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Outlook is Sunny: Solar Energy On Track for Its Best Year Ever


Outlook is Sunny: Solar Energy On Track for Its Best Year Ever

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. solar market is poised to have its best year in history, according to new statistics released Wednesday by GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

The record-breaking numbers show that 30 percent of all new electric generating capacity "brought on-line" in the first three quarters of the year was from solar energy, and more than half of U.S. states have installed more than 50 megawatts (MW) of solar photovoltaic (PV) cells.


In short >>> Yay!!!

So there is real hope isn't there?

Yes there is.

Now if we had a president who considers climate change the most important issue confronting humanity ... just think of what we could actually accomplish!

Go Bernie... here comes the sun!


And if we had citizens who had the same conviction, they would replace their electric hot water heaters with solar collectors, they would place solar panels on their roof, they would drive an electric car, and they would become vegetarians. Then it would not matter who the president was. We do not need presidential permission to behave in a responsible manner. And yes, I will be voting for Bernie Sanders in the Florida primary and in the general election if he makes it that far.


lol... so you felt the need to tell me that about voting...lol :grinning: Well we agree there...lol

With all due respect, I do not disagree with your position about persecuting vegetables. I was a strict vegan (no meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, white sugar/white flour, no pesticides or preservatives for three years back when health food stores were rare and mostly seventh day adventist or weight lifter stuff.

It is not whether people should do what you suggest but actually how long it would take to accomplish it in the short time remaining before climate change becomes catastrophic. Eventually over population will reduce meat eating in the Asian model. The Japanese eat meat but it is very expensive so they eat much less for example.

I just think that we need to focus on priorities of survival in the next twenty years or so. We could do what we need to do and ensure that we could have a great future where your ideas could sprout (which is of course logical and more healthy) but first things first...we need solar and wind in huge amounts over the next twenty years... accomplish that and much greater things are possible... even to getting people to eat less meat world wide.

People can't be forced to do things but in an oligarchic world they actually are forced by a lack of knowledge and opportunity. Witness efforts by oligarchy to prevent GMO labeling etc.

Bernie opens the door on a better way forwards and large numbers of people will follow including you and me. We will have a different political climate in government with a Sanders administration...


Without community control, we'll be at risk for a severe case of sunburn.


In short... don't believe everything you read. If people want to be stupid they will be. The sun isn't hotter nor the Earth in some other orbit... what more can be said about that?

There should be another billboard that reads Seven Billion people produce a lot of pollution and use a lot of oil. To pretend that seven billion people have had no effect on the environment over the last century is insane...

... or really stupid!


I think we need to get a new sun. This one seems to be malfunctioning.

I suggest using regular shipping rates because overnight delivery of a new sun will probably be prohibitive.


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Now imagine you are back in 1900 and do the same style of calculation for the the future 2015 USAian economy based on petroleum products. How many square miles of refineries, petrol-stations etc etc need to be built, concrete to be mined, steel to be smelted etc to save us from killing whales for lamp oil?

As for the law of unintended consequences, calculate also the greenhouse gases that would come from the world using petroleum products and coal to power itself..............I'd rather have fog.


And your point is????


Yup that is an ENORMOUS problem, having all that free renewable energy striking the country!

Oh my!! I see what you mean about an enormous problem!! All that energy and we have to make ONE HUGE SOLAR PANEL to capture it!! Thank you for letting us know that things "can't be taken at face value".

Oh god!! Look how inefficient solar panels are!! You know, let's just scrap the idea of using solar energy. I mean, its not 100% efficient, so why bother!!

Oh god, thank you for your kindness in letting us assume 40% efficiency! Even though I still don't see the point, since its less than 100% efficient.

Well, sorry Rhode Island. If we want to power the country with solar energy, you'll just have to be in the shade permanently from now on!

Oh my god!! No, please tell me you are joking!! [actually he is joking, the sun does shine 24 hours per day.]

Again, you hit me with these terrible revelations!! We receive less energy at different times of the year??? No, say it ain't so!!!

My hats off to coal, gas and nuclear!! They are hard workers, all of them!!

Imagine that!

Goodbye sunbathing in Connecticut, but we're just gonna have to put this country's ONE HUGE Solar panel over Connecticut, I guess. But its for the good of the country, so I think they would be willing to make the sacrifice, especially because that state I believe has a lot of those damn liberals who believe in nonsense like global warming.

Hmm, that would mean to power a 60 watt light bulb for the entire life of the solar panel would cost $36! That would mean if you used the light bulb 5 hours every day for 25 years, you would have to spend .08¢ per day to keep that light bulb burning!! Oh my god, that's too much!!!

I thought it was $.60.


Thank you!!

GEEZUS!! I mean, I thought saving the planet from burning up from global warming was going to be like falling off a log!! You mean we're gonna have to pay money?? Real money?? That sucks!!

