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Outrage After Trump, Advancing "Alarming Desire to Sow Chaos Abroad," Uses Loophole to Send US Bombs to Saudis

Outrage After Trump, Advancing "Alarming Desire to Sow Chaos Abroad," Uses Loophole to Send US Bombs to Saudis

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A Yemeni boy rides a bike on rubble of houses destroyed in a recent airstrike carried out by warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition, on May 23, 2019 in Sana'a, Yemen. (Photo: Mohammed Hamoud/Getty Images)


I guess it’s OK to bomb the sh*t out of Gaza with our bombs but in Yemen this doesn’t “align with our country’s (situational) values.”


The US ‘elite’ has blood on their hands. They are by definition Serial Killers. Amerika has been at war 222 out of 243 years. That adds up…


A less than normal number of responses here is a measure of how distressing this article is: four at the time of my positing of this one.


It might be a sign of Memorial Day Weekend, or Trump fatigue


This moral monster, Trump, Inc., ignores the real emergency of ecological collapse and nuclear winter but instead fabricates one with phantom enemies in Iran. His “pro-life” position does not compute when it comes to non white children in Yemen and all to sell military hardware. This is profoundly evil.


This thread just went up, and people are away from home on this holiday long weekend. Weekends are typically slow here anyway. There isn’t much to add to the scourge of the tyrump era at this point. It’s all bad.
Oh, and bombs are money, money, money.


Mr. Murphy you are correct, but what do expect? From my perspective, America has not been a democracy since your previous, colleagues in Congress, abdicated their power to declare wars a long time ago in 1950. The Trump administration is just the egregious result of the treason by Congress to allow Amerika, especially in it’s world wide war policies…to become a military, dictatorship!


most of what trump inc etc do is evil, immoral and stupid!

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Ooh, congress is tweeting disapproval. That’ll show him.

So, I’m guessing this “emergency” legally overrides whatever Rep. Defazio was talking about when I wrote him in February about Yemen, and stopping U.S. contributions to Saudi atrocities. He wrote back he was totally on board with that (I have no evidence of that besides his word). He elaborated that there is a “provision mandating that the Secretary of State certify that the governments of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are undertaking demonstrable actions to reduce the risk of harm to civilians. If the Secretary cannot make this certification, U.S. Armed Forces must withdraw from all hostilities.”

He continued:

“Last September, Secretary Pompeo certified Saudi and Emirati compliance with reducing civilian causalities despite reports that his own regional and military experts overwhelmingly recommended that the State Department reject certification “due to a lack of progress on mitigating civilian casualties.”"

So I wrote him back and asked why not impeach Trump for condoning Pompeo’s falsification of Saudi and Emirati compliance with reducing civilian causalities. He has not replied.

I think congress can still impeach Trump for frivolous use of “emergency” rules if they wanted to. I think they’ve made it abundantly clear they don’t want to do their duty of oversight.


Whether its trump regime (or its co-conspirator war-criminals) atrocities in Yemen, the Occupied Territories, financial and threatened war against Iran and Persian people, Venezuela/Cuba, our southern border, at-risk, poor and threatened Americans, Mother Earth and Her creatures, Gaia and MMGW, or any of the other neo-fascist crimes and outrages, including lauding/supporting the most evil foreign leaders/dictators, this malignant criminal cretin adopts or involves the US (as did “kinder and gentler” previous presidents of BOTH parties!) in crimes against humanity. The trumpenfuhrer should - must - be challenged, prosecuted and imprisoned for those and numerous other crimes, but he evades justice - so-far!.

The mentally diseased and delusional “very stable genius” and all his appointees, advisers, and Cabinet have zero regard for TRUTH, the Constitution or Bill of Rights, and are a clear and present danger to America and all life on Earth. The failure of our bought-and-paid-for media, elected reps, foreign “leaders”, International Organizations, and ordinary people to see the threats and crimes for what they are and speak-out against them is a great part of the problem.

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing" Albert Einstein

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good (people) to do nothing ”― Edmund Burke

Silence IS complicity! We are surrounded by those who “look-on and do nothing” in this wage-slave world of fluff, diversions and financial usury, that are in fact designed to help accomplish that failure of moral compass!

“We have met the enemy, and he is us”!


