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Outpouring of Grief After Missing Mexican Monarch Butterfly Defender Homero Gómez González Found Dead

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/30/outpouring-grief-after-missing-mexican-monarch-butterfly-defender-homero-gomez


My heart breaks for those who defend the environment and lose their lives to money, greed, and stupid people.


A terrible, very sad loss. His struggle and fight goes on with us. Very, very sad. But we must take his message and work to the front lines to save these beautiful and pollinating givers of life. RIP, Homero. Your struggle lives ON in all of us, as does your SPIRIT, and love for all life! We must avenge him through actions to save the butterflies.


so true, and so sad, which is why we MUST do something. His preserve is a great idea, we need many more at the very least to protect these creatures while taking further protective action.


How fragile the Monarch butterfly; how fragile their defenders.


That photo could almost be a photo of his crucifixion. His life has been sacrificed for the sake of saving the Monarch’s breeding grounds. There he is as if nailed to his cross. A brave man who knew full well what danger he faced. Our world like his life and the lives of future generations are being sacrificed to greed. This is so very sad that such terrible violence was done to a man who wanted only to save so delicate a creature as a butterfly. Yet another grim warning about the viciousness of greed. Our heroes need to be protected.


Please note:


Colonizing, claiming “ownership” over “resources,” stealing, killing, enslaving…

These did not “go away” at some mythical point where all that “bad stuff” was left “in the past.”

If we go to the front lines of “the economy” today, we find killing, stealing, mass murder, genocide, ecocide. This is how the “masters of the universe” get the fuel that makes this predatory, extractivist, colonizing, capitalist economy run. This is how they fuel their preposterous wealth.

And yes they sell us a bunch of stuff, they get us to “buy in” to their mass murderous, ecocidal, omnicidal system. DON’T BUY IT. Resist. Reduce “consumption” to ACTUAL necessities, not manufactured and marketed “needs” that we do not actually need.


I’m sure his unique communications with nature and especially the Monarch butterfly will be honored in his passing. Condolences to his family and all those he knew and loved.

Gómez González is his name.


The racist border wall foisted on the people by this odious regime goes directly thru The National Butterfly Center with zero concern for wildlife. People who fight against such mindless exploitation are also murdered to stop their activism!.
Many other species lives, migrations, health and safety are seriously threatened by the racist-in-chief and his mindless stupidity and contempt for The Natural World! - His border wall is another atrocity for personal benefit by the trumpenfuhrer!






One of my earliest memories of a child was games we would play in the spring.

Who would be the first to see a Crocus blooming. We would wander the pastures and hills around our home looking.

Who would be the first to see a Robin. They returned every spring and a sure sign that winter was ending.

Who would be the first to see a Monarch butterfly. The one who spotted it would rush to tell the others and we would all go to see.

All of these species are disappearing. Capitalism and the extractive economy will leave nothing behind for future generations but piles of money.

Hey farmer, farmer, put away the D.D.T
Give me spots on my apples but leave the birds and the bees, please
Don’t it always go to show
You never know what you got till it’s gone?
They paved paradise, they put up a parking lot.

Joni Mitchell


“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

― Upton Sinclair,

This can’t be fixed by rationale. It has to be crushed


Can you imagine if as many people cared about the death of Homero Gomez Gonzalez as Kobe Bryant?

I say this with disgust after days of 24/7 media coverage following K.B.'s death —including clips I caught from the Grammys.

There was Gary Clark Jr. expressing his “pain, anger, and dismay that developed from years of racial discrimination” singing his song “This Land” (good song btw) juxtaposed with tributes to Kobe Bryant.

Talk about crazy making.

And clear evidence about what is valued in this deeply pathological culture.

Thanks to Common Dreams for this piece.

Heartbreaking facts:
164 environmental activists around the world were murdered in 2018, and “countless more were silenced through violent attacks, arrests, death threats or lawsuits.” (ttps://www.globalwitness.org/en/campaigns/environmental-activists/enemies-state/)


You can’t do anything good but what some ignoramus will kill you for it.

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Well it’s not a universal axiom, but it is far too common a pattern.

Imagine the evil of it. Killing a man who was protecting a grove of trees so thousands of the Noblest of God’s insects, after flying for thousands of miles might rest in them there and complete itheir life cycle. May God have mercy on the killers.

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Of course this is not headline news anywhere cause eveyone is too busy sanctifying and mourning that dead rapist Kobe Bryant.

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Since the wintering place for monarchs is so small compared with the size of Mexico it is mind boggling that the greed of a small sector of the citizenry is so great. The Monarch isn’t the first loss of diversity due the human ignorance and greed and it sure as death isn’t going to be anywhere near the last.


Oh believe me the killers will receive mercy. They probably won’t even be identified much less apprehended.

Absolutely unacceptable, disturbing and immoral. Many self-serving humans only think of their monetary gains and they will do anything to accommodate and to “preserve” it. The survival of earth and its species depends on individuals who are warriors to protect it…And Homero Gonzalez was a true warrior and the fight for the survival of Monarchs and all other species created on this earth will be carried on by others. It will never die.


After reading this shocking story I contacted a friend , who advised that many of the ‘facts’ adduced in the story are highly debatable. Whether Homero Gonzalez was an environmentalist or a wealthy businessman actually engaged in illegal lumbering, with interests in more than one timber mill is a matter of dispute. I would advise deeper investigation of this story.
I post this information with no ulterior motives but considerably relieved, as a friend of both the Monarchs and the people of Mexico, to learn that this story might not be about an environmentalist’s martyrdom as a dispute amongst corrupt businessmen.