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Outcry Kills Anti-Protest Law in Arizona, But Troubling Trend Continues Nationwide


Outcry Kills Anti-Protest Law in Arizona, But Troubling Trend Continues Nationwide

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

An Arizona bill that sought to prosecute protest organizers like racketeers is officially dead after widespread outcry forced state lawmakers to put that effort to rest, marking a victory for the national resistance movement currently facing a rash of legislation aimed at stifling dissent.

Arizona House Speaker J.D. Mesnard announced late Monday that the bill, SB 1142, would not move forward in the legislature.


Get ready for a biggest ever head-on collision between the people and the government. It's been coming for a long time.


Common Dreams should perhaps look at the type of police-state legislation being passed in other western democracies. A City Council in the UK has been attempting to get listening devices linked to CCTV cameras, now ubiquitous in the UK. An Australian State government not long ago attempted an anti-protest bill, although they didn't go as far as allowing car and truck drivers to kill protesters.

Since the Twin Towers event, all western democracies have been bringing in, with minimum objection from opposition parties and the people themselves, the type of laws that are recognised in the USA as infringing the USA's Constitution and USAian constitutional rights, .I really wonder why we bothered fighting Hitler and objected to Joe Stalin in following years.


I too would like to see more articles on police-state legislation being developed in other nations in pursuit of the american example.

Obviously, the objections to Hitler and Stalin had nothing to do with human rights, freedom or democracy. Rather, the objections were over who could monopolize over the economy and who had primary access to resources, in my opinion anyway. It appears we really haven't advanced very far from the Dark Ages where the standard protocol was "wealth is for those with the power to take it" and that meant using the military to take. When playing by the rules of the freemarket doesn't produce the desired results, then call in the military and just take it- or so it appears to me how things continue to be done.

A long distant relative of mine in Scotland wrote to me, "these are mad, mad times we are living in." She does a lot of missionary work in Africa and KNOWS!


The post-WW2 period was followed in the UK by a solid attempt to bring in social democracy and it lasted until maggoted by Thatcher beginning in 1979, with the attendant greed-is-good philosophy that goes by the odd name of neoliberalism. The derivation of the word Tory is from the Gaelic Thoraid or Thoreaid, meaning thief. Neoliberalism is a kind euphemism for the word "tory" or words" tory ideology". There is no such thing as a "free market"; those who haven't got the capital or high enough income are certainly not able to play the game called " :free market" and "enterprise bargaining". So now it is back to feudalism, corporate style.


Thank you for the background on the word "Tory". I will try to remember that.
Republicans here in the states hate it when I point out to them that they are basically modern day versions of Tories. If a person hates what they are then they should stop being that.... Some people really hate mirrors; its too much reality for them.


I believe "whigamore" is some Scots-derived word meaning "cattle-driver", or perhaps cattle-thief.

Hence the Tories and the Whigs..


The description under the name of your online publication says it’s for progressive society. Doesn’t it occur to you that progressive is another name for socialism which is what Hitler used in Nazi Germany? This sort of legal tactic of seizing your property under rioting and so-called free speech would be right up the alley of socialism so how can you, in good faith, decry this bill given that fact alone? It’s nonsense! If you’re for socialism, since that’s what progressivism is why are you upset when socialism starts taking hold in the form of legislation. After all your own group is advocating more of the same!