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Outrage Over Austerity Hits Finland as Thousands Go on Nationwide Strike

Outrage Over Austerity Hits Finland as Thousands Go on Nationwide Strike

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Workers in Finland on Friday are said to be their biggest strike in over 20 years as they protest the government's new austerity measures.

At least 15 domestic flights had been canceled, while ports and public transportation was shut down.

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Way to go, Finland, way to go!


People around the world are saying ‘No Way’. I think people are finding their voice as ‘the people’ once again. A new people’s movement where governments can no longer just make a pronouncement and that is the end of it. They said bail out the banks but then it is austerity for the little guy. People are no longer going to remain quiet.

A neo-sixties of protest and people’s power is upon us. The internet generation becomes aware of the net’s awesome organizing power. What was missing was a willingness to listen to calls to protest or to join a march but each time there is a march then next time more people will be willing to join it after having seen that others around the world are doing it more an more.

A new Sixties? A Neo Sixties?

Whatever name you want, the Teens, the Twenty-teens or even the Twenteens and then the Twenty-Twenties… the sixties never died…

…their children grew up!

Power to the people and Austerity to the Oligarchs.


Yes, but Iceland did it better!


All over the world, governments are opting for “Austerity!” What’s going on? Are they all reading the same NeoCon handbook? Ah well, this is what Wall Street, the Banks, and bailouts have done to the world. Naomi Klein got it soooo right, didn’t she?


Without criticising anything any particular, I really doubt that sense can prevail as long as the main narrative centres on money and the economy. We are now in a world in which economies are designed to fail to the extent that austerity is made to look necessary or even legitimate. The more money arrives in any economy the more it is filtered out to private operations. ALL the nations are in debt but the wealthy are legally owed the money of all that debt. So even if an economy takes off it will never gravitate towards anything like economic justice. I sometimes wonder if the rot does not go all the way back to the first money-lenders…


Finland is the next domino to fall. The eurozone experiment has been a disaster, designed only to prop up the failed Bretton Woods system. Instead of democracy, countries are ruled by politicians that citizens of some other country elected, mostly the US, UK and Germany. Why do German voters get to elect the leaders who will control Finland? Europe is a laughingstock.

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Thank you JonnyJames…I’ll be adding that book to my booklist.

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I was not saying that we aren’t there, (a lot of us then aren’t there now though nonetheless) because many of us are. However I was talking about the younger folks and it will only matter when they begin to be in the streets like we were in the sixties.

Between us and ours (people our age who were out there back then) NONE of this crap would have flown in the sixties. Not the war in Iraq, the outsourcing, off shoring, TWO TRILLION in tax cuts for the rich, Halliburton, Blackwater, 17 trillion in bail outs and then unbelievable numbers of foreclosures, the demise of pensions and benefits and all the rest. We wouldn’t have let this crap happen back then … but yet OUR generation did let it all happen now. See my point?

So don’t excuse our generation so easily. We all saw and still we remained silent. That was why Occupy was so special. It made people remember to act. To do things instead of just being herded along/move along.

We didn’t stay in the streets when we should have. We let the young people down and I for one do not claim any special continuity (generational) except as an individual. The sixties people have been not been standing up but have been lying down these last few decades.

It is up to the young and to their credit that they begin. We may have shown the way but our generation didn’t continue on that way. It is fitting that grey hairs join in but we do not lead. That is for them …the young …who will have to live in the world that we will have left them.


Many of us still put our bodies where our mouths are, some of us can’t even tho they might like to - my knees ain’t what they used to be - supporting, marching with Occupy, at the People’s Climate March and other actions including fighting locally. The kids of today (generally) have let themselves down, paying more attention to self-interest, style and technology than politics, the environment and a sustainable future. “We” may have slacked-off some, but by the mass our hearts are in the trim…(apologies to Will). We just need less Soma, especially for a clueless lost generation or two, and more action. The oppressor rely’s on us being wage and interest slaves (add rent slaves) with no time to see who the enemy is and why we must smash their grip on the Earth!


What’s going on is that governments are, in general, populated by “successful” (Hare’s term) or “voluntary” (mine) psychopaths. They’re predators, and we are their prey.

