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Outrage and Warnings of 'Ethnic Cleansing' as Trump Threatens Mass Raids Against Millions of People in the US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/18/outrage-and-warnings-ethnic-cleansing-trump-threatens-mass-raids-against-millions

Like In the above picture, one has to wonder how long before they begin knocking on our doors looking for immigrants and asking: " Papers please".

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Wars of aggression abroad and rounding up ethnic minorities at home for “deportation”? Remind you of anything?


There appears to be more latitude for a president defending himself against crimes compared to an ordinary man-- at least recent events seem to bear that out. But there also must be extra latitude available for investigators particularly in formal impeachment hearings. Framers of the constitution intended that moral along with legal issues comprise the substance of the discussion-- legal and moral both.

As for the popularly glib dismissiveness against holding impeachment hearings because of the Senate majority, I must quote author Marilynne Robinson once again: “Cynicism is the great enabler of corruption, normalizing and universalizing it so that any particular instance of wrongdoing can be left to fester or metastasize as the world wags.”


This lunatic needs to be removed from office along with Pence. There must be cause if only violation of international standards of human rights. This man should be a pariah internationally and in his own country. Those who carry out his orders are no better.


@Shantiananda They are doing that now. And in some cases they are not knocking, they are kicking the doors down.

Fascism is here. Leftists of all stripes are next starting with journalists (not the talking heads on MSM…they are fine, including Rachel Maddow)

Nancy’s okay with that though. She loves her fascist Trump.

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Dear Common Dreams. Please just refer to Steven Miller as a White Nationalist. That is entirely accurate and of high journalistic integrity and standard to state it. White Nationalism IS the driving force by this fascist Administration in regard to immigration, by design and to further his political power with his base of racists. It’s time to just clearly state White Nationalism’s place in this clucking Administration.


This moment makes me proud:

Porter flipped a red seat here in California in an extremely close election. I bet more shows of non-equivocation would do wonders in making Pelosi look as feckless as she does when it comes to enabling Trump.


Just saw that.

While I completely disagree with Pelosi on the need for an impeachment inquiry, the House is doing things that I don’t want to overlook. The real scoundrel is the Senate Majority Leader and the caucus that supports him. We’ll be dealing with his corrupt judges for a long time.

Indeed, Trump has probably no one more to thank for this than the mainstream media and the Democrat leadership. They essentially paved his road to the presidency. They are all complicit in the coming fascist take over of the U.S.


I agree the House is doing those things, and I have given credit to such (but not in every post). The most insidious part of Nancy’s position (and I believe entirely by design) is that as long as she stifles the official beginning of an impeachment inquiry, then whatever investigations are ongoing or set to begin will by definition not have as much power of inquiry as would investigations of an impeachment inquiry.

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Agree completely. I honestly take her at her word at this point: she thinks impeachment is divisive and will get in the way of the House agenda. To me, that agenda is dead in the Senate anyway, and there has to be accountability. The Iraq War/torture sweep-under-the-rug and let bygones be bygones looms large for me personnally. I guess the irony is that she agrees with many of the pre-2018 election commenters here that Russia Russia Russia is a distraction, if not some of the anti-anti Trump leftist contingent. That said, here in California, Democrats are doing the rounds at health clinics, etc., in preparation for post-2020. I sure hope it isn’t in vain.

More info…please.

Just wanted to note another impeachment inquiry call, this time from Pelosi’s own leadership team:

She’s chief deputy whip and part of the steering committee. Those are spots you don’t get without leadership support. This is a hit to Pelosi.

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