactly was Trump trying to accomplish with his remarks about Lysol? “Look at me, I am a doofus.” Well, making more people aware of the state of his disconnectedness might be a worthy goal. But I’m afraid the effort to do that must come from other people-- people who at all cost have decided to become outspoken and articulate.


Still light therapy is a real thing, my neighbor from many years back had one of the machines they use to use that had changeable colored glass plates. (antique) While very poorly referenced by Trump, and not especially appropriate in this context, it is a real therapy.


It is also a little obsessive, to measure Trumps statements by the minute to reprove and prove again his obvious lack of compassion.

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If the 25th Amendment cannot work to replace this Amerikan, criminally,insane fascist, President, we can be sure it is just more corroboration to me that we are living in the Fourth Reich. This now sets the FUTURE AGENDA; IF TRUMP ISN’T REMOVED FROM OFFICE BY THE 25TH AMENDMENT NO FUTURE PRESIDENT PROBABLY EVER WILL! Because, let me ask: COULD THE U.S. EVER HAVE A FUTURE PRESIDENT ANY WORSE THAN TRUMP?


Given the “quality” of the President of the United States of America has been in terminal decline for the past 40+ years (since the time of Kennedy) then it entirely possible it gets even worse.

As that old expression goes “When you hold your nose to vote you get a Government that stinks”


Have you ever considered he is trying to lose intentionally, because who in their right mind wants to follow this shit show?

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Sociopaths/psychopaths do not have “values” except trying to convince others of their values.


I agree, sociopaths simply don’t have compassion and try to imitate what they see in others. Not all of them are malignant though.


I agree. And my conspiracy theory why this is: JFK’s father Joseph was supported by the mob as he he had known connections during the prohibition, so he had the mob support his son for POTUS. But once JFK got elected he and his Brother RFK turned against them and this had to infuriate them.

Then comes the Bay of Pigs fiasco which infuriated JFK so much he intended to fire Dulles " and smash the CIA into a thousand pieces".To me, that was when JFK signed his and his brothers death warrants. Ever since, the Fascists that murdered JFK,MLK, and RFK have been in full control of the U.S.



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The only thing worse than the current Trump press briefings, would be CHURCH-sounding press briefings. Who wants phony sympathy/empathy anyway. If you’re waiting for it from the entitled class – it ain’t never comin’.


That’s the first time ever someone is pointing out to me that fascists are capable of empathy. This CD headline needs more research and analysis about the sociopath that is in plain sight with this particular fascist in the WH…


I agree. When trump fires the last of the Inspectors general we are toast, as the democratic republic will be. There is no legal oversight now, and very few high profile people are calling out trump when and where it counts. To his face in public.


Even when he was a candidate he had what psychiatrists call “flight of ideas”. It is manifested in people with bipolar disease and schizophrenia. Before he finishes a thought he is off on another. I have seen a transcript of a rally in which it was profound. In the meantime, for three years his cabinet has sat like chest pieces while he rambles. No one has been willing to say that the emperor has no clothes.


That is my pet peeve these days. Why won’t people denounce trump-like behavior on a large scale?
And why are there no press folks brave enough to throw their shoes at the lying POS.


That seems to me to be because Trump has them so intimidated and so frightened… that they will be fired!

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He is a sociopath. But it’s wrong to lump him in with Pelosi. There are levels here.


Pelosi is cut of the same cloth. As people go hungry and wait in line at foodbanks she does a segment where she says things are not so bad as she sits in front of 2 12000$ fridges and shows them stocked with ice cream.

Totally out of touch. Totally lacking empathy.