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Outrage as White House Set to 'Roll Out Red Carpet' for Murderer Duterte


Outrage as White House Set to 'Roll Out Red Carpet' for Murderer Duterte

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Just a few weeks after he congratulated autocratic Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on a controversial referendum win, U.S.


I'm not sure why I should outrage about this. The Amerika kill citizens of other nations and even its own citizens. If there anything to outraged about maybe the Amerikan govt. could stop the endless wars.


"Outrage" is useless. No less than removal from office will even begin to undo the damage that Trump and his fellow false patriots have already done.
Another 3-1/2 years of "outrage" and hand-wringing?


" The Killa from Manila "


Trump is comfortable around people like Duterte. He grew up around the NY mafia with several top "Dons" living in Trump Towers. His businesses off-shore prefer Dictators making it easier to work in the dark. Trump is the Republican Party and they own him and what he does.


If and maybe? I think you are stomping on your own point.


I am outraged, but there's to reference to a "Red Carpet" in the WH statement. What will amaze me more is if djt does actually leave the US his own self.


When pressed on the subject on Sunday, Trump's chief of staff Reince Priebus said the invitation was a sign that “the issues facing us, developing out of North Korea, are so serious that we need a cooperation at some level from as many partners in the area as possible."

And of course that's the cruz of the matter. Duterte has scorned the US and sucked up to China. With the Phillipines on China's side in the South China Sea dispute the US has fewer allies.

As depicable as Duterte is he's no exception to Uncle Sam's love of bloodhirsty rulers.


Post deleted for now...


Makes me wonder if Duterte is A product of that repressive and infamous "Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation" better known as "School of the Americas", at Fort Benning, Georgia ...


Imagine living in a country where convicted and imprisoned drug lords have such a de facto control that they live plush lives with perks worthy of five-star hotels complete with services from high-end prostitutes and from where they continue to transact all the major drug deals worth billions of pesos. That’s how it was before Duterte became president. Not anymore, as the main prison is now overseen by elite, SWAT police units, rotated on a regular basis to prevent them from being corrupted by super wealthy drug lords.

Those of us Filipinos who voted for Duterte and continue to support him are plainly sick and tired of all the crime and corruption so prevalent in the USA’s former colony. Duterte’s vow to eliminate the drug problem is not “a war on poor people.” It is to STOP the drug users from preying mostly on poor people. Let me illustrate: a few months ago, a single mother of six kids on her way home from work was shot in the head by a robber riding a motorcycle; more than likely, this crime was committed by a desperate drug user who was practical enough to avoid robbing someone living in wealthy areas guarded by private security guards.

If all anyone reads comes from mainstream media, (unfortunately now also Commondreams), then you might conclude that those of us who voted and continue to support Duterte are so desperate that we love a murderer as our president. Many of us Filipinos who are poor, including me, don’t go around selling drugs or committing crimes. We want a safe environment for our love ones. Duterte is trying his best to fulfill a campaign promise to rid our country of the drug problem. Visit the Philippines and talk to people and judge for yourself if what the mainstream media and Commondreams portray as Duterte’s “war on the poor” is true or not.


Thanks for perspective.


But he does not. belong. in the US people's mansion.

I don't know a lot about Filipino politics or, yes, conditions. But I know that summary executions do not comport with our notion of justice. There has to be a better way.


Does that include admitting you've committed 1st degree murder on more than one occasion? Serial murders, then? And, if you're so poor and broke, how did you pay for the drugs before voting in Deturte?
Also, is the Chief Justice on the payroll of the Drug Lords, then? Can you provide evidence, maybe a signed confession, with a link.
Or, are you going to move on to executing him based on hearsay?
Democracy Now! covered this awhile ago. The testimony of those being punished, though disheartening, was not as you've described it.
Please keep your muderers out of this country or they'll be subjected to arrest. Just like all mass murderers who openly admit and brag about it
are. Or, should be. American Exceptionalism has made exceptions, historically. Maybe Deturte will get a pass with Trumpster. Who knows?


Duterte has been flirting with China and has made an official visit where he got the red carpet treatment, while at the same time telling the U.S. to butt out of the Philippines. This state visit is seen by some of the US establishment as a necessary counterbalance to Duterte's "pivot" to China.


Sorry, we don't need to compete with China for a brute's favor.


I would be concerned that this is a way for Trump to send a message to his supporters that if they continue to support him that he will take care of the "bad guys" here in a similar manner and a message to his opponents to be very afraid if they continue to oppose him. Ever since he took office and even before he has seemed to try to make it clear that he doesn't believe in the rule of law but believes in rule through power. As long as Trump occupies the White House the US will be in state of crisis. A president who has complete disregard for the US Constitution and human rights is an extremely dangerous person.


It sounds like you have been brainwashed by Duterte's propaganda. Check out the following reports:

Philippines: The police's murderous war on the poor

Philippines: Duterte Faces Impeachment & International Criminal Court Case

The Philippines’ Cynical Apologists for Duterte’s Brutal ‘Drug War’


The USA has a serious drug problem in many regions with heroin, methamphetamine, and opioid addiction at the top of the list of problems. Should the USA start executing drug addicts and dealers or is there a better more humane way to deal with the problem? Like the Philippines, the USA does not have enough residential drug treatment programs and too often criminalizes addiction. Moreover, corrupt agencies like the CIA actively bring in drugs into the USA. In fact, the invasion of Afghanistan by the USA in 2001 has led to the heroine epidemic as the opium production in that country skyrocketed up after the invasion and has been at a high level every one of the past 16 years that the USA has been occupying that nation.


The people Duterte murders can be low level meth users, some women with children, who are working 60-70 hours a week to keep their families together.
Some murders are politically motivated, having nothing to do with high level drug traffickers.
Maybe Duterte replaces the traffickers with his own business partners, protected by his SWAT Teams.
Maybe he'll promise Trump some excellent hotel beach properties and casino rights, escort service rights; with private security, for a percentage of the take. Again, who knows?
" Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown ".