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Outrage as Another Indigenous Activist Leader Assassinated in Honduras


Outrage as Another Indigenous Activist Leader Assassinated in Honduras

Nika Knight, staff writer

Another member of Berta Cáceres' Indigenous rights group was brutally murdered by unidentified assailants on Tuesday, following a violent eviction of Indigenous people from their land.


Wasn’t it literally yesterday that a raft of international NGOs were demanding that Berta be the last indigenous rights activist to die? The corporate extractivistas must have felt emboldened by Hillary’s primary victories last night. Neoliberal and rightest murderers are rampaging around the globe now.

As the temperatures soar, the forests are felled, the seas die, the water and air become toxic, we see the last indigenous dragged from the last forests set to be cut down to sell furniture and meat to the “burgeoning Chinese and Indian middle classes”.

Ship of fools.



This is what the Killery coup sanctioned.


Everywhere it seems the indigenous people are an “inconvenience” to the powers that be. We must redouble our efforts to support them as they hold the key for all of us to ecologically intelligent life ways.


Again frack the GI joes and peoples in uniform whom people jump up to salute for defending rights and freedoms.

They are the bad guys no matter how many Hollywood movies made about seal team 6.

The true heroes are these activists who are the ones fighting for what really matters to us as people.


And Bernie likes, respects, and pledges to support Mrs. Wall St./WalMart/willKill for
Megabucks if she takes the nomination.
No coverage on this site for groups that
want to replace the system that breeds
genocide and extinction: socialist groups
and the Green Party. Silence means death.


Megadams, particularly in tropical environments become ‘methane factories’. Peoples who traditionally live in the regions where they are built are subjected to ethnocide and genocide. The biomes destroyed, the rivers, the arteries of countless interconnected biomes are never the same. The concentration of power creates heavy industries and a mushrooming of precisely what needs to be avoided for there to sustainable balances.

Fizzy Science: Loosening the Hydro Industry’s Grip on Reservoir Greenhouse Gas Emissions Research

US AID is on the wrong side of history here and heaven knows how many other situations. Folks involved in US AID - everywhere - need to please exert conscience and call for the organization to withdraw support. Cease and desist.

Supporters of Hillary Clinton must also please recognize, acknowledge and demand transparency and full accounting laid bare on the travesties in Honduras with full compilation of the sordid facts on the US supported coup.

We are seeing the consequences of centuries of ‘Monroe Doctrine’ inspired madness of failed policy mounting beyond anything even remotely related to democracy and there is no more plausible deniability.


Not defending this savagery - but it is not a “megadam” - These run-of-river small-hydro projects entail construction of a 4 meter weir. How can something only 4 meters high be called a "megadam?

Address human rights issues as human rights issues.

Address clean energy projects on their merits.

Curious, would they also oppose wind or solar farms on their tribal lands too? Because the corrupt government would be killing them over these projects too.

Do they use any electricity in their homes and shops?


It is not a megadam. It is a run-of-river small hydro project with no reservoir - there is only a short slackwater pool covering the riverbed for a maybe a 1/2 km upstream.

Why the need to make this project some kind of exaggerated caricature of what it really is?


If it is such a small dam, why assassinate two people?


Swindling Rivers: Run-of-River Hydro

“Hydropower projects described as run-of-river evoke images of unimpeded rivers delivering clean power without the environmental and social costs of traditional dams. And influential institutions like the World Bank tout the share of run-of-river projects in their hydro portfolios, suggesting
such projects have few adverse impacts. However, the reality is often very different.”


Look it up for yourself.


The assassinations are more ideological than related to this specific project. Right wing Latin American businessmen and politicians hate “communistas” to a degree that make Joe McCarthy look like Jeremy Corbyn.

But at any rate, the assassinations have led the European financiers to drop their support of the project.


Maybe a better approach for the future will be to provide the tribes themselves with financing tools and training to build smaller-scale projects that don’t require any structures on the river at all aside from a pipe intake at a suitable pool and an outlet. But then, the right-wing thugs will still attack them. Remember Ben Linder, a civil engineer who was killed by Raygun’s contras in Nicaragua while building a small hydro project for a Sandinista village. He is memorialized in Sting’s song “Fragile”.


Don’t believe all the propaganda you read. Similar groups also publish lots of nonsense about wind energy too.

Run-of-river projects don’t dry the river up - reduced flow continues down the river over the short (couple mile at most) segment between the inlet and outlet. That probably makes it easier for migratory fish to move upstream. Of course many or most rivers don’t have migratory fish.


Update: The assassinations have led the European financiers to drop their support of the project and all other of their activities in Honduras.



Interesting how people who live there and whose lives don’t fit the model being forced VIOLENTLY by the invading industry are reduced to “ideologial” when they are murdered.

These people are not failed instances of yourself, or the dominant model, to be dismissed according to your argument of the rhetorical legacy while at the same time exercising precisely that failed rhetoric. Stunning to watch.


You’re shedding the fabric of your own rhetorical armchair. Very easy to apply gross generalization to one situation while hedging technological lesser-of-evils in clear dismissals of all that is not included regarding the impact of a project that resorts to murders. Interesting to watch your arguments narrow to exclusion and isolation down to an argument strictly on the technology. You’re better than that Yunzer!


Maybe an approach for the future might be to engage in “free, prior, and informed consultation” as set forth in Convention 169 of the UN ILO, to which Honduras became a signatory on March 28, 1989. Not only are these people being murdered, they are not even granted the right to be consulted much less decline.

Do you know what the community relationship is to the surrounding headwaters, biomes and what is stewarded, planted and essential to the economic practices on the ground?

Hydroelectric projects are rarely if EVER undertaken in isolation from other forms of industrial development. Those in turn are linked to national and international financial institutions and instruments that ‘externalize’ considerations that do not fit the financing planning, in turn linked to GDP… on and on.

That is, the projects themselves start from the premise that ‘there is no ‘there’ there’ aside from the dam construction and all that rides its coat tails. That is why when you talk about “propaganda” you really might want to dig into that of the millions invested in marketing and lobbying for projects that have this sort of profile.


“Honduras is suffering under a brutal regime put in place by a U.S.-backed coup supported by Hillary Clinton during her tenure as secretary of state.”

This is an example of Killary’s “experience” I would like to see all of her emails in regards to Honduras.


Do you use electricity? How is it being made?


Yunzer, you are addressing the argument as if life is supposed to, in perpetuity, epitomize the worst of what has already been perpetrated to acquire the power to do so. You are being presented with elements of a VERY REAL set of dynamics that have historically and are at present interconnected. Those interconnections and their consequences need to be recognized. If they are not recognized this set of powers will go blithely along reproducing all of the inequities they are dependent on to centralize the abuses of power. One of those abuses is to get the people of world to see one community as just one community, until you see that its not just one community but hundreds, thousands subjected to variations on the theme.