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Outrage After Hillary Clinton Falsely Credits Nancy Reagan for AIDS 'Advocacy'


Outrage After Hillary Clinton Falsely Credits Nancy Reagan for AIDS 'Advocacy'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In an interview during Nancy Reagan's funeral on Friday, Hillary Clinton credited the former first lady and President Ronald Reagan with starting a "national conversation" on HIV and AIDS at a time when "no one wanted to talk about it."

"And, you know, that too is something that I really appreciate was her very effective but low-key advocacy," Clinton said, "but it penetrated the public conscience, and people began to say 'hey we have to do something about this too'."


During those years, my friend’s son contracted AIDS and died a horrific, slow, painful death that destroyed his parents. I will never forget that funeral.

Today, I vividly recall the Reagans doing and saying nothing about AIDS victims. Their silence, inaction, insensitivity, and intentional disregard were evil, unreal.

Clinton is several years older than me. So that means she’s either SENILE or a liar, just like her husband.

Forgetting how the Reagans reacted back then is like thinking JFK died from food poisoning.


One can only hope she keeps this up.


No, you’re just very ignorant, and obviously not “part of the national conversation.”


This is the kind of deceit we have come to expect from Hillary Clinton and the kind of ignorant and deeply bigoted presidency we got from Ronny Ray Gun and Nancy - no empathy for those suffering from HIV/AIDS from the person that would soon suffer visibly from Alzheimer’s. Misrepresenting and distorting the truth (often called lying) is par for Hillary’s course but this ignorant or intentional falsity is not acceptable!

Likewise unacceptable is Hillary still refusing to release her Goldman-Sachs speech transcripts! There must be smoking-guns in those speeches the Red Queen doesn’t want the voters to see!!


Clinton certainly pissed off millions of eligible voters that she’d love to claim as part of her “progressive base”…

Go Hillary! :relaxed:


Her handlers must be panicking about now…


Clinton is now competing with Trump and Cruz for the key “hateful bigot” vote…


You bet! One more “Michigan” in Bernie’s win column and the Red Queen could get really ugly…and I believe more such victories for Bernie are coming! Keep the faith!


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“Keep the faith!”

Well said, and Thanks!, Emphyrio.

And the donations.


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While bravely dodging sniper bullets in Kosovo and soldiering on, penniless, as she walks away from the White House at the end of Clinton I.


HRC or one of her staffers must have watched the PBS Newshour broadcast on March 7 wherein James Rosebush, Nancy Reagan’s White House chief of staff unabashedly extolled the virtues of his former employer, Nancy Reagan…a post-demise attempt to beatify NR…including his assertion that it was Nancy Reagan that urged RR to address the growing issue of AIDS in the US, which Rosebush went on to say that it was NR’s urging that finally prompted RR to acknowledge the severity of the crisis. But not enough for him to take any substantive action during either of his terms.

Shame on you, HRC. NR was no saint…just ask her step and birth children. Or, better yet, have your staffers do a more thorough investigative research on the deceased before making unsubstantiated statements to make nicey-nicey at the memorial service.


On your way to a Trump rally?

Don’t forget to strut like a real man so no one thinks you’re gay.


We’ve worried about endangered snails while the human race is being turned into just that. We have been coerced into accepting as “normal” that which defies reality. That’s the way this train wreck has been heading.

If anyone made significant advances in the understanding and healing of AIDS it has been Louise L. Hay, who most have never heard of.


Are you giving lessons?


Neither Ron nor Nancy cared about AIDS victims. They said it was a “gay” disease. Diseases don’t have sexual orientations, people do. Ryan White of Kokomo Indiana got AIDS after a blood transfusion & was harassed by his neighborhood. He had to be home schooled. He had the disease until he died at the age of 18.