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Outlining Key Demands, Vision For Black Lives Calls for Complete System Change


Outlining Key Demands, Vision For Black Lives Calls for Complete System Change

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

More than 50 organizations representing people of color across the United States on Monday put forth what they say is their "shared vision of the world we want to live in," in the form of a comprehensive policy document that calls for nothing short of "a complete transformation of the current system."


Policy looks good, but I don't see anything about reforming police processes, like national standards, which I've heard are needed.


What part of national standards goes with community policing? The idea of a strong federal gov't is anathema to neighborhoods and communities controlling The Police State. Who really wants the FBI, DEA, ATF and Homeland Security Adm., as currently constructed and run, coming into their cities and states? We know they're politically motivated federal organs of a corrupted and bought Federal System. I applaud all the 50 groups who came together in solidarity, with a solid political and economic platform. Stay Clear, Stay Strong, Stay Clean, Vote Green.


Im not sure, something about quality standards and how specific information is collected, to measure what's happening at each precinct. Not more law enforcement, but better policy and standards, sorry I don't have more details, but I think this guy wrote a book about it.


The great thing about " small is beautiful" could be used to build neighborhoods and communities where police depts. don't have swat teams, hyper- weaponized special units or even cops with handguns. And, the poor and people of colour are not pre-screened by Uncle and Auntie Honky and Cracker Realty & Property Mgmt, LLC. Communities should be given tax credits and cash back assistance when they don't accept over-priced high tech killing machines, and not vice versa. If we don't want them, why the hell should we have to pay for them? And, notice, I've mentioned anything about restricting gun rights.


Stein/Turner 2016


How about Turner leading the Green Party ticket with Stein as Surgeon General ?


I'm down. When Black folks achieve these goals, every community will benefit. I was happy to endorse it.


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