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Outrage After Trump Insults Civil Rights Icon John Lewis


Outrage After Trump Insults Civil Rights Icon John Lewis

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

On the Saturday morning of a holiday weekend honoring Martin Luther King, Jr., President-elect Donald Trump trashed civil rights leader and U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), after Lewis said he would not attend next week's inauguration ceremony.


But you can bet that Hillary and Bill will be at the inauguration, not at all standing up for what is right, and supporting AMERICANS and Lewis. And after what John Lewis did - DENIED that Mr. Sanders was ever involved or supported the RIGHTS of African Americans back in the 60's, I cannot be so kind to him as to just let him off scott free. He was wrong, during this election cycle, and I want him to be reminded of it. Then I can also still say, he is right, right now, on TRUMP! But let us be clear, Bernie Sanders could have been our President elect, had people like John Lewis come out in support of the BEST candidate choice we had - Bernie Sanders!


You beat me to the punch, RenewHope. John Lewis helped give us the Orange Idiot as President by LYING about Bernie and his record to force Hillary on the voters. While he is right now about Trump and Sessions, I cannot forget, and will not forgive his lies about Bernie Sanders last Spring. He is a direct reason that I am now in the process of leaving the Democratic Party for the Green Party, and will do everything I can to help them rise up to bring down the corporate elitist Party the Democrats have become.


One thing about Bernie, he has proven to be a far better person than supporters like you. This is an article about Trump trashing a civil rights hero on the weekend of MLKs birthday, and trashing his majority Black district for good measure, and your response is to jump on the abuse wagon. Lewis and Bernie both deserve better.


John Lewis was very insulting to Bernie Sanders. John helped get Trump win by lying about Bernie.


Right you are. If John Lewis had been a true "progressive", instead of denying Bernie Sanders, he could have helped lead the way for people of color by endorsing Bernie, instead of endorsing the Corporate Candidate.


Yes, had he gotten the nomination, Bernie Sanders would have been our next president just like Eugene McCarthy, George McGovern and Michael Dukakis did, right? I think the demise of these white-left candidates (McCarthy served exactly the same role as Sanders in getting Nixon elected) was on the minds of Black USAns more than what Rep Lewis said. Unlike the white left, they knew that Trump absolutely had to be stopped. None of them were under the illusion that "Trump would not be so bad" as the commenters here were. They recognized that someone who honeymooned in the Soviet Union and was for "raising taxes to give 'free stuff' to the lazy poor", while furthering the "socialist global warming hoax", would would be very vulnerable in the general election in a country whose citizens generally adhere the most savage and thuggish vision for society in the world. You all her need to get outside and get a pulse of what mainstream white USA looks like - at least turn on FOX News!


While I agree that Lewis was wrong for not supporting Sanders, I am really sick of this blame game. Every time someone does something positive, people blame them for the results of the election. It's not helping, we need to get beyond this bickering.


Glad to see that John Lewis agrees with me that Donald Trump is illegitimate president. That is a pretty big thing to say by a standing member of Congress as well as a person of such standing as Lewis.


Lewis's criticism and denigration of Sanders was a low point for him. But I don't agree with you that that is now a reason to criticize him when he expresses his view of Trump.


BWilliamson, you are only seeing black and white here. Renew Hope is saying that John Lewis, when he had a real chance to support a true progressive, chose not to. Kind of like the disciple who denied Jesus, if you will. Had Lewis chose to support the progressive over the corporate candidate, we most likely wouldn't be having this conversation. Had the establishment Democrats fallen behind the strongest candidate, Bernie Sanders, he would have won in a landslide and would be inaugurated next week. Yuuuge difference from what we are facing now. And, many of us here are not afraid to admit that certain individuals, certainly John Lewis being one, played an integral part in Trumps win.


Takes one to know one Yunzer. Sticks and stones....


No, he didn't. He said he never heard of Bernie during the crucible of the 60s South and didn't see him in the front lines of those struggles. That is all true. That doesn't mean Bernie didn't support the civil rights struggles or participate in events in the north. Lewis worked with people, Black and White, from the South and the North, who were repeatedly beaten bloody, as he himself was, and in some cases killed. Most people who supported the civil rights struggles did not participate at that level. It is no denunciation of Bernie, nor a lie, to say his participation was at a lower level and far removed from the centers of those struggles.

To imply now that Lewis should be measured as a man by whether he supported your candidate does not dishonor Lewis, it dishonors Bernie.


Lewis's statement about Trump is a pretty bid deal because in addition to his revered standing as a Civil Rights icon, Lewis is now a member of the Establishment Dem Party. You rarely find such pointed, and in my view "right on target" statements about the likes of people like Trump from establishment Dems,


I'm not the only one seeing Black and White but it is true that many posts are monochromatic.


If John Lewis is an enemy, who are our friends?


The old saying that what goes around; comes around, is true in this case. Trump denigrated Obama as an illegitimate president for having a fake birth certificate, which was never proven, and now John Lewis is calling Trump an illegitimate president, which so far has not been proven!


Maybe we should choose from a list designated as non-icons. Icons are to be tucked away in shrines, worshiped, maybe hung on a wall.


Trumps nonsense about Obama was not merely unproven, it was disproven at the very start. So called progressives here have managed to find the strangest defenses for Trump.


Last Wednesday 13 establishment dems, including my own Patty Murray, voted with Republicans to block importation of drugs from Canada. And Lewis, as you recall, was deep in the toilet for Hillary.