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Outrage Grows Over Police Treatment of Alleged Kenosha Killer Kyle Rittenhouse Compared to Shooting Victim Jacob Blake

Let’s embrace the opportunity to debate those who would resort to fallacies to make their points – I won’t sit idly by when those I disagree with back their positions with dubious nonsense, nor should you.

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The lying by this punk has just begun.
Importantly, he needs to be tried as an adult.
You know, like he would be if he was black.


You progressives are part of the problem too. You refuse to compromise and then complain when things don’t go your way such as Bernie not being the Democratic nominee even though he isn’t a Democrat. Taking up arms will not solve the problem. You can keep your revolution.

I wouldn’t argue against your point, I’ve been doing it since Vietnam, Nixon and the 60’s. I’m just sick of it. Once I know that a person is a waste of time - ignore.


I fully believe that Yunzer is persuadable. He fights back. Fighters are important.
And maybe the stubborn ones are more important than any. They help us sharpen our arguments.


& You can keep trading hugs for beatdowns, sucker.

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Go for it big guy
I support you in this


It’s also the Supremes fault with their ruling on ‘qualified immunity’.




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Americans are nutters! You’ll end up just killing each other - Trump wins.


i smell an agent provocateur.

Its not their fault.
It was by design.

Probably true.

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Smells like it.

i smell a triggered white man

We need to think about how we organize our communities-----we need real COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE CENTERS in every neighborhood-----our current police state works to keep people alienated.

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I cannot imagine living in a neighborhood with a bunch of armed thugs hanging out at a gas station—and these clowns are supported by the police---------smells like a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE.

The comment was of course facetious snark, and sarcastic, otherwise it would be mentally-ill gibberish - the kind we see from those that actually support trump, but whose only MO is to bash the other team of deceptive shills for status quo deceit.

Kenosha Police Chief Miskinis responds to the murder of two protestors by saying it wouldn’t have happened if people weren’t out after curfew: "

SAME reply by isrealis for murdering Palestinians.


Here’s something else you might want to know about Kenosha - The largest employer in the area:

Kenosha Engine was an automobile and engine factory in Kenosha, Wisconsin. First opened for automobile production in 1902 by the Thomas B. Jeffery Company and later operated by American Motors, the Kenosha Engine Plant saw all operations halted by Chrysler and it was permanently closed in October 2010 and demolished between December 2012 and April 2013.

As far as I know nothing ever replaced it

Outside of the Lakefront, where the expensive Condos and Yacht harbors are, there isn’t much