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Outrage Grows as Trump Official Complains Deadline for Putting Kids Back in Parents' Arms Too "Extreme"


Outrage Grows as Trump Official Complains Deadline for Putting Kids Back in Parents' Arms Too "Extreme"

Julia Conley, staff writer

Outrage over the Trump administration's treatment of families who have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border, many seeking asylum, grew on Friday as officials told a U.S. District court that they would likely not be able to meet a deadline set more than a week ago for reuniting parents with their children.


I can imagine 100’s never rejoined. I seem to remember a report that someone never saw any girls at the center where they were reporting from. Where are the girls? This doesn’t pass the smell test at all. It must never be “normalized”. Heads need to roll, jail time. Congress needs to stand up, ha ha. This must end this presidency! Kidnapping and human trafficking are not what America is about.


Is it really that hard? Can’t we just take all of them to the same location and let them sort themselves out? Cowboys Stadium in Texas is big enough to hold them all and conveniently located. Bet it could be done in a day.

This is the most morally corrupt situation ever perpetrated, intentionally I might add, by our government.

Where’s General Honoré when we need him?


Seems nobody in DHS or INS has learned how to set up a basic Excel spreadsheet, or use computers. This is beyond ridiculous, it’s deliberate.


Hell, I could have done this with a paper pad and pencil.

This is beyond moronic, this is intentional, with a reckless disregard for the welfare of those affected. Every state where this happened should be bringing child abuse and endangerment charges against the individuals involved in perpetrating this atrocity on these innocent victims. Every single ICE agent and HHS employee that was in the presence of any of these families is complicit in this crime against humanity.


We are past the point of no return now kiddies. Everybody on the world, from allies to enemies, thinks we are the monsters that kidnap children. And now we’re trying to sell these kids to the highest American bidders, probably as sex slaves or jockeys.
The decadence of our ruling class is only surpassed by their cruelty.


The Donald is personally inspecting the immigrant girls backstage as he did at his Miss Teen USA pageants to see which ones he should hire on guest visas to serve at his new Lolita Trump Tower covert resort club, where Shell-baby Adelson and other rich folk can get a first-hand experience with Latin America’s finest. The man sees a capitalist opportunity in everything.


Surprised and outraged myself as these centers were not torn down by the people! Still we wait until ‘ THEY’ determine its ok? Have we not learned from history about trusting a vile enemy concerning putting humans in cages? THEY… should be in cages! Iron bars included at no extra cost! A time for action is waynpast due!!!


The wrong people are in those cages!!!


kidnapping of some of THEIR kidsi is in order here!


U dont need a spread sheet to unlock the cages!


FYI: Congress is ripe with Cowards and Crooks and have stepped way over the line… Ha, ha


Why can’t they do an ICE child detainees facebook page? Each share with a picture of five kids, or put groups of 15 photos by alphabetical order, and/or by age/gender, in “My Photos.” Give all of’em tablets to use with Skype (Skype will work on tablets, right?).


Can Trump keep these families separated until the election to keep his base of “real Americans” happy? I would guess a day after the election there would be little problem in uniting these families. In any case it seems clear that Trump is trying to stretch this out as long as possilble. As horrible as this is, it is largely being driven by populism. If the populists didn’t want it then Trump would not do it. They put him in office mainly to do something about immigration.


The idea is to frighten others into staying away, a tactic known as terrorism when applied by anyone other than America.


Python alert!(1)


Has it dawned on everybody yet? That our Oval Office is occupied by a thief, liar and crook? What’s up with that? And to think we were once scared shitless of communism? Reality is perty scary these days. Perhaps the German People could give us some advice? My thoughts and prayers are with Standing Rock and the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. The Dakota Sioux, Rev. Barber, all the Founding Members of PPC:ACFMR, Bernie, the San Carlos Apache and Mother Earth ROCK!


It was reported somewhere that DNA testing is what the cruel evil ones (trump Gang) must do to reunite the families. I fear though many of theses children are now in the hands of pure evil, horrors. Far worse than trump even.


The Trump Administration’s claim of records being destroyed is all another big lie.

They find it more logical to claim the records were destroyed, than to admit that they “never” made any records, to begin with.

I’d bet a years wages that they intended to separate these children from their parents, deport the parents, then deport the kids.

They didn’t give a flying fuck whether any kids were ever reunited with their family members at all, so in their little minds, “what do we need records for?”


I think the plan was not to deport the kids but to put the kids into the adoption mill that Betsy DeVos and her cronies are involved in. Their version of human trafficking.