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Outrage After City of Ferguson Releases Racist Emails


Outrage After City of Ferguson Releases Racist Emails

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Emails sent and received by Ferguson's former court clerk as well as two former supervisors in the police department offer further evidence of the systemic racism that coursed through the city where black 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot dead by white police officer Darren Wilson last year.


“Why was Twitty fired, but Henke and Mudd were allowed to resign when they all three did essentially the same thing?”

Because she is a woman and a civilian, while they are male and were cops. Treating kings like commoners would be lèse majesté. Can’t have that – other commoners might start getting uppity.


These emails point to a much broader problem of course because they point to systemic racism in the entire country. That email by the twit reveals this.


I would urge people to download the DOJ report on Ferguson. Though this addresses a specific city, the matters noted also cite the precedents by which patterns of abuse are identified and called to accountability. The case of Ferguson, so heartbreakingly abusive, is something we can all learn from. The DOJ report is a painfully valuable teaching instrument that each of us should be aware of and have on file to reference.
Document, document, document, document.


Let’s get uppity I say!


You know what troubles me Old Goat–that way too many in the privileged-by-whiteness class will not give a damn about what this report reveals.


I would much rather see cops brought to account for gunning down unarmed black people, than I would to see someone louse their job for telling politically incorrect jokes.People shouldn’t tell these types of jokes, because they feed racism, and bigotry, but it is know crime to tell a bad joke. I find it much more disturbing that the government is spying on peoples personal and private correspondence, and than passing judgment on private chit chat.


Racism pollutes Ferguson as it does around the country. It must be fought.


A statistic. Since 1900 52 people died at the hands of the Police in the United Kingdom.

In March of 2015 in the United States of America 111 people were killed at the hands of the police. In a single month the Police killed more people in the USA then those British Police did in 115 years.

The Police in the UK deal with drugs and the mentally ill and people with knives and people with medical alert bracelets and people of Color yet seem able to do it without beating the suspects to death or shooting them down. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with the Police forces in the USA and at the top of the list is impunity for the murders they commit.

The issue at its heart is the SYSTEM itself which is reflected by those very emails. It a reflection of the “rulers” and “the ruled”


You are correct. It is no crime to tell a “bad joke”, racist or otherwise. Who has been charged with a crime?

According to the WaPo article, a large volume of the emails sent by these racist assholes were “work emails” i.e., emails being sent back and forth by these racist assholes on the public dime. A public that pays these racist assholes’ wages and salaries.

People granted the power of arrest, and the power of the gun over the public have to be held to a higher standard.

According to your argument, a police officer should be allowed to carry around a gun, have the power of arrest, and at the same time hold racist views of the community he/she serves.

That is what you deem politically correct. That is pathetic.


Racism is and has always been with us but it has been exacerbated once we elected a black president.


I don’t think it’s been exacerbated, I think it’s just getting more press.


Local elections in Ferguson are tomorrow (Tuesday). We shall see if the level of local outrage is enough to defeat the establishment officeholders and bring about real change.