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Outrage as Texas Senate Passes 'Unconstitutional' Bill That Would Hit Pipeline Protestors With Up to 10 Years in Prison

Outrage as Texas Senate Passes 'Unconstitutional' Bill That Would Hit Pipeline Protestors With Up to 10 Years in Prison

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Sparking outcry from indigenous tribes and environmental groups, the Texas state Senate on Monday passed industry-backed Republican legislation that would hit pipeline protestors with a third-degree felony and up to ten years in prison.

And what of the ports, roads and other critical infrastructure that will be compromised by sea-level rise? How about ten years for the oil barons for parity’s sake?


2.3 million in prison is not enough. According to an article I read over 70 million American have a Criminal record. They will not be happy until that number at 99 percent. They will then ensure there are laws that state people with a Criminal record can not vote.

Added to that those with criminal records find it harder to find a decent job. This means they more desperate when they are looking for one and more willing to accept conditions they would not normally accept.

This is a win win for the 1 percent.


As In North Carolina , they will make it a crime to speak of these risks.

That said when those sea levels rise and put all of that infrastructure under 20 feet of water, they can all link hands and sing “I believe the South is Gonna Rise Again”.


So the Texas legislature is going to redefine privately-owned, for-profit pipelines as “critical infrastructure?” Obviously this is being done as a favor to their donors in the fossil fuel industry. I can only imagine what the late, great Molly Ivins would have had to say about this current bunch.

Once more, for the slow kids:

The Earth is the MOST critical infrastructure. Without it functioning at its self-sustaining peak, no other infrastructure is worth a bucket of warm campaign contributions.


'“Big oil is high jacking our legislation system”. ‘is’ sounds like poor grammar. The fact of the matter: Big everything “has” high jacked the process of governance from city councils upward. Why? Because we moronically vote for the same politicians time after time. The name on the ballot may change but the politician does not change…

Or, Pelosi and company insists the only candidate on a state congressional ballot must be the neoliberal/republicanish incumbent or the challenger gets blackballed. There is one such event going on in Texas wherein the DCCC is backing an incumbent in the pocket of big oil. Why? Because he is in the pocket of big oil!


As in corporations are people?

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Yes. Sign seen at a demo in D.C. protesting the Citizens United ruling:

“I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one.”


A remnant of old Britain. Our system that originally catered to the rich plantation owners and the aristocratic hierarchy still thrives. Plantation, corporation, same thing.

So where is a place least likely to damage the environment. That’s where the C4 must go.

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Try to get through a day with out the benefit of oil or services that depend on oil.

Thanks to the Republicans and Trump, we are going to have a new class of billionaires - lawyers.

Exactly why we need serious, transformative changes so we can stop depending on the “benefit of oil or services that depend on oil.” That said, the fact that we are too dependent on oil should never translate into taking away our right to free speech and assembly. Tribal peoples have the right - the obligation - to protect their lands. Just as the rest of us non-Natives should be doing. Because without a healthy planet we all die. The planet, of course, will continue on, degraded as it is, and over time perhaps another form of life - hopefully more wise than we are - will evolve.

Hi GuildF312S: I think 1789 redux will arrive when people start whacking CEOs, especially those of oil, armaments and banks.
I wish someone would create WATSONs for all CEO positions and as they would have no need for sex or drugs, or money— they could be programed ethically—think of all the money that could put into real jobs with a non-corrupted, working 24 / 7 WATSON CEO. : )