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Outrage as Syrian Government Conducts Most Fatal Bombing in Three Years


Outrage as Syrian Government Conducts Most Fatal Bombing in Three Years

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In the deadliest day Syrians have seen in three years, government forces backing President Bashar Al-Assad killed more than 100 people in bombings of Damascus' rebel-held suburbs on Monday, eliciting outrage and fresh warnings about the unraveling humanitarian crisis from aid agencies that continue to monitor the country's nearly eight-year war.

"The humanitarian situation of civilians in East Ghouta is spiraling out of control."
—Panos Moumtzis, UN regional coordinator


This article was approved by the Amerikan govt. and its friends of endless war.


The Arab Spring looked good on paper.


Hmmm. The U.S. recently announced that we will keep troops in Syria indefinitely.

Israel wants regime change in Syria so that we can install a puppet who will give Israel the Golan Heights (which belong to Syria, and contain large water and oil resources), which Israel is illegally occupying.

Russia is Syria’s ally. What could go wrong? Randy Newman wrote a song about it, years ago: “Political Science (Let’s Drop the Big One Now).” (They all hate us, anyhow.) https://youtu.be/EqBrw3rQvKo


A couple years ago the US had to stop bombing in Syria because we ran out off bombs. And we rarely bombed ISSI, who were we bombing?


I want to clarify my comment above: The US is in violation on UN treaties when it backs regime change anywhere, and using the Arab Spring as an excuse is even more immoral.


Ironically, oh back in 2002, 2003, Common Dreams was selling very popular bumper stickers: “Attack Iraq? No!” “Attack Iran? No!” and of course “Attack Syria? No!” I personally bought quantities of all three of these stickers from Common Dreams. Oh how far the righteous have fallen! Not my Common Dream! Where is the anti-war movement?


In the midst of inserting fund-raising pleas, CD decides to go into Judith Miller posture.

Are they next going to publish an article that points out how much better a Sunni fundamentalist regime in Syria will be compared to Assad? Will that article leave out the Syrian Shia, Christain and Druze viewpoints?


Evidently the death of children only counts when we didn’t do it. Let’s never forget that Madeline Albright thought that 500,000 Iraqi children starving to death was worth it. Let me repeat 500,000 Iraqi children starved to death because of our policies.


Yes, those children’s deaths were " worth it."
Only a fascist, who is a war criminal could make such an egregious lie!


Assad may be a horrible thug…but Assad is like a choir boy compared to the actions of the US and it’s allies.


From the article:

“…it’s time for the United Nations Security Council to step in to end the bloodshed.”

Is Sachs certain that the US wouldn’t exercise its veto power to prevent such a move? I fear that this indiscriminate slaughter will go on until regime change is achieved.


Syrians were doing OK until a massive drought destroyed their food. The went to Assad for help. He ignored them until they fought and then he used chemical warfare on them. The same for Yemen now with multiple fatal viruses killing the sheeple. The US and now Russia with China looking on have no problem bombing these nations for decades with no concern for life in any form. They are all war criminals equal to Hitler using this area for their proxy “war” that also benefits the US who makes many of the war weapons being used. Perhaps we need to end the word “nation” if this is what it means. Watch Trump and friends up the ante with mini-nukes on Iran soon.


True! Outrageous!


The Arab Spring was historic and great. The counter revolutions, supported by some American “progressives” have been bloody awful.


Sens. McCain, Graham, Rubio, Burr, Shelby and Cornyn are only considered " progressive " at Faux News, National Review and at AIPAC conferences.
Sens. Schumer, Cardin, Coons, Feinstein, Reed, McCaskill, Durbin, Murray and Klobachur are only considered " progressive " when they’re having dinner with " Rabbi Joe " Lieberman and Joe Biden at The Brookings Institute. And, Chuck Todd, Mika & Joe and Andrea Mitchell are the honored guests.
Now, if that isn’t " progressive " I’ll come up with some more of your, oh so predictable, Usual Suspects.


The insular self-absorbed US-centrism of all but a couple of the comments here - which are not just off-topic - but are engaging in open revolt against the blood-soaked topic of this article, is disgusting.

Why are you all here refusing to acknowledge the topic of this article - which is the latest vile atrocity by Assad with help from his good friend Putin? A psychologist could write a dissertation on the willful cognitive blindness exhibited by the commenters here

Might it occur to you that, while the US may do a lot of bad things, there are also some very vile individuals, who even, just occasionally, can outdo the US in atrociousness - and Assad is one of those individuals? (The Burmese regime and that Nobel Prize winning blood soaked petite lady Suu Chi being the other ones).

It is the vile Assad and his thugs who are slaughtering yet more Syrians - many of them fellow leftists and their families who have been resisting this monster since 2011, for fucking crying out loud! Yet, but the commenters here obsessively talk about the USA !?!? WTF???

The fellow leftists who rose up against Assad and at stupendous human cost are still resisting Assad are on OUR side, repeat, OUR side - the international left!

The absolute callousness of you “leftists for Assad” and the need to cling to your absurd conspiratorial comic-bookish religious creeds:

“USA, the sole Bogeyman of the universe!!!”

“Assad is a hero defending his country from US imperialism”, and previously,

“The white hat rescue squads of Aleppo are just propaganda stooges of the USA!”;

while you callously ignore the human lives and suffering makes me want to puke!



I think you missed his point.

BWilliamson was referring to the grotesque support of vile reactionaries like Assad and Putin by the US-so-called “left.” as are well-represented in this comment section. If it were 1937, you all would no doubt be supporting Franco…


You all are 180° " dead nuts " off on your chalkmarks there, littl’ pardner.


I don’t think we as Americans can fully appreciate what is happening in Syria. It might account for some of the comments. This documentary changed my opinions and made it a little more concrete. It actually gives names to the statistics.