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Outcry After US Blocks British Muslim Family from Disneyland Vacation


Outcry After US Blocks British Muslim Family from Disneyland Vacation

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

British Muslims—including a family of 11 headed to Disneyland—are increasingly being barred from the U.S. without explanation, according to critics in the UK, who are calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to step in and address the problem.

Despite the family having been granted travel authorization online ahead of their planned December 15 flight to Los Angeles, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security refused to allow them to board the plane at London's Gatwick Airport. No one has told them why they were prevented from traveling.


Surely we are entering the end of days when such blatant acts of overt discrimination by the US government are taking place, not in Somalia, which is sort of where they started the failed state project, but in the UK, a supposedly, recognized sovereign nation. To intercept a family vacation, how low can they go? How bad can it get? I fear it's far but I'd also like to think we will be able to turn this around and won't ever have to know.


"Online and offline discussions reverberate with the growing fear that UK Muslims are being 'trumped'—that widespread condemnation of Donald Trump's call for no Muslim to be allowed into America contrasts with what is going on in practice."

So Obama condemns Trump's rhetoric, but then implements it quietly? Wow. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, but what does he have to gain in this?


What I don't understand is what Obama thinks he has to gain from this. Clearly, Trump thinks he gains from his hate by agitating his base and getting media attention to reach for more haters to join him. And, for example, Obama presides over the horrendous nightmare of the destruction of Yemen, with thousands of cluster-bombed and conventionally-bombed civilians' blood on U.S. hands (not just because the weapons were knowingly sold by the U.S., but also because the U.S. provides to the Saudis direct targeting assistance in this campaign, and also helps enforce blockades that kill people, etc.), because it serves U.S. "interests." But surprise, indiscriminate banning of Muslims from visiting the U.S.--what U.S. purpose does this serve? Maybe it is part of the recognition that if more U.S. people actually meet and hear from Muslims visiting from beyond the U.S., then more understanding will grow within the U.S. of the heartlessness of the many U.S.-led or U.S.-backed wars that devalue Muslim lives, and more connections could be cultivated between peace-desiring people on both sides of the U.S. border. And developments like this could undermine U.S. war-business. More love and less hate, please!


My last line wasn't directed at you. It was directed at U.S. decision-makers, and all of us.


Oh, for the love of God, let the kids go to Disney World if they want to. Reminds me of watching elderly women patted down at the airport...does nothing for security and just pisses everyone off.


Just tried searching this story on CNN, NBC and CBC news. - - nothing found! I tried Serena Shim's name last week with the same results. I'm not a conspiracy nut - - at least I'm not one yet, but goddamm!!!


New airline corporate scam? Get US government to prevent boarding, keep the money.


if they haven't thought of it before, they will now..:smile: here's your consulting fee!


Far from me to defend Obama - but do you honestly think that Obama directed or even knew about the decision of someone in the DHS or ICE to do this? The US Government has hundreds of agencies employing 2.7 million civilian employees. They all have policies and procedures that the POTUS personally may disagree with. Due to the bad publicity of this incident Obama just might may intervene this time - but he cannot nor should he micro-manage everything the agencies do. I'm sure any Republican president would love to get rid of the workplace safety enforcement agency I work for altogether.


Keep it up, dear ignorant, insular, arrogant xenophobic idiots at the DHS and ICE - the USA isn't hated half enough yet!


Disneyland (either one) and Las Vegas, are the two places I cannot ever imagine ever wanting to visit. Just spending an hour in Las Vegas Airport making a connection was bad enough.


They should take a flight to Cuba (which I bet would accept them), then take a short boat trip to Florida (if the U.S. authorities question their entry, tell them they are fleeing the political repression there). Then go to Disney World.


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The NYT reports it too


I think it is quite reasonable that the USA should ban British citizens from visiting the USA. The war of 1812, during which we burnt Washington, is clear proof that we British are a serious security risk. After all, did we not subjugate 25% of the world's population through our dastardly deeds? We are also well-known opium peddlers, just ask the Chinese.

Who in God's name wants to waste money going to Disneyworld! The USA is doing them a favour in saving them money (yes, I know Disneyworld is the epitome of USAian culture, but.......).


Since thousands of Muslims were allowed to board, I strongly suspect there is a lot more to this story than told above.


I meant "not hated half enough". I'll correct it.


Naaah. There are real conspiracy nuts, such as the "geoengineering" (formerly "chemtrtail") kooks, global warming denialists, and US government planted explosives and remote control airliners on Sept 11, 2001.

But the workings of the US corporate media is no conspiracy - just normal predictable behavior for an advertiser-dependent capitalist-owned media.


I live in the US and though I try not to cultivate the expression of hate, I am profoundly disgusted by and disappointed in the corporate government's "exceptional" ignorance, greed, and oppression and the outright murder of countless lives. It literally keeps me awake some nights. Most friends/acquaintances seldom respond to articles I send them about events that are never aired or published via msm. I think I'm too much of a downer and have been told so. But I've come to realize that the real cynic, the real pessimist is one who refuses to consider the possibility that things actually can change--need to change--if only we'd be willing to look beyond the margins of our comparatively insulated lives. That said, some of us here in the US have been waking up; it's just not fast enough. Surely we are approaching a precipice of some sort, a watershed event.