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Out of the Ashes of Covid-19 Should Rise Our Unstoppable Medicare for All Movement

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/18/out-ashes-covid-19-should-rise-our-unstoppable-medicare-all-movement


if all anyone can do out of the ashes of this disaster is throw a band aid on capitalism, this isn’t really your moment.

we’d better shoot a helluva lot higher than just continuing to funnel tax money into the gaping maw of overpriced private care.

this system needs to go. profit–the way we understand it–needs to go.


Is there really any chance of M4A getting passed by the best Congress money can buy ?

Canadian single payer made head way only by starting in Saskatchewan and spreading province to province.

The closest the US ever came to such a catalyst was in 2003 when Governor Gray Davis was recalled under false pretenses just as he was preparing to sign single payer legislation in California. Governor Terminator subsequently twice vetoed single payer legislation.


If enough people die of Covid----what will the doctors and hospital and medical corporations do then? Maybe they haven’t thought that far ahead. Still, Americans haven’t gotten to the point of kidnapping doctors and nurses when someone they care about is sick. I wonder if the Trump person realizes that when the plague hit in the Middle Ages----there were fewer workers and the ones left required much more pay.


Ralph, I wanna believe man, really. I know that you’re a few yrs older than me and are still a TRUE believer. But, at this stage in this country I don’t anymore believe that REAL change will come without some kind of a violent uprising. The “legislative process” blows, we all fucking know that. Having an R or D in the “White” House doesn’t really mean all that much really. So what to do???


CorpDems gaslighted enough of their pawns that the top priority was defeating Drumpf, and that Biden was the best candidate to do it. These same pawns also claim to support M4A. It defies logic.


As much as I respect Mr. Nader, on this point he is utterly deluded.

I am 80 years old, have been attentive to politics at least since 1947 (when my late father, a Marxian, was purged from a high-ranking federal job for being “prematurely anti-fascist”) – and I cannot count the number of times I have heard parrotting of the Big Lie enactment of universal healthcare is a certainty.

Instead of course it has always been denied us – and under the euphemism-disguised Nazism that is Capitalism, it always will be denied us.

Which in turn should tell us we will NEVER achieve healthcare as a human right until the United States itself is no more.

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Good thing we’ll have a strong proponent for medicare for all in the white house come November… (( Sigh ))

What we really need is VA for all. The VA cares for the worst cases and has the best outcomes. The caregivers can do real medicine without consulting a code book or calling an insurance consultant. The government owns the facilities and pays the salaries and purchases the supplies and drugs. A truly socialist system. The doctors and staff truly love what they are doing.
CA was saved by too rich to be corrupted Arnold Schwarzengroper. He not only vetoed single payer twice but dropped the $9 billion law suit against the “Smartest Guys in the Room”.


schools NYC and everywhere in usa without free health care. GO to NYC schools govt site. Take the about-us/re school-survey ALL NYC folks insist Dept of ed provide FULL FREE TREATMENT AND TESTING FOR STUDENTS/parents and anyone in or out of the schools who does DOE work. This is FAIR. DOE gets money from students attendance. MAKE THEM MAKE THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY get taxed for their outrageous profits during a pandemic to cover this healthcare in the Schools.

  1. Start in the 1st week of July having all schools be sites for FREE TESTING and referral for Free Testing
  2. As BLM movement shows…COrporations have to be PRESSURED to do the right thing. Take the survey.

-Healthcare Centers in every neighborhood–solve two problems–get free local healthcare and you will need less police. This center should be about mental health—communication between people on things from employment and child care--------this is a conservative idea


Answer to the problem, rise up, find out who those with a social conscience are and VOTE THEM IN. You don’t trust trumpty dumpty, we in the UK don’t trust trumpty dumpty and we don’t trust bojo the bozo either. There is only ONE way forward and that is via socialism, the thing that trumpty dumpty and all the rest of the fascist dictators are terrified of.

Try watching the documentary about the Weatherman SDS. Violence is an absurd strategy, if it can be graced with that name, does not work and drives the people to the right. Nixon convincingly argued the Vietnam war was about bringing 400 prisoners home. People opposed the war, wanted to free the prisoners and hated ant wsr violence. This led to the triumph of the silent majority and the oligarchs.

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I grew up during the 50’s and 60’s. I know about SDS, the Vietnam war, the Southern Strategy, George Wallace etc, etc. Look back through relatively recent history and REAL change only comes with some violence attached to it. Try reading about the labor movement in the early to mid 20th century and maybe you will see it. I DID NOT advocate violence in any way, just sayin that REAL effective change doesn’t come about without some “disruptions” of society.


We need to ask a lot more questions about the purpose and function of Medicare before we consider changing it, we should also consider who wants to change it and why.



The polls are packed with issues favored by large majorities ignored by the rulers. Things favored by 60, 70, even 90% are not enacted. Only through peaceful revolution will we get those things, as it’s in the short-term interest of one or both parties to wreck the economy, kill as many people as possible with coronavirus, and deny all help to non-millionaires.


If I put a bandage around 18% (Health care spending relative to GDP) of your body, would you call that a bandaid? I wouldn’t.

Agreed. I am getting excited about a few candidates that are no holds barred in support of M4A. I now have two litmus tests. If you support M4A (House or Senate Bill) and you support Barbara Lee’s reduction of the military by 50% then I support you. If not I support getting an opponent against you.

HA, would not hold any breaths folks. Since the DNC and the dim elites have already said NO, several times, despite close to 90% of their registered voters’ wishes.

Helluva thing.


What about the most important and urgent issue in human history?

Both things you mentioned are very important issues and both are connected to climate catastrophe. But neither threatens civilization or most life on Earth, which catastrophic climate change does.