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Outrage After Trump Admin. Cancels Protected Status for 59,000 Haitian Refugees


Outrage After Trump Admin. Cancels Protected Status for 59,000 Haitian Refugees

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Critics called the decision "another example of the cruel indifference of the Trump administration and its continued efforts to abandon our country's history as a nation of immigrants."

TPS demonstration


Donald Trump was the candidate in 2016 that rallied support among the White Supremacist racists. Excuse me for noticing, but Haitian Refugees are usually non White. So this is Trump the White Supremacist making decisions. Yet another example of Trump being un presidential. He is the most horrific president I have ever seen in my lifetime.


Jebus X on a flaming stick! The republiCons are the most effed up bunch ever!
Blatant in your face racism.
We know that Twitler is an unlettered nincompoop, so who’s actually putting odious crap like this into policy?
I read some comments about this on Yay Hoo ‘news’ and many of them urpped up the welfare- foodstamp-using-Haitian-basic ignorant hate meme. Dumb and ugly racism ad nauseum.


If the Donald gets his way, the United States of America will lose all its color, and become an inbred cesspool of ignorant white Trumps.


For hundreds of years people have come here for safety and security, to be included. They, in the past, have found an out-stretched hand of help and of acceptance. That was the spirit of America, past tense. It is over. We are no longer that America. We are being reshaped into what? I haven’t a clue but it is ugly, it is mean and it kills people. Preserve the shared vision of what America once was, there will be a time when it can be reemployed and we can rejoin the community of Nations on this planet.

This program tells me I have already posted this comment before…what???


Well, there goes all the minimum wage domestic help at Trump Tower, Mal y Loco, and his golf resorts dotting the US as well as in the homes of many members of Congress and those of the Cabinet.

Cruel and inhumane does not even begin to describe this despicable action. May this evil tyrant and his henchmen pay dearly for their cruelty…here and abroad.

Imagine 59,000 people being expelled to an island still devastated from hurricanes and an earthquake where abject poverty, massive unemployment, no sanitation, no housing and all the resultant diseases (cholera, Zika virus, malaria, HIV, etc.) await them. The cost in human lives outweighs the cost to transport these poor souls back to Haedes on Earth.

Never in my days on Earth have I seen so much evil, cruelty, mean-spiritedness, and hatred of “the other” perpetrated by the president, his cabinet, Congress, and SCOTUS and I lived through the 1950’s and 60’s before the Civil and Voting Rights Acts were implemented. Paying trillion$$$ for permanent war around the globe yet we cannot provide universal health care, shore up our infrastructure, provide free education K-Graduate school, give housing/food and sustenance for the sake of the elderly, or provide safety and sanctuary for refugees seeking better lives for themselves and their families. …Refugees as a result of US military action whether overt or covert year-in and year-out. The beast is being fed and is grossly obese (MIC, Hallilburton, Boeing, Northup-Grumman, Lockheed-Martin, Exxon-Mobil, BP, Chevron, Shell, etc.all that feast on war).


Thank you for saying what I cannot.


A good summarization of the picture. We know that the problems can be solved, the money is there - but the power elite always have excuses. Just like our current massive homeless crisis. Much of it is happening because of the defunding of HUD starting in the Reagan era and it has caused a massive erosion of the housing stock for over 30 years. Of course - a massive military build up with unlimited funding in the same period. I do not and never have supported these policies which cause so much damage. I have not supported the candidates of the neo-cons but it seems like so many americans have. We are a sick country with few great leaders. Our politicians are - for the most part - fundamentally corrupt and unresponsive to the needs to the people. There has been an attack on the middle class and poor in this country. We have the money for a border wall but not for helping the Haitians, the homeless or others. This is a nation in crisis and we desperately need the kind of leadership we had with MLK and Malcolm X.


I am proud of this tweet by my Democratic Senator!


“Make America Great Again” was a “dog whistle” from the start. It was understood by his base as:
“Make America White Again”


Thank you, ST, for posting what you obviously feel so strongly. I also feel the same, and yes it is worse than the worst of the Fifties and Sixties. It’s okay to feel strong emotion about what is happening. Calm and reasoned debate will not work with these people!


May all Haitians cast Voodoo spells on this administration that will do them in. Goddamned Donald Trump has never done ANYTHING constructive or compassionate for America or its neighbors. He is a shit-head, and millions hate him.


I really hate to have to break the truth to you guys, but I live in Massachusetts, where are thousands of Haitians. I am not prejudiced, but even my black friends hate the Haitians. Most of the immigrants who come to this country – the irish, polish, italian, jewish, mexican, japanese, etc. all contribute something good to our society and have also worked very hard not only at their jobs, but worked hard to fit in. The Haitians are the only group of people who do NOT do that. Most of them have little to no education, and are putting a burden on our society because they are getting free housing, welfare, foodstamps, etc. which take from American-born poor and working-class people; not mentioning the fact that you can smell a Haitian person (mostly the men) from 1/2 mile away (no lie). Here in Massachusetts, in the city of Boston (our capitol) there is a “Haitian Coalition” in a State Building which helps provide things for Haitian people. I don’t feel that they deserve this special treatment. No other minority group gets that. I don’t think that these mostly rude and uneducated people deserve to be here. I would much rather we take in Syrian refugees, whose children are dying on a daily basis. I’m sorry, but I am just speaking the truth. By the way, how many of you posters actually have to deal with Haitians on a daily basis? I don’t think many of you do, or you would feel differently.


American cannot solve everyone else’s problems. There are many other people who should be coming to America like the Syrians, for example, or more hard-working Mexicans and Latinos.


Julie, I’m sure you don’t mean to, but you sound just like the Southerners of my childhood talking about African Americans in 1950.


I disagree with your comparison to that poster. She states she has black friends but gives viable reasons, IMO, to dislike the majority of Haitians.


Sorry, but that’s exactly who she sounds like.