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Outrage Follows Saudi Arabia's Execution of Nearly 50 Prisoners



'"Saudi Arabia’s allies—including the U.S. and UK—must not turn a blind eye to such atrocities and must urgently appeal to the Kingdom to change course," Foa concluded.'

The Anglo-American solution would be to drone the offenders in their homes along with their families. Not much moral high ground there.


Why isn't this incredibly savage and backward medieval state the pariah of the world?


The Corporate state will never abandon the KSA as long as they buy the weapons and funnel their money through Wall Street. Never. It is all about the money. Different culture, religion, medieval barbarity-None of that matters in the least. They could round up all the Shia and send them to death camps. Washington would not care. It is the money.


Radical Arab Terrorist taking hostages and beheading them!!!...oh, wait...That's the good guys, our friend the Saudi's...Never mind...


US & UK are turning a blind eye to such atrocities & the 9/11 commision turned a blind eye to the fact that the Saudi royal family funded & supplied the 9/11 hijackers & continue to fund ISIL..
The Saudi's are a dubious partner indeed, in the failed war on terror.
American people don't need the Saudi's but the 1%ers want Saudi $ to buy off the media, steal elections, & run a campaign of misinformation to .keep their grip on political power The time is long overdue that we cut the cord with the Saudi despot's.


Hypocrisy continues to infect this country and the world at large. What a way to start the new year. And why are we still in partnership with one of the worst nations in the world? Well look who runs this country and the murderous wars we continue to participate in and fund and drone kill innocents. Are we really any better? I would say no. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY.


Apparently the Saudi Royals are running the government right here in the good ol' USA, something is hugely wrong with this elephant in the room!


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I fell out of my chair when Obama bowed before the Saudi King--despot son of a bitch.


Shouldn't we be labeling the Saudi "government" a regime??????
(Horrors of horrors! No "journalist" will be caught dead doing that!)
Instead of the, "Saudi Kingdom"?
(What a disgrace!)


If the US stopped buying their "light sweet crude' Saudi atrocities might be examined somewhat more closely.


Hyperbole has its place, but even the US is not beheading people for "disrespect to the King" expressed perfectly peacefully.


Maybe not. Wahhabiism is a fanatical religion, and economic hardship only make such people even more fanatical. I know, I have a financially struggling brother who is the Christian equivalent of one.


Because they have company?


Especially when we remember that the dollar is backed by oil--petro-dollars.


No, it just keeps droning on and on...


Their nat'l debt to GDP ratio is slightly above 2%. Obviously, with $700-800 billion in ready cash reserves, and the spigot wide open, we can count on them buying some U.S. T-notes and weapons in the future. Which will lead to some much needed tax cuts for offshore businesses doing " hard work " in the U.S. and boost the 1%ers portfolios, to help the economy grow ( more dependent ):wink: Oh, and who could forget oil tax credits, either ( My bad; I'm still imagining these butchers on the U.N. Human Rights Council. ) Any guess how much this friendship is really going to cost the 99s in the next 2 decades? My calculator is overheating and redlining right now .Shhheeeessshh....


The rogue country of the world is the undisputed, armed to the teeth, United States. Its hypocritical pretense is that of democratic values - perhaps the biggest lie since the false flag events of September 11, 2001. US "coalition" buddies like Israel, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine's fascist regime and Honduras' coup d'état dictator and more.

America's terrorist conduct is being fueled by its own domestic corporate military industrial complex, better identified in the enlistees oath as "domestic enemies".