"…greatest purveyor of violence in the world today: my own government."
Martin Luther King, Jr.


Why is this steaming turd still in the Oval Office!? My hypertension literally can’t take much more of this administration.

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“Outrage”…That’s a good one. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

In this Pusillanimous congregation of sniveling cowards, a whimper so faint it cannot be heard by a dog counts as “Outrage”. While crying children are ripped from their mothers arms in your own back yard, while illegal wars of terror rage globally in your name and with your massive financial backing, As you children’s futures become an impossible nightmare of death, disease poverty war and ecological devastation - one little article, with a picture of someone who carried a cardboard sign for an hour or so is titled, “Outrage”. No wonder were in so much fucking trouble.


the orange man is simply carrying out what the majority of congress and the senate want. this was going on long before he was “elected”. Think it’s time yet to start impeachment Nancy? I doubt it.

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As I have repeatedly said the Orange Pustule is a clear and present danger to the U.S. AND the world. He will only get more belligerent as a result of the scum like Miller, and Pompeo and their revolting ilk who advise him and as his malignant narcissism and egomania get worse. We ARE being primed for war with Iran and Venezuela and Trumpo the Klown is playing his idiot supporters like the suckers they are with his media shills along for the ride. I noticed that after his childish rant about Pelosi and his walking out of the infrastructure meeting he obviously wasn’t prepared for that his Gallup poll numbers went from 43 to 45% instead of plummeting like they would have in a sane nation. Talk about evidence of Big Stupid.
If this treasonous POS somehow outflanks the hapless Demos next year and succeeds in being re-installed as the authoritarian, corporate whore nightmare that he is our republic will be in grave danger. Ask any competent psychiatrist and they will confirm that a person of Trump’s mental illness and age will only get worse.
Remember that he also has many examples from around the world to bolster his sense of what he should be allowed to do. The latest might be if a fellow buffoon named Boris Johnson becomes the next prime minister of the U.K. Theresa May was bad enough but this asshole?
“Sowing chaos”? That is exactly what Trumpo does. He thrives in it because it reaffirms his influence and control and keeps him from coming to grips with the solid fact that he is a deep mediocrity who is a disgrace and a LOSER. Trump will allow this country to be burned to the ground before he ever comes to grips with just how pathetic he is.
Lastly, I recommend that people here go to Truthdig and read the piece from Rob Urie about how this walking clusterfuck of a person could have become president in the first place. Urie correctly shows that Trump isn’t some appalling anomaly. He is the result of decades of degradation from both parties. Yup, Democrats are richly to blame as well as this scum like McConnell who call themselves “Republicans”. And let’s not forget the role of the M$M in this devolution of our country.
I see little changing next year and, even if Uncle Joe Biden manages to “win”, it will be more of the same. It is time to consider seriously that the United States of America may be beyond saving. The comparisons to Late Rome are being brought again, the latest by Thom Hartmann. Plus, as the great Mark Twain said -
“History doesn’t repeat itsef, but it does rhyme.” Our nation’s capitol was styled architecturally to resemble Rome. I suggest that our present senators (who are now mostly rich and obedient to the oligarchy, like their ancient forebears)) start wearing togas to work to complete the transformation.


I did not see the congressional whiners, etal, mentioning Pompeo’s reason for this ‘emergency’ - “to deter Iranian aggression”.

How dare them aggressive Iranians moving their country right up next to fourteen encircling US military bases, an aircraft carrier and a huge armada of war machines.

But, when you only have one functioning industry left (warmongering) you got to make every sale count.


Chris Hedges is probably correct when he says that we need a non-violent revolution to take back our country. I just don’t see that happening. If the sellout, triangulating Demos manage to install Uncle Joe as the next president most people will be satisfied. Not me.


Chris Hedges aint playing with a full deck. What does he think; the oligarchs having murdered countless millions, having violated every law, having committed every imaginable atrocity, and having coordinated this coup over a period of many decades on a global scale, are what - going to roll over and give back their most valued acquisition, and all because someone peaceably asks them to? They have already slaughtered countless millions of innocents, women and children, they have tortured and starved and chemically attacked and enslaved, and you name it, and they are actively engaged in the same activities at this very instant - just to get this far. People need to snap out of it and wake up, this is not a game.

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