Unlike the psychopaths who are serial killers out in the street, like Winston Moseley who murdered Kitty Genovese, these psychopaths are a kind of charismatic tapeworm, if you can imagine such a thing. They don’t kill us, they just divert our nutrients to themselves, living as parasites at our great expense.

To quote the late Hermann Göring on a slightly different subject: “It works the same way everywhere”.

You say we may have slacked off some? Some? A whole lot I’d say not just some. We showed the young what kind of example? Just a march here or there but little else for…f’n decades!

When Bush/Cheney pulled the rug out from under American workers and the middle class, when they threw the Patriot Act in our faces and disposed of the constitution - our constitution - where the F were we? If our generation had stood up the young would have joined us in droves but we did nothing (more or less), when Bush gave the rich TWO TRILLION in tax cuts where the F were we?

No I don’t blame the young for emulating their parents because our generation made this mess and it isn’t fair that we dump responsibility on to them. We should have fixed our mess since we made the mess.

The young sense that we talk the talk but whatever we USED TO BE is not what we are now. Sure we can say crap like “Boy when we used to have a demonstration we really had a demonstration!” like some old fools actually do. The young see the last of the world that we knew and rightfully or wrongly, they want to partake of it and not devote themselves to ‘the struggle’. I think the reason why is that they know entering into ‘the struggle’ is in fact unavoidable in the future and they’d rather enjoy life while yet they may.

It is fine to look back and see the world through tie-dye colored glasses and say 'Peace man!" but there are hard days ahead which we didn’t have. Civil rights was a fight and a hard one …look at it …look at the suffering endured in that struggle… it is a lot to ask of the young to be that dedicated without the same need. Sure there is still discrimination (it can go both ways these days) but back then it was virtual apartheid and segregation. Back then civil rights workers were murdered. Black lives mattered back then too and there was no internet to communicate over. Things have changed.

The future will not be getting rosier over the next decades. It will in fact become steadily grimmer. The young sense it. Here we are suddenly retro-revo and all “C’mon kids lets join grandma and grandpa and let’s demonstrate!” But where were we before it got so bad?

What do they face? Think about how they see their future. We wanted a better future and could have had it but we let go. We sat back. We partied hearty and greed was good and we bought two cars like our parents and we ran the rat race like our parents and did okay… but the world did NOT do okay and now the piper is calling for his due. We sat down not stood up and we screwed the young.

Now we complain that they aren’t doing what we KNEW should have been done and yet we didn’t. So they will need the hard push like the draft or brutality and injustice like pre-civil rights days to get them into the streets. Austerity is doing it as is the climate crisis.

The kids haven’t let themselves down… WE let them down. They will be there in the streets eventually because they have no choice. We did that to them. It will be much harder and grimmer for them I think. Maybe Bernie can turn that around but if he doesn’t make it I think the oligarchy and their Patriot Act will make for a different America than what we faced. I truly do.

There is nascent fascism out there that has been prepared for and ready to be put into place. You can say what you want but we never faced that sh*t. They may have wanted to track everybody but they couldn’t… now they can. They may have wanted to surveil everybody but they couldn’t and now they can.

Cut the young some slack… they sense what is waiting for them and they notice that we didn’t do much about it now did we… nope… we left it for them.

Look at these so called austerity measures. They are all addressing workers wages. This is NOT Government spending. In other words they being tailored to enhance Corporate profits.

One of the number one reasons Corporate profits have dropped in Finland is that Countries participation in the sanctions against Russia. In order to protect profits from a Government decision to enact those sanctions , the Government wants the people to pay with wages and benefits.

It seems to be that the sanctions on Russia were not imposed so as to punish Russia for the Ukraine but rather used as a means by which Governments can break the power of their worker class so as to further entrench the Corporate state.

Agree! And in addition the ultimate solution to the “debt” problem is to do away with compound interest and the reinstatement of the jubilee year of release from all debts of everyone. This is discussed in the Hudson book “Debt and Economic Renewal in the Ancient Near East”, although it is a ponderously written academic work (which is an occupational hazard of being a trained Economist).

Finland is not Nordic. It is Finnish.

I trust that the Finnish will indeed Finish the bastards who are imposing “austerity” measures whilst dipping their hands into the taxpayers’ pockets for their profit.