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'Out of an Abundance of Caution,' Says Bernie Sanders, 'We Should Expand Medicare to Cover Everyone in America'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/07/out-abundance-caution-says-bernie-sanders-we-should-expand-medicare-cover-everyone


Yet again, Bernie proves to be the only adult in the entire room. Always looking out for “We The People”!


Sorry Bernie, but if you don’t FIX Medicare first you may as well just piss up a rope.
Medicare is still an 80/20 indemnity plan. That means that, should you get Covid and end up in the ICU for a week or so, you will still be paying tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket, a price that will still bankrupt most American households.
Medicare for all will only work if it first receives extensive restructuring. That will take a big, bold progressive agenda, the likes never seen before in US political history.
I’ll be over here, not holding my breath.


the only truthteller in any level of our current government. pity us all for not working hard enuf to make him our next president. and damn the conniving democrats for what they did to make biden the one. ugly all around.


Despite economist Stephanie Kelton as one of his advisors, Bernie, like too many others, still believes that federal taxes fund federal programs. As long as this myth, and the federal deficit myth, still persist in the minds of lawmakers, we will never have the social spending we desperately need for the 99% of us.

The Deficit Myth by Stephanie Kelton and The Case for A Job Guarantee by Pavlina R. Tcherneva should be read by every member of Congress and every presidential and V.P. candidate.

Basing our federal economic policy on outdated, incorrect, misleading myths is the insanity of repeating the same mistakes and expecting a better outcome.


I’m pretty sure he was pushing the bill he introduced.

From the article:

“In August, … Sanders introduced legislation that would impose a 60% tax on the massive profits [U.S. billionaires have raked in during the coronavirus pandemic and use the resulting revenue to empower Medicare to pay all out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for everyone in the country for a year.”

Note the “pay all out-of-pocket healthcare expenses” language.


It is not only the out of pocket expenses. It is the outrageous expenses. It is the practice of allowing insurance and pharmaceutical industrial complex to charge excessive fees in order to glean enormous profits.
In Spain medication and no doctor visit to treat a bladder infection is less than 6 euros, in the oosa the same treatment cost 95 usd plus the cost of a medical office visit.
Regulation of the industries that control administration of medical care in this country is paramount in the discussion.


Let’s up the ante!
Go for medicaid for all.
Pay for it as we go = yes.
{just for Nancy and I }
we spend 18% of all we work hard for to medical.
50% of medical is waste per AETNA
50% of our war dept. is waste.
We reduce the waste in both and bonanza,
we got lotsa loot for our 335 million folks
to all have great healthcare, including
preventive health care.

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Short of that, anyone having treatment for COVID-19 without health care coverage should send the bill to Trump. (this includes those w/out of pocket costs too) At the risk of sounding morbid, families of those lost to COVID should also send their bill for funeral expenses to Trump too. Remember, Trump doesn’t get a bill.


Pity that he himself did not work hard enough to defeat “my good friend Joe Biden”; and go for the throat(Iraq vote, Ukrainian coup, discriminatory drug laws, incarceration, Anita Hill). Regarding Anita Hill, Clarence Thomas is still the gift that keeps on giving the court ass backwards opinions.


Once again Bernie confuses the issue of how healthcare is provided. Yes, President Trump did receive Universal healthcare at a Military Hospital. Is that the same as single payer Medicare 4 All? (or even Medicare) No. Does Medicare 4 All defund this level of care and make it single payer (after 10 years) Yes it does.

From a business level perspective, M4A is better than any tax cut, well actually it is a tax cut and a cap for healthcare spending and a changed mandate that could be achieved in much better terms.

There is a reason this issue has set around the halls of government for at least 20 years. And healthcare costs and related insurance is poorly regulated at your expense.


Thread: How a Willing President and a Good Set of Lawyers can Allow Medicare to be Expanded to Everybody by Executive Order

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The notion that we’re likely to repeat last year’s massacre by exposing our most vulnerable citizens, as essential workers now include: pedicurists, au-pair, lap dancers, bartenders, choir leaders… and Trump’s hair weaver! Here’s NYC’s nifty flu-outbreak, preceding our being told to, “go on about your lives.” 279K excess deaths later (35K, in NYC alone) Biden’s STILL asking how do we PAY (for universal healthcare, Yale agreed would save 450 Billion, almost 10% what we’ve now lost to corporate bail-outs & before lost exports, taxes, etc).

~https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-announces-record-breaking-total-number-flu-cases-new-york-even-number-flu-cases (Flu? February? I wonder?)

~https://www.businessinsider.com/nyc-coronavirus-patient-last-words-affordable-treatment-intubation-derrick-smith-2020-4 (probably heard it on CNN or MSNBC?)





YOU mean it’s like finding out that the FED works for the people with moneyand not for the nation ?

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I too have been frustrated by Bernie not more overtly talking about the insights from MMT. It seems Kelton feels the same a bit. But, I also think that thinking of taxes versus spending still helps people to think of stocks and flows, at least. The present system is horribly inefficient, and the flow out of our pockets into the stock that these rotten parasitic insurance companies manage is too big because of inefficiencies at the enterprise level and the systemic inefficiencies that result from a multi-payer system. The total stock of money spent on healthcare would decline with single payer, and the flow from us would be smaller. So, I agree that he should push for people to be more aware of these things, should change how he frames things a bit with that in mind, but I also think the framing can still be useful a bit on this issue. I would like to see him use it more than anything when some hack on TV screamed about any deficits a single-payer system would cause. A simple, who gives a damn and a brief rundown of state money creation should follow.

That is exactly what the proposed House and Senate National IMPROVED Medicare For Do. That is why they are always referred to as IMPROVED. Both bills eliminate premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. Plus, both bills include dental and vision.

The best part is, the plans save tax payer money. National Improved Medicare for All is the most economical and most efficient of payer systems available. The ACA, the Biden plan, is one of the most inefficient and costly payer plans in the world.


Come on now: Let’s hear it for going straight for the jugular and not the capillaries! Every lie Trump and the capitalists dish out we counter it everywhere, anywhere, every time. Get ready to rumble.

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Yep. And better still as I expressed to my VT Physicians For a National Health Program would be straight out socialized medicine. This was the compromise for now but clearly much more is needed and we got a long way toward pushing this nation to being socially responsible.


Completely agree: Must be the combination of Medicare AND Medicaid with NO co-pays, No deductibles and covering eye and dental for everyone. This is the compromise.


Thank you for point this out. It is almost like Bernie himself doesn’t want to really support M4A.

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