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Out of Syria "Like, Very Soon"? Of Course Not, White House Press Statement Affirms

Out of Syria "Like, Very Soon"? Of Course Not, White House Press Statement Affirms

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

phto: https://www.gettyimages.com/license/941506140

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Regarding the bombing of Syria, considering who doing all the bombing, shouldn’t we be more interested
what the Kremlin and Assad’s Dracula presidential palace has to say on the matter?

Of course I don’t like the US military in places it dies not belong i.e. everywhere outside US borders, but in the case of Syria we need to focus on who is committing all the humanitarian atrocities - and that is not the US this time.

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In what alternate fake-news universe was Bashar Assad, OR his equally savage father before him ever elected in ANY kind of election??? And in what other dimension did the Syrian Civil War unfold like your fake tale? The Assads were/are kleptocratic, torturing, murdering dictators!

Good fucking grief! Are you a misinformation troll?

Edit: Confirmed - a misinformation troll posting manifestly false information . Comment flagged.

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Correction…There was a fake election in 2014 - generally resembling the election this week in Egypt where the dictator Sisi got 97% of the vote which I presume the Alt-left approved of too. Assad got 88 percent of the vote and two other Assad-approved symbolic candidates got a couple percent each. It was not legitimate election. Only Assad controlled parts of the country could vote Assad was never originally elected, but was picked by his father to begin with.