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'Out of the Shadows': Thousands in Ireland Demand Abortion be Free, Safe, Legal



As a male, what right to I have to even chime in?


You could speak in support of fewer restrictions, or of science.


When are we going cut these shackles that enslave the women of the world and set them free? Holding women down and forcing larger populations on humanity is insanity.


Did you have a mother? Do you have a sister? Do you have a wife or girl friend? Do you think everyone has a right to make decisions about what to do with their own bodies? And so it goes.....


I am proud of these brave women .For men and women who say they have a right to take away the availability for a female to terminate a pregnancy because they believe it to be wrong, is more detrimental in having the abortion rate decrease than stopping abortions.Also they take part in the damaging of womens health.If they chooce not to have an abortion that is fine , but they do not have a right to force that decision on other women.I am grateful as a female, when men support a womens right to end a pregnancy and am very grateful for the women who chooce not to be silenced or intimated on thier right to end a pregnancy.


Please take my words at face value. I will defend ANY woman's right because IT IS THEIR RIGHT.