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Out of Loopholes, Trump Must Disclose Stormy Daniels Debt in Next Financial Report


Out of Loopholes, Trump Must Disclose Stormy Daniels Debt in Next Financial Report

Walter Shaub, Adav Noti

President Trump has a big decision to make. Unless he requests an extension, his personal financial disclosure report is due on Tuesday.


We may discover Trump inc is under water. Is he a cranky fat pauper? A paper tiger made of toilet paper?


Now Johnny and Susan, please no more questions about Mr. Trump. Just be proud and eat your Big Macs patriotically.


Water with lots of biosolids in it.


This author hasn’t gotten the memo yet…Trump and his cabinet are above the law.
I’ll bet we never see his tax returns.


Giuliani seems to be claiming that the reimbursement to Cohen was not a direct reimbursement for hush payment, but was done as a regular payment of monthly retainers, which would cover any legal-related costs. However, if the payment to Daniels violated any law, doesn’t that mean paying the retainer is money laundering?


I bet he doesn’t disclose anything and totally gets away with it.


He is most certainly nowhere near a billionaire. Assets-liabilities=net worth, and Trump’s net worth is probably embarrassing for him, after all his claims to be an ultra-rich multi-billionaire. Thus his refusal to show any tax returns in the last 10 years, etc. He is probably leveraged to his fat neck and swimming in debt, both legitimate and illegitimate - fortunately for him, he will never, ever have to disclose any of it. Only after he has been dead for many, many years will we (or our children) finally learn the truth about his true financial situation, and his many crimes. But by then, so many precedents will have been set, and so many myths created about Trump, that those truths will be completely irrelevant by then.


“Under the circumstances, the Justice Department should investigate last year’s omission.”

But, but, but… it’s Trump’s Justice Department, bought and paid for.