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Outrage After White House Vows New CFPB Nominee Will Continue Mulvaney's Efforts to Gut Agency


Outrage After White House Vows New CFPB Nominee Will Continue Mulvaney's Efforts to Gut Agency

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After the White House announced Saturday that President Donald Trump will nominate Kathy Kraninger to take over the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), critics blasted her as "unqualified" and warned that if confirmed, she will continue Acting Director Mick Mulvaney's efforts to defang the agency.


Thomas Frank’s The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule (2008) posits that “conservatives” purposefully place incompetent and malfeasant minions in key positions to throw the preverbal monkey wrench into the gears of government. Well, this story just chronicles the gazillionth episode in their history. Trump’s base should quit buying their lotto tickets and just send the funds directly to Wall Street.

“I love the uneducated.” --Donald J. Trump


If the vast majority of Americans were politically active, astute, aware and courageous, what Trump has done to the CFPB alone would have them out in the streets, blockading the White House and Trump properties, and voting en masse to remove all politicians who back any of Trump’s agenda.
Instead, the feckless, sedated, mass-controlled sheeple are busy with what really matters to them: theme parks, booze, sports, consuming, eating junk food, taking anti-depressants, watching meaningless entertainment, and otherwise being nothing more than obedient consumers, and cogs in the machine.


It is NOT just Dumbf! You can go back decades and see the way the corrupt in government have screwed over “We the People”. Please don’t think that all the shit hitting the fan wasn’t tossed many years ago as well.

You are absolutely correct about the sloth of the electorate. There hasn’t been any REAL anti-government engagement since the 60s & 70s. Hell, even musicians used to write political songs. Where is THAT today? Probably erased by all the examples you mentioned and more…


Most of our political system is filled with grifters and con artists on both sides of the isle. Of coarse they want any agency that would hold them accountable or reel them in to be banished. The CFPB will eventually become a empty entity, that will do nothing for the people other than make then believe they have some protection against the system that preys on them.

On another note, after seeing a few of the primary elections, it’s clear progressives will not make any gains inside or outside the Dem party until the corrupt voting machines are thrown in the trash. How that will be achieved, I don’t know.


To understand Trump:



We should press for a Citizen Protection Agency. Allowing ourselves to be called “consumers” is playing into their hands.

We need no shopping, consuming days to send the message.


Neither the Democrats or the Republicans are willing to talk about the “corrupt voting machines.”

They both have waited a long time to get them to this point.

He who controls the machines, rules.

The Billionaires like the Kochs, the Mercers and others who have plotted for the last 5 or 6 decades to seize power as they have with control of all three houses of government, had the funds to grease the palms of those necessary to alter the course of history, in their favor.

Only hand counted paper ballots can help save what is left of our Democracy.

I hate being a pessimist, but I don’t see that in the cards for us.


Donald Trump may be the stick that breaks the camel’s back…one can only hope.


You might add “possession is 9/10 of the law”, considering Mulvaney’s position there was flimsy in the first place.


Inequality does not make for a democracy. Capitalism fosters inequality and so does not make for a democracy if by this term we mean equally valuable, a place for everyone in society.

Presently, I am reading Plato’s, The Republic and it is instructive to consider what a just society might look like vs. what we have (you are right to be pessimistic). Plato outlines three principles for what he calls a happy city (or state), one that is harmonious, unified–the perfect state: equal shares for all, which means NO rich, NO poor; physical limitation of size (adios, Empire!) and finally a merit system not based on birth(so this means not on wealth too) where women too will be included and held to same high standards.

The USA is only the parody of such an ideal state as it demonstrates the opposite of a solid moral foundation. The more I consider the corruption that seeps through and through, the insistence of bigotry of every sort, the more I find myself abandoning all hope for such a nation.


I hear you. I remember when I was a kid, and the hit songs on the radio were things like “Four Dead in Ohio” and “Street Fighting Man.”
The spirit of idealism and revolution that stopped the Vietnam War and drove Nixon from office has been replaced by cell phones and various other diversions and cattle herding devices!


C’mon already! Every one of Dumfs picks was unqualified just as he is. Why no EXAM for the most important job in the world? He would have failed miserably like the rest of them. Proof all of these morons were put there to be a wrecking crew by the Elite rulers who want this country destroyed and all of us gone!


The inequality in this country has been nurtured and enabled by the parties of the Duopoly.

They take money from the wealthiest parts of business and society, creating legislation and laws that prevent prosecution of their benefactors for practices that use to be criminal.

Not only have these parties of the Duopoly fostered in an age of extreme inequality, but they provide little to no representation to the masses for they have become morally and ethically bankrupt, constantly reliant on the money to stay in their jobs as prostitutes for the elites.

And the saddest part of it all, is the total blindness of the voting electorate to their part in this.


I disagree with you on the paper ballot issue because it is the smallest part of the problem. We had 58% of possible voters in a presidential election. The # drops in mid terms and other elections. We also have a very politically ignorant voter population. They are easily scared and led. That worries and bother me.
The fact that we don’t vote and can be led to make the wrong choices means it doesn’t take rigging votes to win elections. Then there is the fact that who are they rigging it for? If as everyone keeps saying it doesn’t matter which party is elected, then why rig? It makes no sense.
We have paper ballots in my state, Bernie still lost. Progressives are losing everywhere, by far too much for rigging.
The problem is the American people and all the propaganda they have been fed. Since Nixon we have been fed a steady diet of fear about the other, fed a steady diet of how easy it is to get rich if we just work hard, fed how tax cuts for the rich help all of us, and now we have the war on terror to scare us.
Who votes in the highest number, whites, esp white males. And they don’t tend to be progressives. And they tend to believe the steady diet.
If you can’t break through the propaganda, you won’t change the political scene. That’s the real problem.


I agree with some of what you say here Skip, and I see that you say your state uses paper ballots, however, the method used to count those paper ballots is what I took issue with.

Counting machines and scanners can all be manipulated.

Therefore, hand counted ballots would be the most difficult to manipulate the results of.

It would require many humans involved in the counting process to commit felonious crimes.



action not “hope and prayers” are needed

below one of Ralph Nader’s most potent rsadio hour broadcast



Ditto what PonyBoy said, and I’ll add the rigging in the past between the repug’s and the dem’s has been about the presidency and control of congress. Lately it’s being used to ensure no progressives get through, that would upset the party with two names.


It amuses me how Mr. Mulvany’s reversion to the actual, legal name for his agency rankles the loony left. The wording of the law establishes the “Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection”. It isn’t Mulvaney’s “preferred acronym”. It’s the actual name of the Bureau. Such a silly thing to get offended by.

Of course, the Bureau itself is a little silly. Once it is gone, no one will care what i5 was called.