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Outrage Grows Over Trump's Refusal to Divest as Ethics Chief Decries "Meaningless" Plan


Outrage Grows Over Trump's Refusal to Divest as Ethics Chief Decries "Meaningless" Plan

Nika Knight, staff writer

Outrage over President-elect Donald Trump's refusal to divest himself of his global business empire has grown in the wake of his chaotic press conference Wednesday, during which he announced that he would merely hand his businesses over to his sons.


If one could get inside Trumps head, you would probably see that Trump, who is a businessman, ran for POTUS to make himself even greater wealth. I believe Trumps modus operandi was to use the office of the president for personal, business purposes. Trump will probably enhance his portfolio exponentially during his tenure.


Well, the Schtrumpf is an even bigger fool than we thought. Even Dastardly Dick Cheney divested before becoming VP... Well, sort of. After all, it's really just a formality. Just sign it over to one of the kiddies, and that's that! The Donald doesn't seem to know how to choose his battles.


I'm not outraged. I don't even care. What bothers me is that 13 DEMOCRATS voted against Bernie Sanders' amendment last night to allow importation of prescription medications from Canada, and that's why the amendment failed to pass.

People in this country are dying because they can't take their medications as ordered because of the cost, and the Democrats, including my senators, Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray, voted against letting us get our prescriptions filled at prices we can more nearly afford.


Simply more proof that he does not care at all about the country or the Constitution (and many of his party feel the same way).


No wonder these people make such a fetish over patriotism.


"I wish circumstances were different and I didn't feel the need to make public remarks today," said Walter M. Schaub Jr. "You don't hear about ethics when things are going well."

For that much irony I need more coffee to process it.


Fellow Washington state resident here and I can understand your frustration. Cantwell and Murray are unfortunately Clintonistas who will refuse to help Bernie in any way. Probably vindictive that their candidate lost.


Just to reintroduce the interconnected nature of the Trump attempts to silo and divide, and how important education really is:
In case anyone might be interested, here is link to a Credo petition calling to oppose the nomination of Betsy DeVos from becoming Ed Secy


Did any of the 'journalists' even try to look at the papers inside the folders to see if they were real?




So, again, is anyone able to enforce the laws here? I understand Obama still can but good luck with that. We all know he's breaking laws right and left so are we just going to talk about it or is this something that can be enforced???
If Obama had a shred of decency he would insist it be done before inauguration. I'll wait.


To use the euphemism of the day, Trump is a walking-talking carnival conman and fake news spewer.

Those piles of files remind me of when Boehner showed up at Obama's bipartisan healthcare meeting with a giant stack of blank paper claiming it was the healthcare bill.


Don't think so. The motivation of those with narcissistic personality disorder is always self adulation first. Not to say he won't take advantage of his position for economic gain, but the reality is that he knows he is a creep and needs the public to convince him he is correct to pretend otherwise.


This is a constitutional issue whose only remedy is impeachment so the Congress decides.


To use the euphemism of the day, Trump is a walking-talking carnival conman and fake news spewer.

Much worse. Most of the carnival conman type are not mentally ill; they are merely hucksters. Trump is both a huckster and mentally ill.


Off topic but what a trio of sour looking criminals. Might as well be a group mug shot.


I feel like it has already been four long years and the jerk hasn't even put a gaudy gold TRUMP sign on the White House yet.


I suppose if you're an adherent to the "it takes one to know one" rule, then you have to accept Trump's declarations when he labels something as fake news. This is the ultimate in fake news, when the subject of the news is himself the original faker.


I read that Obama could do it but of course he won't.
Otherwise I guess he's above the law cause the congress is useless.