Facepalm!! Damn, you are right!! I keep forgetting, the sun doesn't shine 24 hours a day!! How could I forget that!!

Sure damn straight you are!! After all, if we want to go with solar power, that means all other forms of energy can just take a hike!! And of course we have to do it with one huge solar panel covering the state of Connecticut.

Well of course not!! I mean, there are rumors of using molten salts, compressed air, hydrogen generation, batteries, flywheels, stuff like that, but that's all just a rumor and we can ignore all that, because after all we'll have to do it ALL AT ONCE connected up to our ONE HUGE SOLAR PANEL over the state of Connecticut.

Ah yes, pumped storage!! How could I have forgotten the only technologically feasible method out there.

Damn, you make such an irrefutable argument there. We can only use pumped storage, and we could only do it by pumping the water up into a reservoir 1/3 the size of Lake Tahoe every day!! How can anyone argue with that???

Oh my, all those loses from carrying the electricity from the Southwest to Maine, sigh!! Can't do that. Oh wait a minute, I thought it was gonna be over Connecticut?

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen! Is there any question that solar power is just not for us here in the good ole USA!!



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Cookies you have lost it.Your figures are not accurate and they are way too simplistic to have any validity. You are ignoring so many factors that you have spread disinformation not truth. Worse you put this out there and then SAY NOTHING about what people should do in the face of climate change. What is with you?

But in any case ... about the figures you cite (without references as to their accuracy). What is the total amount of roof top space available or even just that is suitable for solar panels? You are talking about home solar but never mentioned how much actual roof area was involved.

What about solar furnace plants which are more efficient and cheaper than coal fired plants? And storage? Try storing the heat generated not first converting it into steam and then electricity so as to use gravity. I mean yes that works but is pretty old school and limited. Did you factor in the amount of energy produced by dams or geothermal or wind power and tidal turbine power?

You talked only of simplistic home solar panels as if to convince people that solar won't work. Meanwhile do you analyze Denmark's projected to go 100% wind and solar by 2050. How could that be Cookies?

You brush off the southwest ...sigh. Try taking a map of the USA or better yet one of those kiddie jigsaw maps where each state is a single piece. Look at how tiny the Rhode Island piece is compared to the rest of the country. Now cut up that tiny piece into fifty pieces. one for each state. Each is really really tiny. Now cut each of those new fifty pieces into say a few thousand mini pieces and spread them out across the whole map? Suddenly Rhode Island is pretty small when divided into fifty pieces.

Better yet, now cut up those fifty pieces into as many minuscule sized pieces as would each represent a roof top where solar could be installed across the whole USA. You'd have near microscopic sized millions of pieces!

How big is the area of Rhode Island looking now?


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Yes I am. I don't know who these people are but their information is bogus. I keep track of MIT's solar developments and elsewhere and great things are in the works. Flexible solar, thin film solar, wearable solar cloth, spray on solar paint.

Moreover they tried pulling a fast one with limiting their discussion to home solar panels. Solar furnace power plants are in operation right now in the south west and elsewhere. They are more efficient than coal powered plants. They store the heat for use during the night time. The plants run 24/7 rain or shine (better when not cloudy of course.

Even using their metrics, they are conning people with how they view home solar. Yes twenty years ago much of what they said would be valid but a lot of things have changed. Solar has moved on to new solar. Technology changes fast like cell phone use. It went from a few people having cell phones and a decade later EVERYBODY having them. Ten years. Same thing is happening to solar and wind. look at a map and imagine Rhode Island divided into enough tiny pieces to put solar on rooftops across the country. You'd never notice something like that. yet look at how they made it sound like that was a immense amount of land area.

There is a site you might like which is very informative about stuff written for the regular person not the scientist. Science Daily.com. Cool stuff about everything interesting in science for lay people, health, society, space, real science stuff lol ...everything. Kind of stuff from peer reviewed sites, universities etc but written in a summarized news item style. Kind of place that makes even me sound like I know what I am talking about... lol.


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I have solar panels on my little cabin in the woods. I am off grid. it works. in the summer I have more electricity than I can use. I'm not rich. my neighbor helped me do the wiring. now that I know how I realize how very uncomplicated it actually is. this time of year the watts get skimpy so I count them and use LED lights and so on.

about meat. cows that eat grass that grows in regenerative organic soil are healthy to eat and healthy for the air. it's not a matter of feed lot meat or no meat. eat grass finished. put monsanto out of business.


My Aunt Celia and Uncle Tom had an electrified farm in Saskatchewan in 1935. There was no grid.
A windmill charged the storage batteries kept in the little room off the kitchen.
You get less of what you tax and more of what you subsidize.
The tax systems should be rearranged so that depletion allowances for oil would disappear and wind and solar power would increase until it would nearly carry the load. Weather is variable and we need flexibility.
Keep the oil and tar in the ground for use where stored electricity id not possible, as in aeroplanes.
The world needs more positive green lights and fewer negative red light people,