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Outcry Swells After Military Threatens to Punish Chelsea Manning 'Essentially for Living'


Outcry Swells After Military Threatens to Punish Chelsea Manning 'Essentially for Living'

Nika Knight, staff writer

Since news emerged last week that imprisoned whistleblower Chelsea Manning is facing new criminal charges and further punishment from the U.S. Army for attempting suicide, public outcry has been swift.


All governments are serial killers.


The contemptible tenure of the Great Progressive Fraud, Barack Obama, is condensed and represented in the hideous treatment of Chelsea Manning!


This is what Democracy looks like?


My heart just breaks for her. She was only trying to do the RIGHT AND MORAL thing -- and look what she gets. While lying criminal Hillary walks around in heels laughing.


Military courts are Kangaroo courts ( no offense to Kangaroos), Chelsea's crime, passing documents to Wikileaks. One, the U.S. Apache helicopter's massacre of innocent civilian lives. The Apache helicopter crew laughed as they murdered innocent people in Baghdad that day. The murderers walk free, while Chelsea who exposes a massacre gets 35 years hard penitentiary time in brutal Leavenworth Prison. Obama lets the Bush, Cheney butchers, mass murderers walk free, while Chelsea does the time. Fuck No! Chelsea we love you, with all are hearts, and souls!


Let her go. She served an important pubic duty and is a political prisoner!


Don't worry, Trump will free her.

Don't worry, Clinton will free her.

Don't worry, Obama will free her.


That she did a public duty against Corporate Governance, unfortunately that seals her fate as a political prisoner.


I'll be voting for Jill Stein, who actually would free her.


You and me both.


My comment connected to one of the websites petitioning for leniency: Release this heroine and put bush-dark in her place b/c HE IS THE REAL CRIMINAL!


I really wish that the media would stop using that old stock selfie photo of the then-still-Bradley Manning with a blond wig. If there are no recent photos of her available, then don't use a photo in the story at all.


Just to be redundant, "How's that change thing working out, Mr. President O?"
Having a moral compass was never Obama's strong suite. Being owned body and soul as a front for the likes of Penny Pritzker and her ilk means you are a well presented front for the unseen powers behind the cameras and that you speak the public script but follow the real script, with no connection even remotely visible.


Oh there'll be change alright. All will be Chelsea when Obama's NDAA fires up its engines.
Ingeniously sadistic prison system; someone attempts suicide and the response - solitary. That should remedy the problem.


Yes, when we see a man who has the intellect to understand the rightness of the actions of Chelsea Manning in providing essential information to The American people, and who must be able to appreciate the courage it took to do so, it goes against the humanity of a man to allow the torturous punishment that has taken almost everything away from Chelsea Manning. Obama has the power to relieve the extreme suffering she continues to undergo and the power to relieve the suffering of the remaining Guantanamo prisoners. I would collapse with guilt if I were in his place. When he interacts with his wife and daughters how can he not use his Presidential power to reunite these prisoners of conscience and circumstances with their own families? It is either sadistic or a man playing political games with people's lives. Either way, it is unconscionable.


Chelsea is being held up, for all who care to see, as a living example of what awaits any of us who Really Get in the Way.

Abandon Hope All Who Enter Here.


I'm trying to remember. I think it was England a century or so ago that attempted suicide was a capital crime.
* So, if you tried it and failed, the government would do it for you, with a rope.
* In these "enlightened" times, Chelsea is just condemned to live without hope or even small joys, for year after solitary year. Even Himmler would be impressed by the new Reich.
Note: I just Googled the question. There seems to be some question as to whether the crime of attempted suicide was a capital crime at the time, or just got one imprisoned for a long time. In 1961 the law was changed in England, but as we can see, it is definitely in force in Fourth Reich military prisons.


Sooooo true! Amerika is a military dictatorship posing as a democracy.


I love what America says it stands for: but I detest what the American Government has been doing to it's good citizens, like Chelsea Manning!