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Outnumbered Over Jerusalem, Haley Tells World That US Will Be "Taking Names" During UN Vote


Outnumbered Over Jerusalem, Haley Tells World That US Will Be "Taking Names" During UN Vote

Julia Conley, staff writer

"Trump regime exposes contempt for democracy through its threats against those who dare resist its thuggish demands at the UN."


There seems no end to our embarrassment at the hands of this regime. We do not own the UN, djt is not a member of that body, and djt does not speak for me “personally.”


They just keep painting targets on Americas back.


Atta girl, you stupid skirt who makes women of integrity cringe…threaten other nations including our allies. Sheldon Adelson will soon be calling you for a dinner date in Paris, which I am sure you would be tickled pink to accept with a caveat that “all expenses will be paid.”


This female is a “diplomat”?


Spelled diploma with a ‘t’ for an anatomical part (just pick one or two or three). NH is a college graduate with a diploma (Clemson), after all. She and Ivanka are peas in a pod…both having been raised in the clothing (exotic included) retail business as well as attending expensive, exclusive private schools K-12. Neither learned much in an academic setting obviously but they know their way around a department store. As for diplomacy, clueless but have a knack for selling/shilling customers (so they think).


Gee, Mrs. Haley, please don’t call my folks. They’ll be super mad at me for not taking your side.
For crying outloud, who do these people think they are? “The US will be taking names.” So what? What are you going to do? Make them write “The US is right” 100 times? Make them stay after school? Write an apology letter? For Christ’s sake, of you can’t act like an intelligent human being, then shut up and find another line of work. “…taking names.” Get that from some movie, did you?


The USA is beyond contempt for the rest of the world. Why the world doesn’t step up and BDS the USA is beyond my comprehension. The only thing the USA responds to is money, money, money. Shut down the drug of choice for the USA and let it begin its withdrawal process. What a great gift that would be for the future of life on earth.


She forgot the first part of that sentence: “Kicking Axx and taking names,” but she is a “lady” from the South, after all. Ugh!


Nothing says ROGUE NATION more than Haley’s comment about “taking names”.

Lets hope none of the US’ historic allies appease Trump and the hit men he appoints (in this case hit woman Haley). We saw what happened when UK Prime Minister Chamberlain appeased Hitler.


It is a pretty hard decision to make considering that the U.S. has bases all around the world waiting for the slightest chance to “liberate” such countries should they go against the U.S. hegemony.


In the end the only countries that will end up supporting the U.S. will be other totalitarian regimes, such as Israel and Saudi Arabia.


so the u$a bombs 800 countries and now who will buy the few products (food) that the country exports. Come on can you really see this country bombing the French, Spanish, British and etc ! I agree with Holygeezer in not being able to understand why the rest of the world refuses to speak against the stupidity of this empire.


Fine I admit I am probably wrong. It probably has more to do with financial reasons. Though if that is the case than there is a consolation in the fact that as the dollar devalues the more the rest of the world will come to see the U.S. as a liability. Still it is concerning thinking what the U.S. empire will do in its death throes.


We might be due for another world wide depression?


Maybe Trump is smarter than what readers here imagine: he knows - and hopes - that a majority would vote against moving the embassy to Jerusalem , but pretends he’s for moving because he needs continued contributions from rightwing Jewish groups.


The Diversity’s have it right, just put women in power and all is well. This person is running for President on the F train. She is Trump with a skirt. Look out.


Deja vu. George Bush said either you are with us or against us (and with the terrorists). And other stupid statements about the coalition of the willing to invade Iraq. And if you don’t go along with us we will stop eating French Fries and instead eat American Fries. Stupid stupid stupid. And tragic.


In the interest of brevity I hope that the lunatic Haley will be taking the handful of names that actually support the rogue US on this. It would save an awful lot of paper.


First of all, this isn’t the only administration to use this strategy.

That said, this is the only administration to do it so hamhandedly.

On the bright side, I hope that the US becomes more internationally isolated, because, boy, do we ever deserve it.