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Out of the Ashes of Covid-19 Should Rise Our Unstoppable Medicare for All Movement

You can’t really stop with what has no traction or momentum anymore. Like you don’t even hear Bernie call for Medicare for All anymore. No our country is not going to do any such thing. In fact they prove that even in times of crisis they are only going to make things worse for us and take and take and take.

…which is a good reason to keep the issue alive so that people are aroused enough to force those against it to either oppose it or endlessly lie about it on the record. Then they can be identified and voted out of office. M4A is a good indicator of politicians’ positions on other issues we care about. But so is a strong enough position on climate catastrophe, which is by far the most important issue in history.

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Yes I know and yes we need to keep the issue alive but god dammit it feels that no matter how much the public wants for it our government is hell bent on not letting anything beneficial to us pass.


Any candidate or current politician who passes my two litmus tests is going to hold satisfactory enough views on the environment for me (not just climate change but on EPA regulation of toxics, wildlife preservation and most other related topics). However I currently don’t have an actual litmus test on environmental legislation. It’s not going to be the current Green New Deal as I think there are reasonable objections to how it was written. E.g. @LibWingofLibWing has pointed out Tulsi Gabbard’s objections on it not taking a clear stand on nuclear power. This is not my objection as I am open to the possibility of Gen IV nuclear power but there are other objections I’m sympathetic to like it brings in too many side issues To be a serious bill (side note: I’ll be very disappointed in Tulsi if she doesn’t cosponsor Lee’s H.Res. 1003. She has already disappointed me on her language about Medicare for all but she is a cosponser of HR 1384 (M4A) so she passes test 1, but not yet of H.Res. 1003 (cut military in half).

If you know of any counter examples (people who don’t care about the environment but support 1384 and 1003), let me know.

Absolutely. I think almost all of us feel that way. It’s not our imagination.

I’ve been an environmental and peace activist for 50 years. For the first 10 of those years we got horribly compromised concessions on the few things we made any progress on. But it felt like we were making tremendous progress at the time because we expected it to continue the same way, building on small things to get big things. Since then, we’ve been losing; the backlash against questioning deeply-entrenched mind-body-political institution conservatism has resulted in ever-increasing repression in all senses of the word.

The amount of money and power (interchangeable commodities in our society) behind the right wing, combined with millennia of cumulative development of institutions and “traditions” (IOW, framing around archetypes) has made it an incredibly hard struggle. To me it makes it clear we won’t get what we need–radical equality, real democracy, and a sustainable civilization–without a revolution.

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Well said! In my opinion, the Third Reich has metamorphosed into the Amerikan, Fourth Reich complete with it’s Amerikan, Fuehrer. The only difference is so many good people will probably not recognize it until it is too late!

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Not when 1500 to 2000 people lose their lives every week because they can’t afford to be diagnosed or treated in time, according to a new Yale study.

Not when an average of a billion dollars a day is taken by billing fraud according to a conservative estimate by the leading expert on such crimes—Professor Malcolm Sparrow of Harvard University.

Not when a minimum of five thousand people a week die from preventable problems in hospitals (not including clinics) as reported in a peer-reviewed Johns’ Hopkins School of Medicine analysis. Putting people before profits would lower that horrendous casualty toll substantially.

Not when numerous countries, including Canada, cover all their people at half the price per capita with better outcomes, free choice of physicians and hospitals, and peace of mind.

Not when documentation for fundamental change is so overwhelmingly at everyone’s fingertips (See: SinglePayerAction.org). Dr. John Geyman’s latest in a series of educational books by this sagacious practitioner and scholar—the galvanizing “Profiteering, Corruption and Fraud in U.S. Health Care” will be available very soon (See: ~johngeymanmd.org).

The Covid-19 pandemic and its bungling by Trump and Trumpsters leading to the loss of loved ones, the loss of patients, and the horrific experiences of frontline workers would pave the way to this long-overdue change. The humane laser-beamed arrival of workers, who have witnessed the tragedies caused by the pandemic will push Congress to provide Americans universal care and relief, from economic anxiety, dread, and fear. Americans deserve the same health care coverage enjoyed by people in every other western country.

We need to put the spotlight and make our politicians pledge to getting SP by carving out a space to get rid of GAATS which tries to block single payer in a war on public healthcare all around the world, including here.

Our politicians are so unaccountable they refuse to admit it, we must make them fix this. We need to put pressure on all of them because otherwise they will just go on playing the we’re better than the GOP game and never actually fixing this stealing our votes forever.