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Outlets Denounced as ‘Enemies of People’ Still Promote Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Narratives

Outlets Denounced as ‘Enemies of People’ Still Promote Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Narratives

Joshua Cho

If you keep up with all the various xenophobic “crises” and “threats” propagated by corporate media—depicting the United States as an overwhelmed nation, besieged by teeming swarms of scheming foreigners intent on stealing jobs and seizing scarce public benefits from across the southern border—you’ll recall that the United States has apparently been under “invasion” for years now.

So Mr. Cho, are you calling Kevin McAleenan a liar? Do you have evidence or any reputable source proving that 76,000 undocumented border crossers did NOT arrive in ONE MONTH?
I have friends in South America who desperately want to cme to America. I know MANY Mexican Americans both legal and illegally residing here. They will not return to Mexico (Guatemala, Columbia, Argentine etc etc fill in the blank)
Lets stop being naïve about the southern border. Let’s come up with a plan. There are 12 million undcumented migrants in America, do we need more? There are perhaps millions of homeless. Should not we focus on their needs before granting asylum and econmc migration?

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Cho sez:
“These reports by the Post and the Times mention a growing backlog of over 800,000 immigration cases judges need to “decide quickly,” and an insufficient number of prisons to detain families …”

Ah. Pity there are no private incarceration corporations willing to invest in Congresspersons in exchange for hefty federal contracts.


I’m quite familiar with the NY Times and the NPR reporting, both are consistently very pro-immigration and cherry picking one or two headlines is completely misleading and unfair. American workers displaced by immigrants or unable to find a job are the ones with no voice.

Okay, I’ll do it. First, I’m am an unabashed leftist. I’m also VERY familiar with the various aspects of human nature and the fact that the overwhelming majority of human beings are self-serving, self-interested, and in many cases, narcissistic. It is a fact that many newly minted U.S. citizens are often the first in line to refuse entry to ‘more’ immigrants. It is a fact that conservatives come from all walks of life, all nationalities, all races, including immigrants.

The fact remains that approximately only 10% of us have a high level of empathy and consider the needs of the majority to be more important that the needs of the few. Most people just outright don’t give a rat’s ass about the needs of anyone else and this fact does not change based on where we are born.

I’ll admit that I tire of being ethical, honest and caring while I am constantly screwed in my life by the class war and by the selfish actions of those with power. I tire of watching people act against their own interest and by extension, the interest of myself and my family.

A recent article depicts a woman attempting to come to America, not because of some intrinsic ethical care about the society or a desire to affect change, but for a purely self-serving reason: to attempt to get medical care for free. Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with this motivation, however, I will not allow myself to be swept away by media depictions who promote the idea that an immigrant is somehow more ‘pure’ or more ‘ethical’ and driven solely by fear of this or that. That is absolute hogwash and liberal nonsense (again, I’m a leftist, not a ‘liberal’).

Until we can rid ourselves of the absolute shit-show that is the current administration and the two corrupt political parties, we DO have a class war going on and there is a FINITE level of funding for social programs in this country, which is likely to become even more destitute after the hatchet attack by the Republicans in Congress. We should, as a matter of fact, be aware of the limits of these resources and we should limit the number of people that will draw from the limited resources. AGAIN, I remind everyone that human beings are basically just horrible. I say that with a great sadness. There is hope in the fact that when leadership exists that behaves in an ethical manner, the people tend to follow suit and we can hope that we can see fit to elect such a leader in the next election. At that time, I will hope to see a renewed interest in helping each other, and ensuring the needs of the many outweigh personal selfishness, and I hope this will result in increased social funding and then we can see to helping more human beings.

I guess you need to work on your reading comprehension skills. It really doesn’t matter if 76,000 or 760,000 people arrived at the border seeking asylum. This is something they are entitled to do as a matter of law.

You have it backwards. It’s not whether we need them, it’s whether they need us. That’s what the asylum concept is all about.

This is a false dichotomy. We should focus on both. Perhaps you’re incapable of multi-tasking, but America is not.


Few, if any, American workers are displaced by immigrants. Perhaps those that are suffer from an unwillingness to work as hard.

Strained, at times

But hardly strange bedfellows

McAleenan’s wife is an immigrant from El Salvador. His mother is from Finland. How soon the forget where they came from. I’ve got mine and FU.

It depends on what field you are in. If your specialty was masanory construction at some period pre 2000 you could make a pretty good living and sure you didn’t work as hard or maybe not even as well as the immigrants who replaced you which they absolutely did in many parts of the country.

If we are concerned about other people shouldn’t we be working hard to make their life over there better? (Instead of screwing them over which one m fully aware we’ve done forever and continue to do).

I realize their are legal obligations for asylum that we can’t shirk. We should still look at additional solutions that would help more people. Not all of Guatemala or any other country can come here. I feel bad for the people stuck there too.

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Massive worldwide migration is coming and the US can either prepare for it rationally or build inane walls that they falsely thing they can hide behind.