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Outrage Follows Death of Young Black Man, Jailed for Stealing $5 of Snacks


Outrage Follows Death of Young Black Man, Jailed for Stealing $5 of Snacks

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Heartbreak swelled on Friday afternoon after the news broke that a mentally ill black man from Virginia died in a jail cell on August 19 after spending four months behind bars for allegedly stealing a bottle of Mountain Dew, a Snickers bar, and a Zebra Cake worth a total of $5 from a 7-Eleven.


Yes, yes, yes it is horrible. As to our government having eliminated mental health care, your choice of words is too vague: Reagan eliminated it. Reagan! Ronnie the Raygun.


At times I truly believe that these peoples religious beliefs are the only thing that keeps them from going insane- And then, some times I have A hard time understanding how these down trodden people can find faith in anything- Injustice and Poverty, It just goes on and on and on....


The Vietnam War, Richard Nixon and the Antichrist Ronald WILSON Reagan - 666 - turned this country from a caring to a money mongering nation of capitalist war mongers. United we stood, divided they stand over We the People. They killed JFK, took down the WTC, and shot a missile into the accounting department responsible for the 2.3 Trillion Dollars missing from the Pentagon.

UNITED STATES DOLLAR = 666. We have our hand out for money and get headaches thinking about money. That is the mark and sign of the Beast of the Apocalypse and the fourth horse, the pale horse. Look in the mirror paleface and see the horse the beast of empire rides at the end.


I remember it well. Reagan is responsible. They closed mental health facilities all over the nation. What happened to the patients? They became homeless.

Many thousands of mentally ill were thrown into the street to pay for Saint Ronnie's tax cuts for the already wealthy.

Additionally these mental health hospitals provided good paying jobs for the communities. More lost jobs, gone forever.


And he was able to do it only because hard-of-thinking "Liberals" fought for it, based on their idealistic belief that people shouldn't be held against their will if they'd committed no crime.

Those well-meaning but deeply ignorant "liberals" evidently were never able to grasp that someone with a psychosis doesn't and can't live in the consensual world.

And so suddenly the streets were filled with people who were at loose ends all day because they couldn't hold a job or even a conversation, and whose main source of information was The Voices in their heads, which were coming through loud and clear for the first time in awhile because they were no longer being muffled by the medication no longer being taken.


But, DEMOCRATS like BILL CLINTON and BARACK OBAMA did NOT restore resources for those with mental illness did they? The Clintons (BOTH Bill AND Hillary) were ALL IN for "get tough" policies---in fact when Bill was running for prez in 1992, the Clintnos returned to Arkansas to witness the EXECUTION OF A BRAIN-DAMAGED MENTALLY ILL BLACK MAN. Obama has continued the FAILED "war on drugs" that the Clintons ESCALTED during their time in office---even though many people with mental illness use drugs to SELF-MEDICATE from their illness & unaddressed PTSD. This is a BIPARTISAN problem.


And the CORPORATE-ized DEMOCRATIC PARTY has COLLUDED with the GOP in mass incarceration, lack of resources for mental illness & a CONTINUING the FAILED 'war on drugs". Sick of the partisan gamesmanship---BOTH Corporate-sponsored political parties spend plenty for WAR & BAILOUTS FOR BIG BANKS with mass incarceration for anyone who can't cope with being considered "disposable". Check out GREEN PARTY's Dr. Jill Stein www.jillstein.org


...since the 1980s when Reagan stopped funding of mental health facilities. Before Reagan, there was homelessness in India, but none in the US. Absolutely none.


That's certainly part of it but starving to death in a prison also speaks to the general issue of how prisoners are treated.

The prison is responsible for the prisoners' care.


Our state police is infiltrated by KKK, they hate and kill under the guise of a blue uniform.


Believe it or not, it was a GOP admin in Mass that streamlined the old, Dem-created method of getting a driving licence or car registration renewed.

What used to take anything up to a day, if your timing happened to be exactly off, now takes an hour at most, and only 15 minutes if whatever it is (such as my upcoming licence renewal) can be done online.

When I first moved to Mass, I didn't heed the advice to take a couple of books to read, but every time after that I took at least three, and generally finished at least two of them, too.

I was shocked the first time I used the streamlined system. And VERY grateful!


Are you by any chance a professional translator of Japanese?


Thete was homelessness before Reagan. I remember homeless people long before Reagan was president. Ever heard of hobos on the railroad?


You must be really quite young not to know that it was Reagan who closed the mental hospitals down. Didn't realize that it was a secret. Reagan was also president when the real destruction of unions began when he fired all the air traffic controllers who had gone on strike. The man was an extremely destructive force to what little democracy our nation had. Not much left now….


It is difficult to comprehend why he was held for 3 weeks in jail in the first place for a $5 incident. Where was his family during this time? It is surprising how many people after the fact become concerned about a "loved one" they previously could care less about and decide to sue. Again, why was he held in jail for that length of time?


I agree.
That's one we should never forget. "St. Ronnie" closed these urgently needed facilities and flooded the streets of our cities with armies of individuals with severe mental health problems, many of them veterans.
The rest is a matter of continuing record--this non-isolated anecdote, for instance...
Be well.


Sadly, "speedy trial" statutes vary from state to state. As a rule, at least in California, the accused who can't make bail has a right to a public trial within 30 days of the misdemeanor arraignment/plea.
That's more than enough time for an individual with undiagnosed (by the jail medical staff, a severe failing, if not outright negligence) severe mental health issues--among which minimal eating/fasting may be a symptom--to wither and die.
What sheriffs and their staffs fail to understand is that the only reason they can keep a presumed innocent individual in their custody (legally kidnap)pending trial is to guarantee his appearance in court. This implies keeping him well-fed, well-medicated, rested, and healthy. If they can't meet this fundamental humane treatment, they should so admit to the judge (and their constituents) and release the individual to the care of those who can.
Be well.


No, but there are the words-"Be kind to your slaves"....


I am curious to learn if Jamycheal Mitchell was a victim of America's decades long and expanding National Epidemic of Childhood Abuse & Neglect, aka Poverty, that deprives developing children from experiencing and enjoying a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood.

Emotional and physical abuse inflicted on them by immature American teen girls and women who irresponsibly begin building families before acquiring the skills, PATIENCE and means to raise fairly happy children WHO ARE NOT filled with rage, anger and RESENTMENT for being introduced to a life of hardship and struggle by incompetent maternal caregivers.

In May of 2015 The NYTimes reported an increase in suicide among young Americans of African descent. Why the increase in depressed young people ending their lives?