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Outrage, But Little Surprise, After Police Officers Face No Charges for Killing of Alton Sterling


Outrage, But Little Surprise, After Police Officers Face No Charges for Killing of Alton Sterling

Julia Conley, staff writer

Human rights advocates said Tuesday that Louisiana's Justice Department acted in violation of international standards when it decided it would not prosecute two white police officers who fatally shot Alton Sterling, a black man, at close range while he was laying on the ground in Baton Rouge two years ago.


It’s happening to whites too. That’s very important to point out because often thinking it’s only blacks lets white people other them. Unarmed whites are dying at an unprecented level in traffic stops - often women, for simply not complying or not complying fast enough.

All of our rights are tied into this - every race.

Reminds me, Dylan Noble’s killers also got off completely a few months back. Those were the latex killers of Freshno where the cops put on latex gloves, held up their rifles and followed the kid stumbling around on drugs until he moved his hand to his waist and they killed him. The video has convinced me that there are cop killing squads in California.

I’m sorry about Sterling. I just want it to become real for whites who keep writing off lives and not looking at the escalating police killing problem. I should go donate to BLM.

blacklivesmatter.com doesn’t have paypal. I won’t put my CC number into their 3rd party (1000 lives) site. They need to accept Paypal as nobody responsible should be entering credit card number to any web site.

For Sterling - This one is no longer accepting. If someone can point to a Sterling fund I’d like to donate. He had kids.


God I hate the fucking USA.


Shoot first

Ask no questions later


this is just heartbreaking. What is wrong with the state/city governments that they let these police killings happen with no repercussions, It has become worse since trump became pseudo-president.


When is my fucking country going to get over our racism?! I guess when you are dealing with a country that was LITERALLY built on slavery…you are cursed and need to ask for forgiveness once and for all and make changes to those descendants affected. We need to invest in our inner city schools and CUT OFF our War Machine vacuum… which is (intentionally) killing soldiers of color. RESIST this fucking Knuckle-Dragger-in-Chief! SHAME on my country!


Just another day in a shithole country. None of us should stand for no damn national anthem.


The US police are out of control and they are being enabled by the political class including legislators, judges and prosecutors. This is another example of the public having almost no say in how things are run. It is an elite cabal of politicians who run things and if you peel back their cover I think you will see a system of institutional racism which they perpetuate. After all - they are better than the rest of us. This kind of traditional old boy institutional way is very, very established in places like Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia but we also find it in California, Ohio, Illinois and elsewhere. What can and will we do with the truth?


Didn’t the cop threaten to blow his brains out or make some really asshole comment before he followed through?They are despicable.


always pretty bad… now getting worse. We are regressing.


Not all cops are, but both police and the military claim courage, yet how many are willing to display such to call their own to account?


I think it’s about foundations being formed gradually for a militarized police state to support gov’t takeover in the future.


Nazi Germany in our own country.

Murderers allowed to go free.

Pretty soon, there’s going to be a reckoning, and these murderers will be held to account for their sins.

It’s God’s Law.


Direct your hate at the murdering son’s of bitches, Geezer.

Their time is going to come.


We just had a similar situation in California when five police officers opened fire on a Black man holding a cell phone they thought was a weapon. And all of this sounds like the Michael Brown case. When is this type of violence going to be confronted 100 percent.


You have choosen to, and continue to accept, living under the organizing principle of the War Of Terror. Under War Of Terror Conditioning everyone percieves an imminent threat to their lives, especially school children in class, and police officers in the line of duty.

1+1=2, 2+2=4…choose to live by the War Of Terror, choose to die by the War of Terror.