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Out of Step: Investigation Uncovers Striking Paid Leave Divide in US


Out of Step: Investigation Uncovers Striking Paid Leave Divide in US

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With the idea of paid maternity leave gaining traction as a means of recruiting workplace "talent" or used a talking point on the campaign trail, an In These Times investigation published on Tuesday reveals the sad reality for millions of U.S. families.


Insensitivity about maternity is par for the course for oh-so-Christian and family-friendly-conservative USA, along with the developed world’s highest child poverty rate, lifetime child imprisonment for some crimes, crushing student debt, chronically underfunded and micro-managed public schools and abject failure to address the crime of the century, climate change. It’s God’s (read The Market’s) will.


And the repugnicants persist in undermining society with their mantra about “small government” (translation: a government that is so small that corporations can operate with impunity and sans regulatory oversight of any kind; a government created to do the bidding of the corporatocracy) and getting people “off the dole” by literally underfunding social programs and agencies into extinction. Their attacks on a woman’s right to choose, Planned Parenthood, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc. reflect their malicious intent. They have allowed greed to trump their humanity to the point where they are outright malevolent. Women, children, the weak/vulnerable, elderly, disabled are the targets of their putrid policies. And then they think nothing of sending the breadwinners off to military incursions leaving behind their wives and families.



I’ve had a mixed variation on this leave idea, in several settings. What I’ve seen unfortunately, was that some women used the policy to have a number of children, one right after the other. This is a pretty rare thing to watch, but it does happen, as I witnessed in two of my companies and with two women. These women sort of kill the buzz for the rest of the families who may need some leave, but would never abuse it. As on opinion, I’d like to see that families have options, one for the mom or dad(if the other parent is at the higher salary or just wants to be in that role more fully) that would allow her/him a full 4 weeks of full paid leave, and thereafter it would include working from home for 4 to 6 hours a day (her/his option) for 3 days out of the week and 2 days off, for an additional 6 weeks, also at full pay for the full 6 weeks. For the other partner, I’d like to see him/her given the first 3 weeks paid leave at full salary too, and then after that with the option of working from home 3 full days a week for up to 6 weeks, but that last 6 weeks paid only per days worked from home or in the office (his/her choice). I think it’s a fair trade off for companies that don’t have a lot of funds to support people not working full time in their roles. Small companies claim they cannot afford much of anything. This would have to be for companies with a proven investment chain of funds or for those with a minimum of 75 employees. Generally you don’t grow a business without millions in the queue to keep you generating your product/services, and when you build up to 75 people, you’ve got that funds driven path laid out. Go Moms and Dads! Those who lovingly desire to raise children should not be hindered by society for financial reasons. Now if you don’t want to add to the population, that’s a whole other sort of story I certainly support.


It’s a statistical anomoly that children born to mothers that have paid maternity leave are healthier and happier. Those children were going to be healthier and happier anyway because they already won the genetic lottery. They were born into families that occupy the top earning households in the nation. Their parents, being top earners, have high level jobs that permit and supply them with benefits like paid maternity leave that are not, and shall never be enjoyed by rank and file production workers.
We are a nation with a ruling oligarchy of lords and ladies. They enjoy benefits that can only be imagined in the fondest dreams of 95% of Americans.
And of course, they don’t give a shit about anybody else. They won’t care until the gates to their private communities are block by bonfires.


Exactly. Direct action gets the goods!