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Outrage Aimed at Democrat for Pulling Plug on California Single-Payer Bill

Outrage Aimed at Democrat for Pulling Plug on California Single-Payer Bill

Jon Queally, staff writer

Advocates of the single-payer healthcare proposal which has been steadily advancing through the California legislature were voicing outrage and disappointment on Saturday after Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, a Democrat, announced he was pulling the bill from further consideration this year.


DINO quisling s-bags like this are why the party never wins anything! They ALL must be challenged and rooted out - along with all the party establishment R’Con-lite Dems who betrayed us all to nominate the red queen rather than Uncle Bernie who would be prez now rather than the trump regime cabal of swine. Without any real “opposition party” and leadership our republic is ruled by only one party - the party of corruption, crony’s, greed, collusion, and corporations!


As the old saying goes; “Follow the money”. Check the lobbying money coming into his campaign account and I bet you’ll see thousands of dollars from health insurance, medical device industry and other lobbying groups filling his coffers with money. This is why Democrats keep losing elections and why they’ll keep losing elections.


This is what political corporate control looks like folks - sneaky, underhanded and crooked. Just ask me about Joe Manchin.


once again a damn democrat shows us the true colors of the democratic party, a sellout to corporate amerika. first obama led the way with his corporatized cabinet from the get-go, not even allowing a single payer advocate at the table when he put forward “his” obama plan, written by corporate amerika and big pharam, then we get the clintons back again in 2016 and the neoliberals in full display, screwing the likes of bernie and his followers which gave us the orange man, and when bernie still attempts “reform” of the damn dems with support Keith Ellison, we get the hand of obama making sure that never happened and now we have perez and pelosi and her ilk still leading damn dems to defeat at the polls. what will it take to wake them up? nothing the 99% of us really care about. we need a mass movement with a grass roots working class party to change this nation to what it never has really been, a truly democratic state by the people, all the people, for the people and of the people, not the con artists we now have in power in both parties. enuf already.


Of, by and for the people has become - Of, by and for the oligarchy!

Many of America’s politicians do not really believe in democracy anymore!

They literally work against the people - they try to subvert democracy.

We the people… are being given no voice in our own democracy.

Please people, remember each of these betrayals by our politicians and don’t let them forget it when it is time for their reelection!


Rendon should explain himself or, if he did, the article should explain his reasoning. If he did not, than he has a lot of explaining to do.


I think Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon either woke up recently with a horses head in his bed, or the People of California need to insure that he does.

One man must never have the power to stop something that is for the Greater Good.


One might conclude they’re getting paid to take a dive

Democrats Know This

The Citizen is going to Discard You and Your Sellouts


Ok, I’ll bite. Tell us about Joe Manchin Country.


This is the same guy who released the big statement about standing up to trump. What scumbags not following through.


That should have been voted on. Decisions this important should NEVER be in the hands of a single person.


National healthcare-for-all goes right against a trillion dollar industry - not only the insurance corporations but the massive ludicrously profitable hospital corporations like the UPMC monopoly and empire in my region. If it came to it, they would literally sabotage the economy and stage a coup d’etat before single-payer would be allowed to happen. The ongoing chaos in Venezuela - or Chile in 1973 is instructive in this regard.

Achieving economic and social justice is going to require that much blood be spilled - mostly our blood, unfortunately. The lessons of history are pretty solid on this…

But for now, we need to substantial portion of California’s population in Sacramento to shut the entire city down.


Another disappointment from a CA Democrat. I refer to Jerry Brown’s veto last Sept. of a bill to broaden Ranked Choice Voting in CA.


Take it easy folks, it is just not ready, it is not dead. California is different, way different than say Texas when it comes to health care; This may answer some of those questions.


“Woefully incomplete” was the article’s only explanation from Rendon.

You are correct, we need a much more precise and detailed explanation --followed by precise and detailed explanation of how HE will work to get the bill un-woefully complete, and passed.


No surprise. Most all the so-called Democrats are nothing more than Republicans with gay pride flags in their offices. “…two wings of the same bird of prey” - Upton Sinclair, 1904. Nothing has changed.


Exactly the same. His daughter is CEO for Mylan Pharmaceuticals manufacturers of the famous EpiPen that now sells for several hundred dollars each and takes less than $10 (or so?) to make. Funny how everything he essentially supports almost all things Republican.


My bet is the health care lobby AND the national Dem party got to him.


You must have read the travel ban article…Seriously national Dems are death by a thousand cuts, this is different.