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Outrage as Detroit Tar Sands Refinery Poised to Increase Toxic Emissions



The Koch brothers win yet again. So much for the urban renewal of downtown Detroit and other gentrification of surrounding neighborhoods. The Koch companies have been major polluters of the Detroit area for scores of years yet have never been taken to task for their extremely destructive environmental degradation. Their money not only talks, it deafens all within range while blinding the authorities with their hands out grasping the graft.


The ultimate example of how Capitalism and the extractive economies externalize costs so as to generate profits. Even as they whine about how the "money we earn is taxed away to support the unproductive" , these parasites feed on the Host Planet Earth and at the expense of the poor worker who sacrifices health and well being just in order to survive in this insane system.

These investors are worse then parasites. Capitalism is TERMINAL.


Hopefully folks bring pitchforks to that public hearing; and a thousand angry people show up; and organize ongoing civil disruption of this facility.

We the People need to escalate organized resistance to the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity and ecology.

And white people in particular need to study, and then fight against, the concrete manifestations of white supremacy and environmental racism that are woven into these political and economic processes.


Capitalist "America": Racist and greedy to the CORE.


Thanks Comrade. i'm from Detroit too, moved to Seattle 35 years ago but still have family in Michigan.


And let me guess... no one in the poor neighborhoods near - or even kind-of-near - this refinery are employed in even one of the good-paying union jobs at the refinery. Right? That is the situation around the remaining steelmaking facilities where I live. The almost all-white steelworkers commute in from way out in their pickup trucks. The poor black people nearby only get the pollution, blight and neglect, crashing property values, and lousy schools.