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Outrage Aimed at Democrat for Pulling Plug on California Single-Payer Bill

And the same should occur all over the USA.


Please show us, with documentation, when Sanders or Warren “pulled the plug” on Single Payer.

If you can’t, then kindly take your ignorant cynicism somewhere else.


From my May 24 post:

“I’ve got $20 here saying that the “no can do” Democrats won’t get a single payer system going in any state or the US by 2020, at least one that doesn’t have fatal flaws, like not being universal, not being progressively paid, not portable (so you don’t lose it if you want to quit your job), having huge deductibles, or not covering all necessary medical conditions. (A bet I’d love to lose.)”



Conference call on single payer being hosted by the filmmakers of

Now Is The Time and The Healthcare Movie

Sunday, June 25, 2017

8 pm Eastern Time

Dial-in number: (319) 527-9176

Access Code: 848-053


Just one more example of why the DamnocRatic party needs a THOROUGH house-cleaning.  Drown the D.I.N.O.s Rendon, Perez, Pelosi, Hilliary & Dirty Debbie in the fetid swamp they have helped to create!!

RECALL RENDON!!  Meanwhile, is there nothing the Rank & File – assuming at least some of them are not TOTALLY Rank – can do to bring this bill to the floor for a vote?

(Unfortunately, at the national level SFAIK any one Senator can put an indefinite ‘hold’ on a bill – another ex- ample of the ‘rules’ that have grown up in the legislatures that have no basis in the Constitutions of either the individual states or of the U.S.)


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:42731”]
Rendon on Friday called the bill “woefully incomplete,”
[/quote] And so he shelved it without trying to make it “complete”. It is obvious Rendon and his backers are in the pockets of the health insurance industry. Do we wonder why people stop voting for Democrats?


Gee, Democrats betraying their gullible base? Again? Guess Lucy needs to tee up the ball for the next attempt.


They aren’t DINOs. They are the Ds. They run the party. Make its rules. Screw its members. No, this is the real Democratic party.


Seriously, it’s getting to the point where I can set clocks by the frequency of democratic “betrayals” of progressive legislation. Each and every time.

And sadly, the battered plebes in that party keep coming back for more. TINA and all that.

I’m telling you, your average crack addict has more dignity than a loyal left-leaning Democrat.


Money in politics is like mercury, it finds its way into every greedy cracks and crevice. Thanks extreme court.


this <a href=http://org.salsalabs.com/dia/track.jsp?v=2&c=F0CD5zTEujd0oFPRljFJZlve7AIEeeSn>consortium news article suggests that even the founders feared that real democracy would threaten their privileged ownership rights of property, slaves and other labor. most believed democracy synonymous with mob rule.

it’s a really long article–really long–but worth the effort. i decide to copy the entire piece and study in segments.


CADEM Chair Eric Bauman has issued a press release urging Rendon to move the bill forward.


Corporations + Corporate Dems = Time to take-on, and take-over the Dems from within and from without - from now through the 2018 midterms and on to the final battle in 2020 for the Planet and We the People to claim our birth-right to determine our future - by controlling the reins of power. Go RoseAnne deMoro and the National Nurses United! Bernie and Jill, “Can we just get along?” - Rodney King. Jerry Brown. WAKE-UP!
p.s. Are we tired, yet? Of mocking our fellow Americans, yet? Even if “they” act like assholes? We the People, means “All in. No one out.” No? It’s the issues that We the People need to discuss. Corporations are the “them”. Not our fellow Americans who act like fascists - but I doubt that “fascism” could be defined by many, if not most of our American family. Focus, I say, on the true “other” - the corporation, and stop the mocking. Just not the longterm way outa the weeds that are taking over our Mother Eath’s Garden of Eden.

Thanks for the article. My understanding of the time was that there wasn’t a uniformity of thought about anything. Most certainly the founders were virtually winging it as far as democracy went and pretty much willing to go it alone as independent states rather than form a nation. Nevertheless, they were held back from this by the almost clear certainty that England would seek a round two and another war! (War of 1812 in fact). So the various camps made their compromises up to a point and our nation was born. Although slavery was becoming unpopular in Europe and elsewhere, it was made illegal in some states and the importation of slaves made illegal nationwide within a few years, unfortunately the slave holding states of the South resisted the advance of humanity and offered to join the United States only if they retained their ‘rights’ to deny rights to others for a profit. The north and other states opposed this but compromised.

I think a highly underrated founding father and in fact the ‘Father of American Progressives’ and perhaps the greatest force for independence and human rights (The Rights of Man) was Thomas Paine. If you would be pleasantly surprised and highly rewarded then read about Mr. Paine who pretty much convinced a nation to fight for independence. He wasn’t a 1%'era nor a landed gent, he was one of us and in many ways the first founder of American Rights and an impassioned abolitionist. The first progressive, he battled hard against slavery and once independence was achieved he was virtually shunned by the elites and to some extent, he remains so today by comparison to the statuary in Wash. D.C. We all know his name but not so much what he did. He was the revolutionary and the highly critical progressive who railed against our sacred cows and savage complacency towards slavery and genocide of the Native Americans, so you can understand why he has not been so popular as say a Hamilton (founder of our banking system lol).

He was never president but he was probably the most important founder of all because it was his ideas and pamphlets that convinced the colonists to start a revolution against English rule. He was our best First Thinker and advocate of progressive rights!


Sanders introduced a single payer amendment to the ACA, and then withdrew when Republicans seized on it as a means of defeating the ACA. In my view that is not a criticism of Sanders. He too can count votes. TomJohnson can’t count at all.


Someone needs to literally neuter this guy, cause he sure ain’t got balls figuratively; he would then become one in unity.

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The CA senate passed the buck ( quite literally) by not addressing financing or delivery of services. Some people are just jumping on a single payer bandwagon with no thought beyond the slogan. That includes the state senate democrats.

Then we get this kind of simpleminded drivel on the Right.


One of my Dino Senators voted against drug importation. I guess he did not want to lose all those big Pharma donations.
I hope that he gets primaried in the next election.


Tom Paine was not a merchant or slave owner, nor were John Adams or Hamilton, among others. Was a democratic republic supposed to spring fully formed from the forehead of Zeus? Was the struggle against slavery meaningless? Women’s sufferage just the same old same old?