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Outrage in Oregon After Federal Agents Teargas Protesters Who 'Held the Line Against Injustice' by Blocking Bus With Deportees

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/14/outrage-oregon-after-federal-agents-teargas-protesters-who-held-line-against


“We are human beings trying to survive.”

Does it get any simpler or sadder than that?


If these federal agents are real citizens as well, putting them in their place won’t hurt anyone. It shouldn’t anyway.

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It was the new chief of Police for Bend PDF first week on the job.
He was freshly down from Portland. (To much dismay was he chosen)
He gave lip service to protecting the people, and stated that Bend as a sanctuary city does not work with ICE.
Oregon is also a sanctuary state .

He attempted to encourage the protesters to get on the sidewalk or leave by announcing that “Federal Agents are on the way!”
What he didn’t do & should have was “Serve and Ptotect” the citizens of Bend & central Oregon from the jack booted, goose stepping Federal Nazis.
He should of ordered his officers to form a line facing off to the Feds, in front off the Teens, Seniors, and families. And arrested all the Federal officers whom were violating the civil liberties of protesters.

He was put to the test under fire, and found wanting. He Failed.

I respect my fellow community members, never questioning why anyone chanced to live here.
Never would I impertinently inquire into someone personal life, or livlyhood.

How did immigration and citizen status ever become an issue?
Why is it a hot button topic?

One would think that since these fellows had jobs and supported their families, that they would be considered upstanding members of society.

I’ m a bigger drain on the social safety net than like 50% of the population. Yet no one looks at me crosswise.